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Unfortunately this service is no longer available to new customers.

If you are an existing customer with existing prepaid credits, you can use your remaining credits up until your expiry date.
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Outsourcing Angel Prepaid Package

Start Managing your business the convenient way with our
Prepaid Package.



  • Get professional assistance in web development, graphic design, marketing and more.
  • Spend your money and time wisely by paying only for what you need.
  • No unexpected bills, no contract, no hassle.

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How It Works

Start saving time and money with our Prepaid Package in 5 easy steps.

oa1. Discover

Complete our VA Angel Discovery Questionnaire Form and let us know the type of services you’re looking for. Leave your contact information and we will set you up with an appointment with our project manager to discuss your needs.

2. Free Consultation

One of our helpful project managers will give you a call to discuss your questionnaire and to answer any questions you have. We will analyse your needs and help you find the correct VA that can help you and your business.

3. VA Selections

We Select The Best VAs For You! Our team will work on selecting the best VAs that match your needs. You will work with a team of VAs who are already experienced and skilled at doing your tasks.

4. Top Up

Select from one of our Prepaid Packages. You can pay directly on our website by going to the bottom of the Prepaid Package page and select a package. You will be directed to a secure paypal payment page to complete the transaction. When you run out of credit, you can top up at anytime.

5. Start

You can now start working with your VA. Our project manager will provide you with a time sheet for you to monitor your credit balance and work performance. You will also be provided with a project management tool Basecamp to help you track all your tasks and deadlines more easily. You can send your first task to our project manager via email or basecamp as soon as you’re ready.

See What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Prepaid Package

"Prepaid VA package with Outsourcing Angel, enable me customize tasks and time spent working on the most important projects. My VA tracked her time very well and in an organized manner which enabled me to always know how many hours are remaining on my prepaid plan.
Mike Morahan
Freio Music | FreioLabs
Colorado, USA
The Prepaid package offers me a skilled on demand team. It takes all the risk out of hiring freelancers and the commitment of full time staff, while at the same time they're responsive and great to work with.
Ashley Hart
Green Chilli Design
New Zealand

"As I have several businesses and therefore need to outsource several types of tasks -- from graphic design and posting in different social media channels to data entry and language experts -- the Prepaid Package is a perfect option for me.
I always get the most skilled person to perform the needed task very quickly.

The TAT (Turnaround Time) is short and the quality of work is excellent!"

Elviira Krebbere
Tampere, Finland

How Can We Help You?

We have a great pool of knowledgeable and talented VA that can assist you with:
(Click on the services for more info)

  • Virtual Assistance
    • Database/Contact Management Follow Up and Reminder.
    • Email Management. Check and answer emails, according to instructions
    • Keeps track of schedules
    • Arrange meetings and set appointments.
    • Make travel plans (includes tickets and hotel reservations and accommodations.)
    • Online Research for personal or professional purposes.
    • Spreadsheet creation & management.
    • Document Creation
    • Data Entry
    • Research
    • Wordpress content update
    • Transcription
  • Online Research
    • Lead Generation
    • Data Mining (Database)
    • Product Research and Comparisons
    • Service Research and Comparisons
    • Competitor Search
    • Topic and Resource Search
  • Customer Support
    • Answering customer queries via ticket system, email, live chat or instant messenger
    • Processing orders and other customer-related tasks.
    • Customer inquiries
    • Providing general, technical, sales and/or billing support to your customers.
    • Posting to Internet forums and blogs.
    • Performing data gathering and research tasks.
    • Pre-sales questions.
    • Processing unsubscribe requests.
  • Marketing & Social Media
    • Assist email newsletter compaigns.
    • Article/blog writing & management.
    • Set up social media channels
    • Create Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln posts.
    • Schedule social media posts
    • Creating quote memes
    • Online marketing project management
    • E-commerce Store Management
    • Content Writing
  • Telemarketing / Call Center
    • Appointment Setting
    • Outbound Customer Support
  • Technical / Specialized Services
      Specialised services incur 2 x credit hours
    • Website Design
    • Website Development
    • Professional Graphics
    • Marketing Advice
    • Newsletter Design and set up
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Onpage and Offpage SEO

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Australian Clients

  • 10 credits AUD$180 +GST ($18/hr)
  • 20 credits AUD$320 +GST ($16/hr)
  • 40 credits AUD$600 +GST ($15/hr)
  • 80 credits AUD$1040 +GST ($13/hr)
  • 160 credits AUD$1920 +GST ($12/hr)

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Rest of the World Clients

  • 10 credits USD$139 ($14/hr)
  • 20 credits USD$247 ($13/hr)
  • 40 credits USD$462 ($12/hr)
  • 80 credits USD$800 ($10/hr)
  • 160 credits USD$1477 ($9/hr)

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NOTE: Credits are based on General VA hours. For Technical VAs, 1 hour = 2 credits.

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