Outsourcing Angel’s Best Moments of 2019

The end of the year is coming really soon. In a few days, we’re going to say goodbye to 2019 and close that book forever. But before we bid farewell to what was an amazing year for Outsourcing Angel, we want to look back at all the amazing things that made this year such a memorable one for us all.

This year was filled with so many highlights and milestones for the whole company. We accomplished, grew, lost and won together as one. Looking back at all that has happened, it’s hard not to be grateful.

Through the rollercoaster ride that was 2019, there were some events that were highlights for many of us. Here are the best moments of 2019 for Outsourcing Angel.

Company Trip

Once a year, we gather our virtual assistants in the Philippines in one place to have fun together and bond with one another. This year, our destination was Samal Island. Apart from gathering Filipino virtual staff, our Australia team with Miss Linh Podetti also flew in to have a great time. The annual company trip has become a highlight for our team and it has become a tradition worth keeping.

Outreach and Charity Events

2019 was also a year filled with giving back and paying it forward. We were able to help many people through our partnerships with organisations such as the Virlanie Foundation, SOS Village and Tribu ni Bro. We provided solar panels to a remote village, taught underprivileged youth basic computer skills, provided relief goods to earthquake victims in Mindanao and so much more.

Team Meet Ups

One thing we did more deliberately this year was to strengthen the bonds between our virtual assistant teams. Many of them gathered on a regular basis to get to know each other more and enjoy each other’s company. Some had training, others gathered for meals, and others did online catch-ups filled with games and gifts. All in all, we’ve created stronger clusters all throughout the Outsourcing Angel family.

Upskills and Training

This year, we invested time and resources into training and upskill that would help our virtual assistants grow more in areas of their skills, productivity, and even finances. Some of these trainings were held by our existing staff. We think it’s important that we keep growing. Investing in learning and education is something we value a lot as a company.

New Virtual Assistants

One of the greatest things about 2019 was also the growth of our family. We welcomed a handful of new virtual assistants who were more than ready to add value to their clients right away. We’re proud to say that we welcomed some of the best virtual assistants we’ve ever met in Outsourcing Angel this year!

2020 is Going to be Even Better!

These are just some of the many best moments of 2019 that we’ll always look back fondly to. And as 2020 approaches, we look forward to having even bigger and better moments that will only strengthen our mission to help businesses grow through outsourcing and our relationships with one another as a company. Here’s to an amazing 2019 and even better 2020!