Creating A
Better World,
One VA
At A Time

Outsourcing Angel is a social enterprise. We believe with today’s technology and the internet, we can help end poverty by creating work opportunities for people in developing countries.

We’ve committed to reinvesting our profits to provide food and supplies to those in need, raise awareness about online work opportunities, and provide mentorship and training in order to create millions of well paid jobs for people in developing countries – starting with the Philippines.

Since March 2018,

together we have helped



How It Works

Hire A VA

We help you hire the best VA for your
business to save you time and money.

Earn A Living

Your VA earns a good living and is able
to provide for their family and
contribute back to their community.

Helping Communities

We reinvest our profits to provide food and supplies to people in need. We also empower our VAs to conduct seminars and training programs to help their communities become the next generation of VAs so they too can have a better life.

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Love Project

Together with our clients, we are able to give back.

Join Our Movement

Help us to help those in need. The Philippines is consistently one of the poorest countries in the world. Everyday we hear stories of kids being sold by their own parents, being forced to sell their bodies on the internet to pedophiles and being married off and pregnant before they have had the chance to enjoy their own youth. The congested traffic and lack of government stability makes finding a good job very challenging, and many never see their future as the bright hope that it should be.

By having a stay at home job as a VA, these people get to earn a good living. They get to work from home instead of spending 5 hours travelling daily. They get to spend time with their family. By creating jobs, we are helping to reduce the level of poverty in the Philippines.

Our VAs are well-qualified and exceptional at their jobs and all carry the same values as us, as they too are committed to helping their country grow out of poverty. They are part of this mission with us. They are dedicated to being the best VAs so that clients can trust in their abilities, be willing to spread the word about VAs and hire more of their people. This is the hard work that they are willing to do to help their country escape the poverty cycle.


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