5 Ways to Make Your Online Store Stand Out This Boxing Day

With so many stores offering hard-to-miss deals on Boxing Day, you have to think of new ways to make your online store stand out and shine this season. Luckily, you have your trusted virtual assistant from Outsourcing Angel to help you manage all your sales and promotional channels, keep up with evolving trends and prepare your online store to handle the surge of shoppers.

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How to Prepare Your Business for Black Friday Sales

With the 24th of November just around the corner, Black Friday is now fast approaching and many businesses are scrambling to get noticed during one of the biggest sales events of the year. If you haven’t already locked in your Black Friday Sales marketing plan, don’t panic! With the help of virtual assistants, your remote team can help you stay on top and stand out.

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File Sharing Tools that Your Team can Use for Better Collaboration

Technology now allows us to pass around files to individuals or groups virtually across cloud-based platforms. These file sharing tools are making team collaboration more efficient. A few decades ago, we were limited to printing files off and disseminating hard copies of memos, contracts and all sorts of important documents. Those days are history.

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