How Virtual Assistants Can Get You Featured on Podcasts and Promote Your Brand

Voice content is very big right now. More and more, people are turning towards voice-centric content like podcasts to learn and be entertained. Platforms like Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Spotify, and many others are turning up millions of listens a day and helping people spread ideas, build credibility, create influence and even promote their brands. 

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Improve organic reach on Facebook | Manage your Facebook Distribution Score with a Virtual Assistant

The Facebook Distribution Score is a metric that Facebook assigns to each of your Facebook posts. The higher the score, the more organic reach your post achieves, so it’s important to understand what are the driving factors behind this score in order to improve your page’s organic reach and performance. 

Once you start understanding the factors that contribute to the Distribution Score, your Facebook Virtual Assistant should consider these factors when carrying out the following Virtual Assistant tasks: