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Our vision is to create ripples of social change in developing countries like the Philippines by providing them with better job opportunities and better working conditions. Outsourcing Angel endeavours to use all of its power to create social impact. By working closely with our VAs and gaining a true understanding of their situations, we work towards making real changes in real communities.

We have come to realise that in the Philippines, like many other countries in the world, family is the most important thing in most people’s lives. By working with us, we provide our Angels with the rare chance to work from home. This relieves them of the strain of having to travel hours a day or even having to move away from home to work in the big cities. On top of providing them with pay better than the country’s average that is better able to support their family, working with us allows them to spend more time with their families. This simple happiness we can provide for them and their families is irreplaceable.

We also emphasise empowerment. By working with lower to middle class individuals who have plenty of skill and knowledge, but without the opportunity to utilise them, we help them enhance their skillset that they can then pass on to others. Our wonderful team has a strong sense of social responsibility and commitment to their community, and so we also work with local organisations to pass on our skills and provide more people with these opportunities for better lives.

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