Scale your business with the right technology, processes and virtual assistants

  • Build a business that runs without you

  • Enjoy more free time

  • Make more money with less stress

Feeling overwhelmed by your business?

We get you. Just taking one day off probably means your operations would stop dead, because all decision-making depends on you!

So you might be thinking a skilled virtual assistant could lighten your workload and make your life easier…

But here’s the thing: you would still be shouldering most of the decision-making. Plus, VAs thrive in organised work environments. If your business isn’t set up properly, hiring a VA could actually add more stress for you!


Feeling trapped in the day-to-day


Can’t take on more clients


No work life balance, or time for friends and family (or vacations)


Your business can’t scale the way it is now

Hiring VAs is only part of the solution.

The good news is, you can still drive your business to success. But hiring a VA will only get you halfway there.

To succeed long-term, you also need to optimise your processes and upgrade your technology. That’s how you set up a work environment for true success!

Scale your business the right way.

With the right technology, processes and virtual assistants, you can:


Build a business that runs without you

Streamline your processes and automate tasks, instead of doing everything manually.


Enjoy more free time

Imagine saving 20 hours a week and doing more of what you love just by having the right virtual assistant, tech and processes.


Make more money with less stress

With the right scaling techniques, you’ll be able to take on more clients, create better offers, and expand your market.

Along with a Virtual Assistant, you can also have:

Getting started is easy

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    Discovery Call

    Book a Discovery Call with us today so we can analyse your current business set-up, and see how we can help.

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    Systemise & Scale Up

    We’ll create and implement a personalised Systemise & Scale Up plan to streamline your processes with the right digital tools and Virtual Assistants.

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    Enjoy freedom

    Once implementation is complete, we’ll even train your virtual assistants on all your new systems and processes so you can enjoy your freedom!

We’ve helped 500+ companies regain at least 20 hours per week.

Transforming businesses since 2015

Scale your business so it runs like a well-oiled machine, while you relax.


I thought hiring more VAs would scale my business, but it was just part of the solution.

Hi, I’m Linh Podetti, the CEO & Founder of Outsourcing Angel, and I want you to know that I’ve been exactly where you are now.

I used to believe that hiring more people was the solution to lighten my workload. But instead, I found myself constantly making more decisions for my team, leaving me feeling stuck and unable to take a break.

After years of trial and error (and hard work!), I finally scaled my business using streamlined processes and automated technology. Now, I want to help you achieve the same freedom and success—minus the guesswork. Let’s make it happen together!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, simply contact us and one of our friendly staff members will be in touch with you within 1 business day.

I want to outsource to the Philippines, how do I get started?

  1. Discovery Call Book a FREE consultation with our Outsourcing Specialist and give us an overview of everything you’re looking for in a VA. 
  2. Strategy Map — Within 24 hours of the call, our team will personalise a Strategy Map and VA Recruitment Plan for you to review and approve. 
  3. Virtual Assistant Recruitment — We will start interviewing the candidates that meet your requirements and create a shortlist of options for you. This process usually takes around 1-2 weeks.
  4. Interview — After shortlisting, you have two weeks to review the applicants. We always recommend our clients to have at least meet our VAs via video call when reviewing them for the job. Our HR Manager will facilitate this call to ensure no crucial questions are missed. 
  5. Hiring — When you’re ready, we’ll hire the Virtual Assistant and take them through onboarding, orientation and set-up. We’ll formally introduce them to our team and yours and help set up all the expectations, so everyone is on the same page.
  6. Time to hit the road — From here on, you will start working with your Virtual Assistant with the support of your Outsourcing Angel team to assist you in the initial ‘nesting period’ to avoid any miscommunications or misunderstandings.
  7. Regular check-ins — Our team will also have regular meetings and performance reviews and provide company benefits for your Virtual Assistant to ensure their happiness and to get all your tasks done the way you want them.

How do you select the best Virtual Assistant?

For over ten years, we’ve fine-tuned a very rigorous Virtual Assistant Recruitment process which we share in detail on our ‘How we hire’ page. Our Virtual Assistants are carefully vetted from our existing talent pool or VA connections. 

These candidates are only shortlisted to you once they’ve successfully completed technical and personality assessments and passed the Panel Interview Stage with our HR Manager, General Manager and Subject Matter Expert. We’ll then facilitate an interview between you and your selected candidate(s), which usually takes about 30 minutes. 

Once you’re happy with your chosen candidate, we’ll look after the VA Orientation and set up your Virtual Assistant with all the work perks to keep them motivated and dedicated to you long-term. This includes pre-paid healthcare benefits, rewards & bonuses, monthly meet-ups, upskilling workshops, mentorship and more.

What types of roles can I outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

You can outsource almost anything to a Virtual Assistant as long as you’re clear with what, when and how you want things done (we can help you with that!). Here are examples of what our Virtual Assistants can do. Our clients will usually hire a Virtual Assistant experienced in many areas, such as Admin, Customer Support and Social Media.

Who trains the Virtual Assistant?

Our job is to find and vet Virtual Assistants that already have the experience and skills your business requires so they can hit the ground running. 

We also have a Virtual Assistant central where hundreds of our Virtual Assistants share best practices, tips and tricks. 

There is also a Client Resources Hub where we have recommendations, master guides, best practices and how-to’s for tools such as Slack, Hubspot, Canva, Asana, Trello, Active Campaign, Click up, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. 

You will need to train your chosen Virtual Assistant on any of your business-specific software and processes.

What timezone and hours do they work?

During your FREE Discovery Call, we’ll need you to be clear on the work hours and timezone in which you expect your Virtual Assistant to be online. These will be the expected work hours and we will only put forward a Virtual Assistant that can meet your expectations.

What kind of support do I get from my Virtual Assistant?

We look after the entire outsourcing process for our clients end-to-end, which includes hiring, orientation, set-up, project management, HR, payroll and perks. 

In the first three months with your Virtual Assistant, our Virtual Operations Manager (VOM) will oversee your relationship with your Virtual Assistant to provide you with ongoing support.

After your initial three months, our Operations Manager and Customer Support Team are available to assist. You’ll also always have access to our Aussie Team for urgent matters. 

If, for any reason, you’re unhappy with your Virtual Assistant, we’ll find you a replacement for no extra charge and provide one free week to help you get settled with your new VA.

How much does it cost to work with a Virtual Assistant?

The price will vary depending on the experience, skill and hours required for the job. Once you’ve completed your Discovery Call, we will clarify these details in your Strategy Map.

What if I'm not happy with my Virtual Assistant?

If, for any reason, your Virtual Assistant isn’t a right fit, we’ll find you another Angel at zero additional cost to you. 

That guarantee is lifetime — it doesn’t matter if you decide your VA isn’t a good fit in the first month or two years down the track.

We’ll pause your service as we work with you to find a brand-new Virtual Assistant. As part of our rehiring process, we’ll also cover an additional week of free service to allow your new Virtual Assistant time to transition into your business.

Once I decide who to hire, how soon can they start?

24 hours after the completion of your Discovery Call with our Outsourcing Specialist, we’ll take you through a Strategy Map with the proposed VA Recruitment Strategy. As soon as you have approved everything and you’re all set up as a client, it’ll take 1 – 3 weeks to recruit a Virtual Assistant (recruitment time will depend on the role, please indicate to us if you require someone urgently).

What if I have no systems and business processes set up?

You can’t expect a Virtual Assistant to be thrown into your business and understand how to work with you. Your systems, processes and online platforms must be clear and set up effectively. However, if you need help in this area, our team can Systemise & Scale Up your business before we recruit your Virtual Assistant.

What business processes are usually outsourced to the Philippines?

Client onboarding, managing follow-ups and proposals, processing online orders and social media workflows are the most common business processes we help our clients with. Our Systemise & Scale-Up Program is designed to simplify and automate as many of these business processes as possible through implementing automation, integrating tools and turning your systems and processes into documented SOPs. This allows you to outsource these business processes to a Virtual Assistant.

When should I outsource my business processes?

If you’re working all hours of the day and wasting time on tasks and processes you hate… you need to take action today. It’s time to scale your business with better business processes and outsource to a reliable Virtual Assistant so that you can focus on growing your business.

Our Systemise & Scale Up Program can help you automate your business processes, integrate your digital tools and document your SOPs. We’ll even train a Virtual Assistant on all your new business systems and processes so that they can take over tasks such as social media, admin, customer support and more.

What are the pros and cons of outsourcing in the Philippines?

The pros:

  • Dedication and motivation — Filipino workers are known for their positive attitude, high dedication and motivation levels, strong work ethic, and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction across every task they complete. They welcome positive and negative feedback and implement changes to ensure they continue growing within their role and your company. 
  • Cost-effectiveness — When outsourcing to the Philippines, you’ll pay your full-time or part-time VA a wage much less than hiring a local employee. This gives your business access to high-quality services at an affordable rate. In addition, you’ll be providing your VA with a comfortable income for someone living in the Philippines. In our experience, many of our VAs have provided great lives for themselves and their families as they’ve grown with our business (and yours!). We’ve witnessed our Philippines staff buy hours, take vacations and even help others in need.
  • Highly skilled workforce — Our Filipino workforce is known for being highly skilled. Outsourcing to the Philippines allows companies to access top-notch talent without building large teams of full-time employees.
  • English proficiency — English is widely spoken in many parts of the country. It helps our clients communicate seamlessly with their Filipino staff, avoid cultural misunderstandings, improve collaboration and reduce overall project timelines.
  • Time zone difference — The Philippines is only about 2 hours behind the most Eastern part of Australia (3 hours during daylight saving time). We’re in the same time zone for most of the Western part of Australia. While this benefits a VA looking for regular work hours, we will happily match you with a Virtual Assistant that can fit into your business schedule at your request. 

The cons:

  • Tax and legal environment — Due to differing local laws concerning corporate tax, we do not offer VAs specialising in accounting and finance. We only have basic bookkeeping VAs to assist you in processing invoices, cash flow management and tracking, data entry and managing payroll.
  • Data security risks — Although digital security tools protect data exchanged between offshoring nations, sensitive information remains susceptible to attack. If you require assistance from our Operations Team in suggesting the best online tools, platforms and remote work options to reduce your data security risk, we are always available to assess your business and make personalised suggestions. We’ve been able to do this for hundreds of businesses over the more than ten years we’ve been in operation. Exercising caution when planning large amounts of confidential information abroad is paramount to ensure the utmost safety and integrity.

Your business could be rapidly approaching its ceiling.

Why limit yourself with how your business works today? Book a Discovery Call now to smash through your business ceiling and scale up the right way—before clients start walking out on you.