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Most businesses that survived the post-pandemic landscape have embraced change through automating, systemising and outsourcing. So what keeps a business growing sustainably in this day and age? While the quality of your product/service and staff are essential factors in running the business, it’s having the right business systems, processes and automation that is the SECRET SAUCE!

This is the reason why we started our Systemise & Scale Up Program where we help businesses:

  • Create systems and processes so that they’re documented, transferable and standardised

  • Streamline their time-consuming workflows with automation
  • Set-up and integrate the most suitable online platforms across different departments
  • Onboard and train a virtual assistant to take over tasks such as customer support, email management, social media management and more

For a lot of our Systemise & Scale Up clients like Jenny Dinh. We’ve been able to complete 1 year’s worth of work in a matter of a few weeks.

Why you should automate your business

When faced with such a realisation, you really have two options— accept that some businesses will die out because of a lack of systems, or do something to help as many businesses as possible. We chose the latter. 

Hence, we started a program called Systemise & Scale Upwhere we help businesses set up the most efficient and effective business structure with processes, automation and streamlined workflows. This service allows our clients to reduce their manual and clerical workload while expanding their company’s overall productivity and revenue.

Ready to improve your productivity and revenue?

Our Systemise & Scale Up Program can set-up your business to run like clockwork in just 90 days!

What is a Business Process?

A business process is a series of activities or steps that are performed to produce a particular outcome within the business. Every company has business processes, but not all businesses have the right business processes.

Components of the best business processes

  • Purposeful goals: Every business process must have the goal of achieving efficient and consistent outcomes
  • Process visibility: Instead of having to sift through hundreds of emails and texts for a progress update, your business processes should have business process visibility that allows any team member to check the status at any given point in time
  • Categorisation: It’s important to categorise your processes into different functions of your business such as HR, Payroll, Accounting, Marketing etc. We encourage business owners to map out their processes to see how different functions and departments can work together.
  • Transferability: Processes should be documented in a way that is broken down into easy-to-follow repeatable steps in a transferable way that could easily be outsourced to any staff member including a remote employee like a virtual assistant.

All businesses are full of processes and systems, but not everyone has the best business processes that are scalable for growth and success. In fact, through our Systemise & Scale Up Program we’ve worked with way too many businesses where systems and processes are all stored inside the business owner’s head making it difficult to onboard any new employees.

What is Business Automation?

Automation can take your business processes to the next level! There are hundreds of automation software and platform integration capabilities that can enhance your internal and external processes. 

Here are some examples of different types of automation that we’ve set up and deployed for our Systemise & Scale Up clients:

Customer Service Automation Example


  • PlanePal’s customer service manager was responding to customer service enquiries across many different platforms such as Shopify, Gmail, Facebook Direct Message and Instagram Inbox.
  • This required manually going back and forth between platforms.
  • It was time-consuming when having to search for a particular customer to respond to them.

Automation Solution

  • We set-up an all-in-one customer service platform called GORGIAS which syncs all Shopify enquiries, emails, Instagram and Facebook messages into 1 platform
  • This platform also syncs to their website’s CRM with live updates on shipping status to easily check a customer’s order status
  • Mergefields allows for standardised replies for things such as refund requests
  • Easy to search, reply, track and assign customer service tickets

Client Onboarding and Payment Collection Automation Example


  • Co.Lab Space onboarded their clients through multiple messages on different platforms with inconsistent processes and documents
  • Client preferences and other relevant information could easily be misplaced and caused unnecessary back and forth
  • Client payments were manually set up via bank transfers only without any late payment notifications or reminders.
  • Status of payments was not tracked and required manually checking bank transactions

Automation Solution

  • We set up a complete Client Onboarding Workflow using a lead email sequence that covers everything from payment set-up to client communication preferences
  • We created templated email scripts, client questionnaires and templated proposals for client consistency
  • Payment collection is automated via Stripe allowing Co.Lab Space to now also collect credit card payments
  • Payment notifications are automatically sent to team members in Slack
  • Set up client arrears process to follow up late payments

Ultimately, business automation is any business system or software that allows you to maximise output by minimising human intervention. It also eases the workload of your employees by reducing their manual workload which can be programmed or automated while they focus on more important tasks.

Why You Should Automate Your Business Processes

Many business owners recognise the need to automate their business but keep putting it off because they’re stuck in the “busy-ness” of their day-to-day. If you’re one of these people, here’s some news for you – YOU’LL BE STUCK IN THAT DEADLY CYCLE FOREVER! Before you know it, you’re going to be burnt out or your company morale will plummet – don’t let it get to that stage.

Here are the top reasons why you should automate your business today:


Reduce time spent on admin tasks

Instead of having a long list of to-do’s including many administrative tasks, you and your staff should spend the day doing work that directly affects your bottom line like client retention, lead generation or research and development. Outsource or automate your admin tasks.


Minimise human error

If a human is carrying out the work, then it leaves room for human error. Whether it’s an error in a shipped out order, an accounting issue, or something was missed during the client onboarding – these mishaps could lead to unneccessary fires when left unchecked. Your goal should be to lessen them and not get used to them.

Businesses must still have the personal or human touch in their systems and processes, but that should be supported with the automation and platforms so that the operations are optimised.

– Richard Phu, Managing Director at Outsourcing Angel


Better & consistent customer service

Customers are always on the lookout for the next best thing, especially when it comes to the services and products that they subscribe to. When you automate business processes, tracking your performance will be a lot easier and thus will help you better improve your customer service.


Increased productivity

Productivity affects profit. Every business owner is always looking for ways to produce better outputs in less time. When you automate business processes, you will experience an increase in productivity and eventually, an increase in profitability. Increased productivity also means helping employees maintain their well-being by unloading them of tedious processes in order to focus on more energy-giving tasks.


Allows you to scale your business

One of the hindrances in growing or scaling a business is too many processes done by too many people that take too much time. So instead of thinking about the direction of the business, business owners are bogged down by too many concerns in the present that they could not think about the company’s future. When you automate business processes, it creates the headspace you need to chart your course and maneuver the stirring rod.


Builds a centralised communication

One of the challenges of growing a business is how to simplify communication. The tendency for growing businesses is to add more layers of communication, not knowing that the more layers there are, the slower the message moves through every channel. Automating your business processes allows you to have a singular source of communication that also reinforces clarity. When you have centralised communication, messages are not just clearer but also quicker because there is a unified connection line for everyone.


Defines workflows and standards for all tasks

What are workflows? Workflows are a series of tasks that process data along a specific path from start to finish. A workflow is created whenever data is passed between humans and/or systems. The most effective workflow business process management is clear and predictable.

When you automate your business processes, you will have a more defined or clearer process and expectations from your employees. Having clear standards for work outputs help employees accomplish their daily tasks and achieve their goals.

Examples Of Business Flows You Can Automate

There are definitely dozens of business processes you can automate using tools and systems. But these are some of the most common business flows that small businesses automate.

Onboarding new customers

Customer experience is now an important aspect of running a business. In traditional business processes examples, they only count the products sold or services rendered but the modern way of doing business involves customer experience, especially the new ones. Using a business automation process allows you to smoothly transition new customers into first time buyers and eventually loyal customers.

Onboarding new employees

The longevity of employees is affected by the experience of their onboarding. New hires determine how long they would stay in a company by what they experienced during the onboarding or orientation. Studies show that a good onboarding experience convinces 69% of staff to stay in a company for at least three years.

Using a business automation process helps new hires to stay longer in your business. The next generation of the workforce is looking for companies that are innovative and forward-looking.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is similar to having a business processes template. When you automate your marketing strategies, you will not have to be slowed down by the implementation of a specific marketing campaign or activity. When you automate your marketing efforts, you can proceed to the next marketing campaign without compromising your existing marketing efforts.

Customer support tickets

A ticket is generated and shared between the customer and the support representative when a customer submits a question or a concern. Since answering tickets is part of customer service, automating it increases your customer service satisfaction. Simply put, automating your support tickets increases your effectiveness in managing tickets thus results in better customer service.

So Why Systemise & Scale Up?

Most businesses that attempt to automate and systemise their business themselves would not only have to stop running their business to set things up, but it would also take them a year or more to implement the changes and then train their staff on new systems and processes. This is something that our Systemise & Scale Up Program can do within just 90 days.

Benefits of our Systemise & Scale Up Program

Most businesses that attempt to automate and systemise their business themselves would not only have to stop running their business to set things up, but it would also take them a year or more to implement the changes and then train their staff on new systems and processes. This is something that our Systemise & Scale Up Program can do within just 90 days.


Personalised for your business

Our team works closely with you to find out what you like doing, what you hate doing and all the platforms and systems that you’re comfortable with in your business. This is an extremely important process in choosing the business automation process that is tailor-fit to your needs and your work style.


No coding experience necessary

If you are frustrated because of doing everything manually– from setting up automated triggers to syncing different platforms, this service is definitely for you. The Systemise & Scale Up Program allows our S&S Experts to take care of the entire process so that all you need to do is tell us your wishlist and we’ll do the hard yards.


We implement it all for you

Not only do we have a Deep Dive Session with you to understand your business and give you our systemisation and automation plan. Unlike other business services that require your team to carry out the work, our Systemise & Scale Up Program is all-inclusive. This means that our team will implement and test things for you and then set up the steps to train and implement change processes with your current staff.


We train your employees and virtual assistants

Not only do we help train your employees and Virtual Assistant on the new processes and systems. One of the problems of business owners is how to integrate their new business programs into their departments. This problem hinders businesses to flourish and reach their full potential. This is why Systemise & Scale Up Program will help you integrate your new business process by training your existing employees and virtual assistants.

The Six Steps to Systemise and Scale Up

Our Systemise & Scale Up Program is a proven and effective program for business people who want to start or scale their own company. We are like a business process consultant that partners with you so that you can successfully grow your business.


Open up

You will meet with our S&S Team for a Mapping Session to give you the opportunity to tell us about your business goals and challenges, current business model, key performance indicators, key income streams and channels, and organisational structure. The goal of this step is to assess and diagnose the current state of your business.



Following an in-depth review of your business, we will assist you in organizing your top-tier processes by identifying appropriate automation efficiencies, determining your end-to-end customer journey, conceptualising materials for your team, and developing a change management plan.



In this step, we will work with you and your team to gradually implement the new business systems that you have. Before the actual rollout, this includes establishing digital tools and automation triggers, business process documentation and SOPs, company dashboards, a project management platform, and program testing.



At this point, we start to outsource the tasks to trusted virtual assistants after we have set up the necessary tools and tested the waters. We will make every effort to assist you in your search for virtual assistants who will work well with your team. 

Virtual assistants will be screened, shortlisted, and interviewed. We will also assist you in determining where a virtual assistant can help you, such as with administrative tasks and documentation. We will also create Virtual Assistant job descriptions in order to set the right expectations.



After putting in place the necessary systems and collaborating with your team on implementation, we will assist you in onboarding your virtual assistant for a smooth transition. This will assist the virtual assistant in working with your preferred working style. We will establish daily check-in routines, as well as help with onboarding, training, and culture integration.



After you’ve gotten used to running your newly-scaled business, we’ll help you manage your virtual assistants by inspiring, motivating, and delivering results while you relax in your OASIS. We will review virtual assistants, award bonuses and incentives, hold monthly and quarterly alignment meetings, and sponsor company trips and events.

Are You Ready to Systemise and Scale Up?

Our belief in Outsourcing Angel is that business systems are the best way to scale up a business. When an idea is scalable, you’re in a better position to grow your business so you can start experiencing freedom while also pursuing dreams that matter to you. When all is said and done, your business is a medium for you to experience the life you’ve always wanted. There’s no point in running a business if it controls you instead of the other way around. So start setting up your business to scale up even when you’re not around to run it. 

If you want to be a part of the  Systemise & Scale Up Program, feel free to reach out to us today. We would love to have you on board!

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