What Sales Virtual Assistants can do for Sales Managers

Most businesses hire a Sales Virtual Assistant to assist their Sales Team in building a more effective sales funnel. The ultimate goal here is to increase the number of leads, improve conversion rates and generate more cash flow for the business. In fact,  71% of today’s C-level executives believe that a productive and highly effective sales team is essential for business growth… So what’s stopping you from outsourcing sales tasks to a Virtual Assistant? 

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How to train a Virtual Assistant – Build resourceful and proactive remote staff!

Most employers, managers, and entrepreneurs hire Virtual Assistants to free up their time so they can focus on the more essential things. While that’s a crucial starting point, understanding how to train a Virtual Assistant is a common issue that many people face and doing it incorrectly will ultimately result in a waste of time and resources. 

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The Marketing VA Guide: What Can a Marketing Virtual Assistant Do for Managers

When you hire a freelancer or contractor, usually there is a once-off payment for the completed project. However, if you’re planning to hire a Virtual Assistant, you’ll need to set them up on a regular payment schedule just like you would for your part-time or full-time staff members. But how exactly do you pay a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines and much do they cost?

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