Outsourcing Angel's Affiliate Partners Program

Join Outsourcing Angel’s Affiliate Partners Program

Become one of our affiliate partners and start earning passive income every month! Each business that you connect with us is an opportunity to earn a recurring income while helping to reduce poverty in the Philippines.

When you refer a client who hires a virtual assistant from us, your bonus will be:

Outsourcing Services

Part-time Virtual Assistant

Full-time Virtual Assistant

Referral Bonus

$50.00 AUD per month

$100.00 AUD per month

Outsourcing Services
Referral Bonus

Part-time Virtual Assistant
$50.00 AUD per month

Full-time Virtual Assistant
$100.00 AUD per month

This bonus is payable for the lifetime of the package sold. So if a client stays with us for 2 years on a full-time package, that’s AUD$100 every single month for 2 years (total $2400 income) – just from one referral!

Why You Should Join Us

Here are some of the benefits you get by joining us:

Recurring Income Stream

Enjoy an additional passive income stream without having to invest any capital! All you have to do is connect us with companies who are looking to hire a Virtual Assistant and we will take care of them from A to Z. You make money while we do all the backend work.

Reputable Company

We have been in the outsourcing space for nearly a decade and only work with highly qualified and reliable virtual assistants, so you can be assured that we have quality on our side. Imagine how delighted your audience will be when you refer them to a quality service.

Make Positive Social Impact

At the heart of Outsourcing Angel is our mission to have a positive social impact on less fortunate communities. We undertake many community outreach programs in the Philippines and continually invest our profits into helping disadvantaged communities. By partnering with us, you are joining in our fight to reduce poverty. With your help and support, we will be able to touch more lives, support more families, bring smiles to more children and make this world a better place!

Do you…?

Want to earn recurring, passive income?

Enjoy helping businesses?

Have a connection with our mission and our goal?

If this sounds like you, sign up with us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Outsourcing Angel’s business model?

Outsourcing Angel is an outsourcing agency that specializes in the offshore recruitment of reliable and long-term Virtual Assistants, mainly based in the Philippines. We look after the entire outsourcing process for our clients from end-to-end, that includes: hiring, briefing, project managing, HR, payroll and disruption or replacement cover.

What is Outsourcing Angel’s Affiliate Partner Program?

It’s a program where we do all the hard work. We hire and manage the virtual assistants, we match them with your referrals, and we handle all the administrative side of things. All you have to do is introduce us to your business contacts and for every successful business that we bring onboard, you are paid a monthly bonus as long as your referred business continues to work with us. How simple is that!

Do I have to pay to sign up?

Not at all. It’s free to join.

Do I have to be an Outsourcing Angel client?

No, you don’t have to be a client but imagine if you had a virtual assistant to help you free up 20 hours in a week. Someone to take care of your routine stuff, someone to do research for you. All those extra hours earned can be spent on you doing higher value work. And of course, if you love our services, won’t that make recommending us to your audience that much easier?

Where can I find more information about the program?

Here’s the fine print, the boring stuff, the things that dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Click here for our terms and conditions and our privacy policy.

Ok, I’ve signed up, what do I do next?

That’s great news! Thank you for joining us! Let’s get cracking then! Spread the word, show your friends, contacts, audiences how great we are!

How are commissions paid?

Commissions are calculated on a monthly basis. For every successful client you introduce to us, we will pay you a commission of AUD$50 for a part-time package and AUD$100 for a full-time package every month. Some of the bigger companies might actually need more than 1 virtual assistant, especially as they decide to grow and expand their business, so it is also possible to scale your commission with every single client you refer to us!

I don’t have a website, can I still earn a commission?

Certainly! What we are looking for is to match businesses with our dedicated and reliable virtual assistants. While having an online presence would certainly help, there are also multiple ways that you can reach the right audience. In addition, it would also be easier and more efficient for you to market our services using your unique affiliate URL.

Do I have to pay taxes?

You are responsible for any and all tax liabilities that arise from or relate to any commissions or bonuses you receive from Outsourcing Angel.

Still have more questions?

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at: support@outsourcingangel.com.au. We look forward to hearing from you!

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