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So—you wanna know the ways we empower Virtual Assistants for business owners like you. 👀 We totally understand.

Let’s face it: hiring Virtual Assistants these days is a roll of a dice. It often feels like a losing gamble, especially when you find out they don’t have all the necessary skills of a virtual assistant to get the job done after all.

Plus, there’s TONS of options out there. But if you opt for virtual assistant agencies like ours, you get a bit more peace of mind because VA candidates are pre-screened and trained before they officially join your team.

…But what happens after that?

Other services stop with just finding you a VA as your admin staff. Then you’re left on your own to manage them, upskill them where needed, and more.

But we wanna stack the deck in your favour. We don’t just hire; we continually empower Virtual Assistants after we’ve placed them with clients, turning your business into a winning hand.

Here are the 7 ways we empower Virtual Assistants, so they help business owners like you more effectively:

And it goes without saying that we’re currently working to add more things to this list. 😉

If our VA services interest you, book a FREE Discovery Call with our Outsourcing Specialist today! She’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Now let’s talk about the perks if you choose outsourcing in Philippines and hire a VA with us.

#1 In-depth onboarding

We added “in-depth” in this section title just so you understand that we don’t provide a standard, cookie-cutter onboarding for VAs. Especially if you opt for our Systemise and Scale Up (S&S) program.

So here’s how it works:

After you interview and select your chosen Philippine virtual assistant from our shortlist, we’ll take your VA through their work agreement so we can freely discuss:

  • Progress expectations
  • Terms and conditions
  • Timeline expectations

And we’ll also cover the following during the onboarding:

  • Compensation, bonuses and pay rise opportunities
  • Attendance to upskilling sessions
  • Hosting a skills upgrade session
  • Participation in games and online activities (by us)
  • Charity participation and volunteering opportunities (by us)

On top of all that, your chosen VA must also agree to our Virtual Angel Oath. It’s our guiding principle in delivering 100% to clients (more on that later on item #3: Angel Points system. 😉)

But if you opt for our Sytemise & Scale Up program for scaling your business, we’ll orient your VA on every bullet point above PLUS:

  • Create custom automations for your business
  • Set you up with the right processes to streamline your workflow
  • Equip you with the right tools to make your business more efficient
  • Hire, onboard, and orient your chosen VA on all your new systems and processes

In short, you’re not just hiring a skilled VA with S&S. You’re setting up your digital space for long-term success—both for you AND your VA.

For that, scaling your business with the right tools and technology is key.


It felt like [my virtual assistant] had already been with me for 2 or 3 weeks when she started on the first day because she had already been given all the background info on what I did, how I did, what they had changed, implemented. She was already well versed when she came to me.

Jenny Dinh
Founder, Co.Lab Space Sydney

#2 Virtual Office Manager (VOM) Support System

Our Virtual Office Managers do exactly what you think they do. They help manage your virtual assistant so they continually perform at your standard.

Our VOM admin staff have regular one on one check-ins with the VAs, which helps to evaluate the current performance and progress of our virtual assistants. These check-ins empower our VAs since they’re able to receive feedback and tackle concerns. If needed, these sessions also pinpoint areas for extra training and support.


Every month I have a schedule with [VOMs] so I could discuss with them the updates that I have for my clients. If I ever encounter worries, then I can just message [them], and they will immediately book an appointment. They are there whenever I need them.

VA Alaila

Plus, VOMs will remove HR matters from your plate and take care of:

  • Payroll
  • VA attendance
  • VA reporting, appraisals and anything else that may arise

And that’s why you benefit more from offshoring and a dedicated VA agency—just imagine the time and energy (not to mention the headache) it will take if you did all these things by yourself!

#3 Angel Points system

The Angel Points system is our super secret tool that pushes our virtual assistants to give their best for their clients.

Basically, our VAs get corresponding points whenever they fulfil items from our Virtual Angel Oath.

So let’s say you give your VA excellent praise for a job well done. That falls under VA Oath #1: “I promise to bring 100% passion, energy and love each day I log in.” Your VA has now earned 1 point! 🥳


What I love about Angel Points is that I’m inspired to do some more initiatives with my clients because it has a lot of [corresponding] points. And if I gain like 150 points up, then I have a $50 bonus. So that’s what I love here in OA. Every praise, every initiative and every suggestion that I do for clients is appreciated with an exchange of the points for a bonus.

VA Alaila

All the relevant and positive contributions our VAs make for clients have corresponding points, depending on their complexity.

Here’s a run-down of some Angel Points:

  • Positive client comments on work = 2 points max/day
  • Assisting peers with urgent matters = 5 points
  • Participation in OA Admin test projects and activities = 5 points
  • Attendance & participation in OA online gatherings, events and other company activities = 5 points
  • Presenting work improvement initiatives = 10 points
  • Saving client from a major “bend” or project/issue = 10 points
  • Increased responsibility/Role promotion = 10 points

By gamifying initiatives at work, our VAs are motivated to put their best foot forward. And the things they can achieve while motivated are mind-blowing 🤯


I’m actually really proud to say that I’ve been working with three clients for OA now. I started with [two of my current clients] since I started working at OA. I lost one client already but for no negative reasons; our schedules just weren’t working because they were a US company and the timezones were just [incompatible]. So they haven’t been disappointed with my performance.

VA Nicole

#4 Healthcare benefits

This one’s a no-brainer. We want VAs to support you and your business, and they can’t do that while sick!

VA Alaila Alvarez, one of our long-time VAs at Outsourcing Angel, receives her health card.

So we provide them with healthcare cards, which is one less thing you need to worry about if you ever decide to do outsourcing in Philippines. 👍

Unfortunately, there are times when VAs can’t continue working due to serious health reasons—or whatever else that may arise. Misunderstandings, miscommunication, and other things happen in our industry just like any other.

Luckily, we have a Client Happiness Guarantee.

100% Lifetime Guarantee

If for any reason, you’re not happy with your Virtual Assistant, we’ll find you a replacement at zero additional cost. Plus, you’ll get 1 week of VA service for free! This is to help you get settled with your new VA.

The best part? You’re covered for a lifetime. We extend this Client Happiness Guarantee to all of our clients no matter what stage you’re in – whether you’ve just hired your first VA or you’ve been with us for years.

We don’t just pair our clients with Virtual Assistants and hope it all works out—we go the extra mile!

Our Lifetime Client Happiness Guarantee ensures that if a client isn’t thrilled with their VA, we’ll find a replacement at no extra charge. And to sweeten the deal, we’ll throw in a week of complimentary VA service to ease the transition.

We’re dedicated to our clients’ ongoing success, whether they’re newbies or long-time partners.

In short: with us, you’re covered for life! 😉

#5 Upskilling channels

Outsourcing Angel learning channels for AI tools and more

We also have dedicated Slack channels for AI tools and other learning resources. So when you hire a VA through us, they’ll instantly have access to the tips and skills of a virtual assistant in our channels.

This means your VA won’t just be a one-person operation. With a network of other employed VAs at their disposal, your VA can tap into their expertise, improve, and become an even more valuable asset in your business.


[Working with OA] is having freedom. I didn’t feel the kind of anxiety that I had with my previous job. It’s a family-like environment.

VA Sarah

#6 Regular (and fun) hang-outs

Outsourcing Angel virtual beach party (left) and our annual company trip back in 2019 (right)

And speaking of a family-like environment: we also conduct regular catch-ups with our VAs (which are always like a family reunion that also includes our management team and admin staff.)

These events happen virtually and in person, and we make a point to celebrate special events like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and more.

Now you might be thinking, “What do I care? Does this empower my VA and help my business?”

The answer is, YES absolutely.

According to a study published by Forbes, happy employees are “up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees. When it comes to salespeople, happiness has an even greater impact, raising sales by 37%.” 👀

In other words, we help your business and make you happy by keeping your VA happy. It’s a pretty good cycle we’ve been honing for 10+ years of outsourcing in the Philippines!


I definitely feel [like] I’m part of a really big family, I don’t feel like just an employee. I feel like someone really important to Outsourcing Angel. I feel like everyone in the team values what I bring to the team.

VA Nicole

And just in case you didn’t know— most ”Pinoys” (slang for Filipino citizens) are big on Filipino traits and values. It’s part of the reason why VAs love our remote work environment!

#7 Volunteer opportunities

Outsourcing Angel staff visits SOS Children’s Village in Davao City, Philippines

Volunteer opportunities are another way we keep our Virtual Assistants fulfilled. We’ve partnered with Tribu Ni Bro (TNB) and Virlanie Foundation in the Philippines so we could donate to clean water projects and livelihood programs, and provide valuable internships and workshops to underprivileged youth.

Our VAs actively participate in these initiatives, and some even spearhead their own projects!

Regular updates from OA Admin staff about the status of multiple charity projects

VAs also receive regular updates from our admin staff about project status, since we donate 10% of our profits to these initiatives each month.

👉 Related: All about Outsourcing Angel’s charity work.

And again, you might be thinking, “Does this also empower VAs and help my business?”

You bet.

According to Grand Canyon University, corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices can “improve employee retention rates, boost morale, build loyalty and increase motivation.”

But benefits aside, the fact that our business has a positive impact on less fortunate communities is a major win in itself. And now you know why we’re called Outsourcing “Angel!” 👼


I’m really, really thankful, because I started in 2018. And from there, from the salary that I received by [working with] Outsourcing Angel, it really 100% helped me a lot with [what I have] now. When I look back at my past, I was just working [wherever I could], and now I have my own space, and my own laptop.
When I started Outsourcing Angel my first priority [was] really to have my own house, my own home. I didn’t want to move houses anymore. I already achieved [this goal] and we’re already settled in. I can now say that it’s time for me to save up money for me to do [other things].

VA Alaila

Scaling Your Business Is Our Goal

We don’t just get you a skilled VA, cross our fingers, and hope for the best.

We continually support your Virtual Assistant with reward systems, healthcare benefits, upskilling and volunteer opportunities, and more, to keep them happy and motivated to do their best work for you.

And with an in-depth onboarding that also looks into your business tech and processes, you’ll be scaling your business with the right support!

Plus, we even get to help Philippine virtual assistants and their local communities in the process. So it’s a win-win cycle for everyone, not just an offshoring task that you tick off your list.

The bottom line? Finding the right skills of a virtual assistant is one thing, but keeping them a high-value employee for your business is another story. And that’s what we’re here for.


I’d love to remind [my clients] that OA is not just another agency, but it’s a company that really takes care of their VAs and they provide everything. They’re not just some agency that you pay to get your VAs. They really care about their Virtual Assistants.

VA Nicole

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Arielle Calanas

Arielle is Outsourcing Angel’s resident copywriter. She has over 9 years of writing experience and graduated magna cum laude in Creative Writing from the University of the Philippines Mindanao in 2019. Currently, she crafts high-engagement content that reflects our brand voice, from client case studies to blog articles and more.