Best Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Company in Australia

For over 10 years, we’ve been helping hundreds of Australian and international businesses outsource work to Virtual Assistants, all while giving back to those in need. We live to give, which is why we’re one of Australia’s best Virtual Assistant outsourcing companies.

Aside from providing employment opportunities to our Filipino Virtual Assistants, we also invest 10% of our company profits every month into worthy livelihood projects and charity initiatives.

So when you work with us, you’re not just getting expert VA services. You’re joining us on our mission to create a better world.

Meet the Team

CEO & Founder

Based in Sydney, Australia

Linh started her first business in 2009 and built multiple successful businesses using the outsourcing model. With nearly a decade of experience in outsourcing, she saw an opportunity in the market to provide offshore staff directly to companies and hence started Outsourcing Angel in 2015.

Linh grew up in Vietnam and moved to Australia when she was 9 years old. With first-hand experience living in a developing country, she is on a mission to help reduce poverty in developing countries like the Philippines. Since its inception, Outsourcing Angel has always reinvested its profits in charitable projects because Linh believes in a business with purpose, not just profit.

Our Aussie Team

Supporting your business from down under

While our company is 100% remote and our experienced VAs are located in the Philippines, we have an energetic team in Australia that works closely with our clients. No matter which time zone you’re in, our Aussie Team will be ready to offer their dedicated support.

We also love organising in-person catch-ups with our Sydney and Melbourne-based clients as often as we can. This helps us understand their needs better and build stronger relationships.

Management Team

Core Team

Our community of Angels

There’s a community of assistants in every large organisation. They turn to each other for advice on how to maximise tools or apply techniques.

When you recruit your Virtual Assistant with us, they won’t be a solo act. Your VA will have access to our vast network of assistants—hundreds of individuals with deep and varied skills. So if your VA needs to know how to do anything, chances are someone in our network will be able to help quickly.

This is just one of the ways we can help you achieve the benefits of scaling through outsourcing.

Work with a Virtual Assistant company that values and treats its VAs like family.

Empowering businesses with ethical outsourcing

Outsourcing Angel provides a fair and ethical framework for clients and their Virtual Assistants. We free up your time to focus on your business by matching you with the perfect VA. At the same time, we provide home-based employment opportunities for our VAs.

We know how important it is to have a healthy and happy workforce. That’s why we’re proud to offer above-market wages, healthcare coverage and generous paid leave for our hard-working VAs!

Committed to overall development

We also connect our Virtual Assistants to professional and personal growth opportunities, such as financial management or health and fitness programs.

By doing so, we set the gears in motion for our Angels to change the lives of their families and those in their community.

Be part of the Change

Outsourcing Angel is more than just a business. We are individuals with a strong passion for social empowerment.
By giving to the less fortunate in developing countries, we believe that we contribute to a better future for everyone.

Our #OALoveProjects are a testament to this. Through these projects, we assist isolated rural communities in the Philippines, where accessibility is a significant challenge due to the lack of roads.

Our OA Family is filled with love. Not just for each other but also for others, so we try to make a positive impact in their lives.

Employing a VA with Outsourcing Angel is a virtuous circle.

You get a qualified assistant. Your assistant is empowered through upskilling opportunities and giving back to their community. More importantly, they can earn a good living while being present at home for their family and loved ones.

By engaging our Virtual Assistants, you’ll have a more productive, longer-serving team member.

Hire a Virtual Assistant without the risk

For over 10 years, Outsourcing Angel has been training, recruiting, and managing Virtual Assistants. Our recruitment process guarantees that only the most qualified Virtual Assistants are recommended for employment.

If your business is ready to grow wings, book a Discovery Call with us today so we can find you an Angel.