About Us
Our vision is to create ripples of social change in developing countries like the Philippines.
One of the biggest ways do this by creating job opportunities with great working conditions that don’t need to separate individuals from their families. Family is a universally valued, and it is no different in poorer counties. Working with us provides that rare opportunity to work from home, relieving them of the strain of having to travel hours daily through poor infrastructure or even moving away from home. This simple happiness we can provide for them and their families is irreplaceable.
We also emphasize empowerment. Our team doesn’t just have the skills to produce the best results for clients, they have the heart and the opportunity to pay it forward to their communities. Our wonderful team has a strong sense of social responsibility and commitment to their community, and so we also work with local organisations to not only donate food and supplies to impoverished communities, but also pass on our skills and provide more people with these opportunities for better lives.
Visit our social impact page for more info.
Who We Are
At Outsourcing Angel, our goal is simple.
We do what we love so that you can do what you love.
“Supplying TOP QUALITY OUTSOURCING SERVICES to enhance how you do business and CHANGING THE LIVES of the people we work with are just the means by which we achieve that goal.”
Outsourcing Angel is a division of Red and Black Solutions and we specialise in the recruitment of overseas staff, providing clients with outsourcing solutions and support for their business. We provide comprehensive management and monitoring for a true end-to-end outsourcing service.
Our team is composed of top-level Virtual Assistants (or as we like to call them, Virtual Angels) from countries across the Asia Pacific region, including but not limited the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nepal, India and Bulgaria. As guided by founders Linh and Charley’s own person experiences and challenges with outsourcing, our goal is to give you the time to do what you love with your business, while we handle the rest.
We work with clients from many different industries, including:
  • Digital Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Hospitality Management
  • Food & Beverage
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Fitness & Health
  • Business, Lifestyle and Relationship Coaching
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • And many more!
Our Values
Our #Love motto is a set of values that reflect on who we are
and what we stand for as a company.
We believe that everyone deserves Freedom in all aspects of their life.

Hard work is valuable, but life is full of responsibilities and challenges, which is why we place emphasis on work flexibility. We want all of our clients and VAs to know that work should never get in the way of the more important things in life.

We pride ourselves in being Honest with everyone around us and in everything we do.

Having honesty and integrity is the best way to maintain any kind of relationship and cannot be substituted by anything in the world.

We value the Happiness of everyone around us and truly believe that everyone has the potential to take their Passion and turn it into a career they Love.

Life is too short to be doing things you don’t enjoy.Work has its tough days, but it should always be a source of fun in your life.

We also strongly focus on Giving because we strive to leave a positive footprint behind.

We believe that by sharing and giving, we are able to provide help and hope to those who need it the most. We give back to our communities, and also to our clients and VAs because we value their continued support that makes this all possible.

Our Founders
Linh Podetti
Our founder, Linh Podetti, was lucky enough to migrate to Australia in 1992 after spending her childhood in impoverished Vietnam. The shift from a country riddled with struggles to one with abundant opportunities not only fuelled Linh’s passion for business, but also her passion for people, empowerment, and growth. She has channelled these passions into advanced skills in recruitment and management, ensuring that clients receive the best possible service, and that Outsourcing Angel is able to create ripples of social change for the better.

Charley Valher


Outsourcing Angel is fortunate enough to have the wonderful mind of co-founder, Charley Valher. Charley shares Linh’s passion for making a difference in the world and chose to join forces to grow the company. With his incomparable online marketing strength and ability to strategise, clients can be rest assured that their business is safe in the hands of a company dedicated to growing businesses.

what we do
We match businesses to the most suitable VA for their needs. They are able to provide a wide range of services from personal assistance to website development. Our services are reliable and affordable, leaving your business with more time, but without leaving you out of pocket. We want you to be able to do what you love!
Our services include:
Virtual Assistance
and much more