What a Graphic Design Virtual Assistant Can Do and Why Work with One

Design is all around us. It’s in our clothes, devices, books, food packaging, and so many other places. We see it when we’re safe at home or out driving on a busy freeway or in the mall. Design matters because it brings meaning, order, and function to the things around us. 

And it’s hard to separate the cruciality of graphic design from the whole design experience. People see graphic design all the time and make decisions based on them, whether we realise it or not. That’s why hiring a graphic designer virtual assistant could do your business well if you want to influence people to make decisions in your favor – whether it’s getting them to follow your social channels, remember your brand, or make a purchase.

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How Virtual Assistants Can Get You Featured on Podcasts and Promote Your Brand

Voice content is very big right now. More and more, people are turning towards voice-centric content like podcasts to learn and be entertained. Platforms like Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Spotify, and many others are turning up millions of listens a day and helping people spread ideas, build credibility, create influence and even promote their brands. 

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Improve organic reach on Facebook | Manage your Facebook Distribution Score with a Virtual Assistant

The Facebook Distribution Score is a metric that Facebook assigns to each of your Facebook posts. The higher the score, the more organic reach your post achieves, so it’s important to understand what are the driving factors behind this score in order to improve your page’s organic reach and performance. 

Once you start understanding the factors that contribute to the Distribution Score, your Facebook Virtual Assistant should consider these factors when carrying out the following Virtual Assistant tasks:

Disadvantages of outsourcing to Virtual Assistants and how to solve them

While outsourcing to Virtual Assistants located in the Philippines isn’t something new, it can definitely feel foreign to businesses that haven’t dipped their toes in outsourcing before. This is why we thought we’d use our 10+ years of outsourcing experience to take you through the advantages and disadvantages of Virtual Assistants and how to solve the challenges.

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How a Facebook Virtual Assistant can grow your page organically

A lot of businesses build their Facebook Business Page and content calendar with no engagement plan in place… so how exactly do they expect to grow? 

If you have a Facebook Virtual Assistant that can help you manage your Facebook Business Page and content calendar, we highly suggest that you invest time and training into a Facebook Engagement too – which is exactly why we’ve put all of our tips into this guide. 

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What Sales Virtual Assistants can do for Sales Managers

Most businesses hire a Sales Virtual Assistant to assist their Sales Team in building a more effective sales funnel. The ultimate goal here is to increase the number of leads, improve conversion rates and generate more cash flow for the business. In fact,  71% of today’s C-level executives believe that a productive and highly effective sales team is essential for business growth… So what’s stopping you from outsourcing sales tasks to a Virtual Assistant? 

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How to train a Virtual Assistant – Build resourceful and proactive remote staff!

Most employers, managers, and entrepreneurs hire Virtual Assistants to free up their time so they can focus on the more essential things. While that’s a crucial starting point, understanding how to train a Virtual Assistant is a common issue that many people face and doing it incorrectly will ultimately result in a waste of time and resources. 

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The Marketing VA Guide: What Can a Marketing Virtual Assistant Do for Managers

When you hire a freelancer or contractor, usually there is a once-off payment for the completed project. However, if you’re planning to hire a Virtual Assistant, you’ll need to set them up on a regular payment schedule just like you would for your part-time or full-time staff members. But how exactly do you pay a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines and much do they cost?

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Case Study: How to Grow a Successful Beauty Business with a Virtual Assistant

At Outsourcing Angel, we’ve had the privilege of matchmaking many Beauty and Cosmetics businesses with Virtual Assistants and watching those relationships flourish through the years. And with time, we’ve figured out the vital formula to business growth for both small and large business owners when it comes to outsourcing admin, social media and more.

So let’s show you a real-life example from one of our long-term clients, Lash Tribe, the world’s #1 lash academy and eyelash extension business that operates out of Brisbane, Australia. With our help, Julia Mann (Founder of Lash Tribe) was matched with Desiree Sunga, a Marketing Virtual Assistant in the Philippines.

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