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With so many stores offering hard-to-miss deals on Boxing Day, you have to think of new ways to make your online store stand out and shine this season. Luckily, you have your trusted virtual assistant from Outsourcing Angel to help you manage all your sales and promotional channels, keep up with evolving trends and prepare your online store to handle the surge of shoppers.

Here are five marketing strategies you can implement with your virtual assistant to make sure your online store stands out in Boxing Day sales.

1. Boxing Day Special Offer

Both online and brick-and-mortar stores are lowering their prices to attract shoppers, so make sure your offer is compelling and too good to ignore. You can work with your virtual assistant to come up with enticing graphics for your online stores, email campaigns and social media pages, and help you manage your inventory for the sale. Be creative in encouraging your customers to flock to your online store and search for the best bargains.
Ideas for special offer:

  • Discounts. Instead of offering just one discount on all items, offer a variety of discounts to encourage visitors to keep coming back to your store to check what’s new. Have your virtual assistant manage your ecommerce inventory to keep track of items on sale.
  • Incentive. You can also offer an extra price-cut for the first 30 customers who will shop in your online store on Boxing Day or those who will check-out their shopping carts before 12PM.
  • Sale corner. Let your virtual assistant organise your store and create a Boxing Day Sales menu just for that day. This will make it easy for your customers to find the items that are on sale.

2. Relevant Content

Most shoppers are too busy with holiday plans to think about Boxing Day sales. So it’s best to provide them with Boxing Day-related content so they are aware of the special offers in store for them on your e-commerce website. Your virtual assistant can help you plan, write and share relevant blogs, videos and graphics to promote your Boxing Day offers.

Content ideas your virtual assistant can try:

  • Price comparisons. As shoppers are searching for the best offers they can find in the market, you can create a price guide or comparison highlighting the one-off deals they could get if they buy from you.
  • Must-haves and guides. Missed someone on your gifts’ list? There are customers shopping for post-Christmas gifts who might need your help. Your virtual assistant can put together a gift guide that includes your products, which can be cross-promoted in your social media channels.
  • Holiday video greetings. Have your virtual assistant create a short video greeting to your customers and social media followers. Spice this up by hiding a promo code at the end of the video to encourage people to view and share it. This will help make you stand out from all the other Boxing Day sales.
  • Trends for next year. Shoppers are now looking forward to the New Year and are excited to find out next year’s trends. You can put together a list of what your customers can expect to come for the next year.

3. Targeted Social Media Advertisements

One of the best ways to reach out to post-holiday shoppers is through targeted and paid social media ads. You can supplement your organic campaigns with paid traffic to maximise your ecommerce site’s visibility during this season. Decide on your key sales products and let your virtual assistant configure your campaigns and target social media audiences.

4. Your Christmas Traffic

Your Christmas campaigns were surely a hit. However, even if Christmas Day is over, you can still make the most of the attention your Christmas marketing strategies have brought you to make your Boxing Day sales stand out. You can enlist the help of your virtual assistant to run your campaigns to maximise your Christmas sale traffic.

Some ideas for post-Christmas campaigns:

  • Photo contest. You can invite your customers to share photos of them or their gift-recipients using or wearing your items. Anyone who shared photos can get a chance to win an exclusive freebie or a special discount on your Boxing Day sale.
  • Share an experience. You can also ask your loyal customers for reviews or share their experiences with your products/services to get a gift card they can use for Boxing Day sale or free shipping on their next order.

5. Email Marketing Strategy

Email newsletters are a great way to organically reach out to your customers to promote your Boxing Day sale. In sending your promotional emails, remember to ask the help of your virtual assistant in segmenting your list according to profiles, buying behaviour or demographics. The more segmented and targeted your emails are, the higher the click-through rates.

Here are some segments you can use to increase your Boxing Day sales:

  • VIP customers
  • Recent purchasers
  • Seasonal buyers
  • Gift givers
  • Those who haven’t purchased but are engaged
  • Those who abandoned their shopping carts
  • Those who ignore your emails

It’s also best to tailor your offer or incentive to each segment. Remember to optimize your email messages. Your virtual assistant can help you write catchy subject lines, graphics, email copy and call-to-action buttons.
Are you ready for your online store to stand out during the Boxing Day Sales? It’s time to roll your sleeves up and work together with your virtual assistant from Outsourcing Angel to take your sales to the next level with a well planned out marketing strategy.

VA Writer: Jamie S. Ayque
VA Position: Digital Marketer

Charlotte Ramos

Charlotte is a Copywriting Virtual Assistant with over 10 years of experience in marketing content creation, search engine-optimised blog articles and website copy. She's one of our most valuable Angels with vast knowledge of the digital marketing landscape and business systemisation.