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Prepaid Package Important Information

Thank you for visiting this page.

Unfortunately this service is no longer available to new customers.

If you are an existing customer with existing prepaid credits, you can use your remaining credits up until your expiry date.
Please check our Dedicated VA Page regarding our current service offerings.

Thank you for trusting Outsourcing Angel with your VA service. Before deciding to proceed with our services, please review our important information below to understand everything you need to know about working with us and our VAs with your Prepaid Package. By making payment to us and proceeding with our service, this is assumed that you agree with our terms and conditions below.

We include instructions on how to effectively use your Prepaid Package and other conditions, so please review the details below carefully.

By making payments to us and proceeding with our services, it will be taken that you agree with our terms and conditions set out below.

Our Process


Complete our VA Angel Discovery Questionnaire Form and let us know the type of services you’re looking for. Leave your contact information and we will set you up with an appointment with our project manager to discuss your needs.

Free Consultation

One of our helpful project managers will give you a call to discuss your questionnaire and to answer any questions you have. We will analyse your needs and help you find a suitable Virtual Assistants (VAs) team that can help you and your business.

VA Team Selection

We select the best team of talented VAs for you! Our team will work on selecting the best VAs that match your needs according to their experience and skills. Our promise is to provide you with only the highest quality VAs who can do the job best and most efficiently.

Top Up

Select from one of our Prepaid Packages. You can pay directly on our website by going to the bottom of the Prepaid Package page and selecting a package. You will be directed to a secure PayPal payment page to complete the transaction. When you run out of credit, you can top up at any time. We also accept payments by Bank Deposits and Credit Card via Ezidebit.


You can now start working with your VAs. Our project manager will provide you with a time sheet for you to monitor your credit balance and work performance. You will also be provided with a project management tool called, Basecamp, to help you track all your tasks and deadlines more easily. You can send your first task to our project manager via email or Basecamp as soon as you’re ready.

What You Need to Understand About Working with Outsourcing Angel’s Prepaid Packages

The Project Manager

  • After signing up with our Prepaid Packages, you will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will become your main point of contact regarding VA tasks and other enquiries.
  • Your Project Manager will coordinate with you about task lists, task details and instructions, task assignments to our VAs, and task updates.
  • They will be monitoring task progress, checking VA’s work, and sending client reports or updates on tasks that are completed or in progress.
  • They will also update you regarding the status of how many hours have been used and how many hours are remaining from your prepaid hour credits.

The Project Team and Enhancing Efficiency

  • You will also have access to a team of VAs with various skillsets for tasks such as landing page creation, website maintenance, Facebook marketing, admin and data entry, graphic design and more.
  • Your Project Manager will be delegating tasks to the most appropriate VAs, considering the skills required to complete the task in a time-efficient manner.
  • Should you prefer to work with one particular VA instead of the multiple VAs we assign, it comes with the understanding that the progress of your tasks will depend on their availability. Otherwise, if your tasks are urgent we will assign other VAs to complete it at the soonest possible time.
  • A way to optimise your prepaid VA hour credits is to provide video instructions or complete instructions for tasks you will assign to the VAs. By sharing a simple video screencast*, the VA can quickly understand what needs to be done, effectively follow your instructions, avoid errors, and work on your tasks in a more time-efficient manner.
  • Adding notes about deadlines or ETAs of each task will also ensure timely completion
    * Screencast tool we recommend is

Reasonable Expectations for Task Completion and Communication

  • Outsourcing Angel aims to provide the fastest possible service, however, there are still limits to the speed of service we are able to provide, having regard to workloads and high quality delivery.
  • Please note that Basecamp is the expected way to communicate your task requests, requirements and deadlines. Communication via email for task matters is not appropriate, as it more easily results in delayed responses and other miscommunication.
  • We consistently monitor Basecamp, however, for even greater efficiency, messaging your Project Manager on Skype or WhatsApp immediately after posting on Basecamp guarantees the fastest possible response.
  • We need 24 hours to review and respond to your request, excluding weekends.
    • Outsourcing Angel generally does not work on weekends, but if you require it, it may be possible to prearrange weekend work. This should be discussed with your Project Manager beforehand.
  • Once your request is reviewed, we will let you know how practical your deadline is. Easy tasks (e.g. minor content updating, simple data entry etc.) should be executed within 24 hours. However, harder tasks may require 2-3 days to complete. These include brochure and other professional graphics design, web development, article writing etc.

Tasks That Involving Double Crediting

  • For tasks that require special skills, 1 hour’s work using these technical or specialized VA will credit 2 hours from your prepaid VA hours package
  • These tasks include website design, website development, professional graphics, landing page creation, SEO, Adwords, Facebook and IG Ads management, etc.

Payment, Prepaid Hours Calculation and Top Ups

  • Our prices are as per our website. These prices may be subject to change, and future top ups will be according to the most recent prices.
  • Outsourcing Angel accepts three types of payments: PayPal, Bank Deposit or Credit Card via Ezidebit. You can pay directly on our website via PayPal. For bank deposit or credit card payment, we can issue you an invoice and arrange payment with you accordingly. Payment is required before we proceed with work.
  • Our services officially start on the date of your payment. Our team will then create a Basecamp project, explained in more detail under “Project Management and Other Tools” below.
  • If you aren’t ready to start assigning tasks immediately, there is no need to worry. You can contact your Project Manager to discuss VA tasks once you are ready.
  • However, please note that purchased hours have a 6-month expiry.
  • When you run out of credit, you can top up at any time via our website.

Project Management and Other Tools

  • Upon payment confirmation, our team will be creating a personal Basecamp project for you, where you will be able to organise task lists and centralise all work flows in one place.
  • We will assist you in organising task details and deadlines.
  • It is important for you to include complete instructions or specifications and deadlines for your projects or tasks so that we will be guided in completing them on or before the due date.
  • If you prefer other project management tools, kindly invite us to your project tool so we can help you manage your VA tasks. Costs associated with third party project management tools will be the client’s responsibility, not Outsourcing Angel’s.
  • Any fees or costs related to the external tools, online platforms and accounts that you require your VA to use such as Skype credits (i.e. calls that do not use the free calls function) and sign up fees for accounts like Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, etc. will be on you, and not on the VA or Outsourcing Angel management.

Contacting Project Managers

  • We recommend that you share your contact information with your Project Manager so that you will both know which form of communication you can reach each other quickly and conveniently, especially when there is a need to discuss important task details and updates.
  • Skype or WhatsApp are the main communication tools used by Outsourcing Angel.
  • As stated above, important matters regarding projects and tasks should be communicated via Basecamp (or an alternative management tool you’ve given us access to), and not email. Emails are less organised and more likely to cause miscommunication problems or delays.
  • We consistently monitor Basecamp, however, for even greater efficiency, messaging your Project Manager on Skype or WhatsApp immediately after posting on Basecamp guarantees the fastest possible response.

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • In the event that you have already made a payment and started working with our team, but found that our services aren’t the right fit for you, we will send you a refund on the remaining hour credits we owe you.
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