How to build emotional intelligence to experience more love, success and fulfilment with Marcia Miatke | The Kind Boss Ep#23

A working mum is a special person and is someone who needs to know how to build emotional intelligence. When there are many things pulling you in different directions, you need to know how to build emotional intelligence to experience more love, success and fulfilment. Meet Marcia Miatke, Director at Miatke Consulting. As a law of attraction coach and a conscious mother of two, Marcia is enthusiastic about helping female entrepreneurs achieve love, success and fulfilment.

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How to Grow Your Youtube Channel with Virtual Assistants

When you scroll through news feeds of any social media platform right now – whether that be Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Tik Tok – you’ll notice that the majority of the best performing content is video content. It’s clear that consumers are watching more video content than ever before and YouTube has risen to be the second most frequently used platform around the globe!

In our latest video, the CEO of Outsourcing Angel, Linh Podetti, discusses how a Virtual Assistant can not only be beneficial to growing your YouTube Channel but turn viewers into leads.

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Leading Through Crisis with Courage and Creativity with Franziska Iseli | The Kind Boss Ep# 22

Our guest this week is someone who has shown how leading through crisis can be difficult, but when you are leading through crisis with courage and creativity, it is a world of difference. Franziska Iseli, Founder of Basic Bananas, The Business Hood and Oceanlovers, is such a courageous leader. In this episode of The Kind Boss, Franziska speaks to founder of Outsourcing Angel, Linh Podetti about how to be courageous in the face of life’s challenges.

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How to Create a Marketing Automation Plan

Jorge Gasca founded Three Steps Business as a product of his obsession for creating better and more efficient processes. The natural conclusion was marketing automation with the goal of scaling and amplifying the impact of service businesses in the community.

Jorge has been working with coaches, consultants and service providers as a marketing automation consultant implementing systems using ActiveCampaign since 2013.

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How You Can Outsource Your Email Inbox to a Virtual Assistant

How many emails do you have in your inbox? 10? 100? 10,280 of unread emails? It becomes nearly impossible sometimes to effectively manage your email inbox. Whether you’re on the hunt to find an important email that has gotten lost amongst the rest, have missed a deadline or vital information because you missed an email or decided to reply later, but had completely forgotten… email management is such a time waster and a hassle to keep up to date.

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How to use LinkedIn to Grow your Business and Personal Brand with Jeff Yang | The Kind Boss Ep#19

If you do not know how to use LinkedIn to grow your business, then you are missing out on endless opportunities! In today’s episode of The Kind Boss podcast, founder of Outsourcing Angel, Linh Podetti speaks to Jeff Yang, the founding director of SocialGen, the world’s leading B2B Social Sales & Marketing Enablement agency. Jeff is an expert at developing an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy for B2B and he has been using social media for marketing successfully for his clients. Today, he is here to share his personal branding tips and champion the endless opportunities available on LinkedIn

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