How to Automate your Business Using ActiveCampaign Automation with Jorge Gasca | The Kind Boss Ep#18

It is super important to know how to automate your business so that you can free yourself up to do more! There are many tools out there to help you design a lead nurturing marketing automation system, and one of the best is ActiveCampaign. In this episode of The Kind Boss, founder of Outsourcing Angel, Linh Podetti speaks to Jorge Gasca, CEO of Three Steps Business. A highly experienced marketing automation coach, Jorge shares his lead generation tips using ActiveCampaign automation systems and processes.

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How to Outsource Linkedin Lead Generation to a Virtual Assistant

Today our CEO Linh Podetti openly shares her journey of growing her presence and reach on LinkedIn threefold and reaching the right leads.

What you’ll learn from this video:
In this video, Linh talks about how LinkedIn Coach and CEO of Build Live Give, Paul Higgins, has helped her:

  • How to boost presence and engagement on LinkedIn
  • The process and power of genuine engagement on LinkedIn
  • Which LinkedIn Tasks to outsource to a Virtual Assistant
  • How to unleash LinkedIn’s lead generation potential
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How to Systemise your Business using SYSTEMology with David Jenyns | The Kind Boss Ep#17

Let’s show you how to systemise your business! In this episode of The Kind Boss podcast, founder of Outsourcing Angel, Linh Podetti, speaks to David Jenyns, founder of systemHub & SYSTEMology. David shares with Linh the importance of having a system and process in any business and how to systemise your business using SYSTEMology, A highly experienced business systems consultant, David shares his proven business systems to help you revolutionise your processes in more efficient and effective ways. Why should you trust David? Because he has systemised himself out of his business!

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How to Become Debt Free and Financially Independent with Jeffrey Lestz | The Kind Boss Episode #16

A question that troubles all of us is how to become debt free. We all want to know how to become debt free and financially independent, so that we can live our best lives. Meet Jeffrey Lestz, CEO of Genistar as he shares with you his greatest story. Getting to know his from rags to riches story is an inspiration and will allow you to believe that you too can change your life. In this latest episode of The Kind Boss Podcast, founder of Outsourcing Angel, Linh Podetti teases out the self made millionaire stories from Jeff and uncovers his financial freedom 101 tips that you can start implementing today.

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How to Manage Stress and Achieve Peak Performance with Andrew Pearce | The Kind Boss Ep#15

When you are facing a lot of pressure, do you know how to manage stress to ensure that you are still performing at your best? There is a strong relationship between stress and performance, and you need to know how to eliminate stress so that you never experience burnout or a breakdown. In this episode of The Kind Boss podcast, founder of Outsourcing Angel, Linh Podetti, speaks to Andrew Pearce, a Professional Stress & Performance Mentor, who provides stress coaching and stress management for entrepreneurs.

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