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Dedicated VA Package

  • Hire Part Time or Full Time VA

  • From US$192/week

  • No Contract

Get the Job Done While
Saving Time & Money!

Get a highly recommended and experienced Dedicated VA. We offer recruitment of the best VA for your business and we are proud to be the only company to focus on helping you work with your VA effectively.

  • Free Recruitment
    We recruit for you the most skilled and experienced VA for your business
  • Free Initial Training Time
    You are not charged for our time spent initially training your VA about your tasks/processes
  • Free Replacement
    If you are not happy with your VA for any reason we will find you a new VA.
  • Work & Time Tracking System
    Get access to our work and time tracking system so you can track your VA’s work
  • Managed by Australian Team
    Your VA is managed and provided with ongoing mentoring by our Professional Australian Team

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Dedicated VA Package
Is Perfect For


Social media marketing


Processing orders


Website development and More

How It Works

Take advantage of our Dedicated VA Package today and start focusing on what really matters in just 6 Easy Steps

  • 1. Discover

    Complete our VA Angel Discovery Questionnaire Form and let us know the type of VA services you’re looking for. We offer two types of Dedicated VA services: General VA and Technical VA.

    You will receive an invitation for a free 15-minute effectiveness session with our Outsourcing Specialist, for us to have an in-depth discussion about your VA requirements.

  • 2. Selecting a Dedicated VA Package

    Outsourcing Angel offers two types of Dedicated VA services: General VAs and Technical VAs.

    General VA services are ideal for assisting in day-to-day business tasks of a general nature. These tasks include: email management, database management, liaising for projects and business contacts, online research, and basic graphic design, social media marketing and more.

    Technical VA services are ideal for assisting in day-to-day business with professional web development, graphic design and other more technical work.

    For both Packages, you may sign up for a Part-Time (80 hours/month) or Full-Time (160 hours/month) fixed cost package plus GST.

    NOTE: Prices are subject to change and are as per our website.

    INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS: Clients outside Australia are not required to pay the GST fee of 10%.

  • 3. Payment

    We require a deposit of 1 week worth of VA Service to get started. Simply select your package on the page below and make payment online. This deposit gives us the green light to proceed with recruitment but the payment will go towards your VA’s first week of work.

    You can pay for your ongoing weekly VA fee via the following methods: Paypal, Bank Deposit or Credit Card via Ezidebit.

  • 4. VA Recruitment

    Once payment is confirmed, our team will proceed with recruitment amongst a pool of candidate. We source our VAs from our own internal database and external sources.

    We provide you with 1 or 2 best candidates based on all the candidates we have interviewed. If none of the candidates we provide you are suitable, we will recruit and provide more options. We can provide recommendations on which VA to select, however, the final candidate selection is ultimately your decision.

  • 5. Onboarding

    We will help you onboard with your VA by guiding you every step of the way. You can count on us to assist you with all VA matters throughout your journey.

  • 6. Start

    You can now start working with your VA. Your VA is like any new employee and may have an initial learning curve while they adjust to your business’ processes and needs. However, if there are any major concerns or you find that your VA is no longer suitable, contact us and we will help find you a replacement.


Dedicated VA Package Benefits

  • Effective & Efficient
    Working with a VA long-term means the VA is more familiar with your business and your needs. This means that they will work more effectively and efficiently as time progresses.
  • Set Your Hands Free
    Good for covering routine daily tasks that you want to take of your hands.
  • Part-time or Full time
    We give you the option of having a VA work part-time or full time, depending on your business’ needs.
  • Expect Them to Work with You at Your Time
    The VA assigned is required to be online 4-8 hours based on the work schedule you will set. You can expect them to work with you at the same time everyday.
  • Easier Communication
    Easier communication as your VA will be working alongside you or your regular office employees.
  • No Disruptions
    If there are any interruptions with your VA’s work, whether it’s a vacation or an unforeseen circumstance, we keep your work running smoothly by setting you up with a temporary or permanent replacement, at no extra cost.

Example Of Tasks That a VA Can Assist You With

Simply let us know the types of skills and experiences you need your VA to have and we will find that perfect VA for you.

  • Virtual Assistance
    • Database/Contact Management Follow Up and Reminder.
    • Email Management. Check and answer emails, according to instructions
    • Keeps track of schedules
    • Arrange meetings and set appointments.
    • Make travel plans (includes tickets and hotel reservations and accommodations.)
    • Online Research for personal or professional purposes.
    • Spreadsheet creation & management.
    • Document Creation
    • Data Entry
    • Research
    • Wordpress content update
    • Transcription
  • Online Research
    • Lead Generation
    • Data Mining (Database)
    • Product Research and Comparisons
    • Service Research and Comparisons
    • Competitor Search
    • Topic and Resource Search
  • Customer Support
    • Answering customer queries via ticket system, email, live chat or instant messenger
    • Processing orders and other customer-related tasks.
    • Customer inquiries
    • Providing general, technical, sales and/or billing support to your customers.
    • Posting to Internet forums and blogs.
    • Performing data gathering and research tasks.
    • Pre-sales questions.
    • Processing unsubscribe requests.
  • Marketing & Social Media
    • Assist email newsletter compaigns.
    • Article/blog writing & management.
    • Set up social media channels
    • Create Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln posts.
    • Schedule social media posts
    • Creating quote memes
    • Online marketing project management
    • E-commerce Store Management
    • Content Writing
  • Telemarketing / Call Center
    • Appointment Setting
    • Outbound Customer Support
  • Technical / Specialized Services
      Specialised services incur 2 x credit hours
    • Website Design
    • Website Development
    • Professional Graphics
    • Marketing Advice
    • Newsletter Design and set up
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Onpage and Offpage SEO

Start Getting Things Done Today!

Australian Clients


General VA

Per week + GST
AUD$12.46+GST Per Hour
20 Hours Per Week

Technical VA

Per week + GST
AUD$18.71 +GST Per Hour
20 Hours Per Week


General VA

Per week + GST
AUD$9.36+GST Per Hour
40 Hours Per Week

Technical VA

Per week + GST
AUD$13.11 +GST Per Hour
40 Hours Per Week
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Quality Control by Australian Team
  • Free Training Time
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free VA Replacement
  • Email, Skype, Whatsapp, Phone
  • Time Tracking & Monitoring System

Australia: Select Plan

Rest of the World Clients


General VA

Per week
USD$9.59 Per Hour
20 Hours Per Week

Technical VA

Per week
USD$14.46 Per Hour
20 Hours Per Week


General VA

Per week
USD$7.23 Per Hour
40 Hours Per Week

Technical VA

Per week
USD$10.11 Per Hour
40 Hours Per Week
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Quality Control by Australian Team
  • Free Training Time
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free VA Replacement
  • Email, Skype, Whatsapp, Phone
  • Time Tracking & Monitoring System

Rest of the World: Select Plan

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