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At Outsourcing Angel, learning is a core part of our company and our staff members are always sharing their latest reads. Based on our staff recommendations, these are the most popular books with very insightful information that has helped us transform our business…and could help yours!

Your One Word

The Powerful Secret To Creating A Business And Life That Matter By Evan Carmichael

Your One Word is a book that is jammed pack with useful insights and great messages on how you as an individual can improve everything you do and your business through understanding your values and beliefs. By actually discovering the values we stood by and believed in, we were able to successfully rebrand Outsourcing Angel. Through discovering our one word, LOVE, we were able to differentiate ourselves from other companies.

At OA, we show love in everything that we do, our one word truly reflects us as a business. This book will help you uncover that one word, that will surely transform your business just like it did for us.

Who is Evan Carmichael?

Evan Carmichael is a Canadian entrepreneur, author, speaker and business consultant. At age 19, Evan Carmichael founded a biotechnology software company, which he later sold. After selling the company, he worked as a venture capitalist.

Carmichael is the founder of Evan Carmichael Communications Group, which specializes in coaching and social media strategy for entrepreneurs.

Give Work:

Reversing Poverty One Job at a Time By Leila Janah

Leila Janah, author of this Give Work book, shares the same philosophy as Outsourcing Angel. Both her and us, beieve that by giving online work opportunities to talented people living in developing countries, we can help reduce proverty around the world. Give work will challenge you to rethink about how you do business. It encourages us all to not only create a successful business but one that ares about social impact as well. She also shares her challenges and advice about her journey in building 2 multi-million dollar businesses, one that is a non-profit and one that is for-profit. This book will really shift your mindset about what it’s like to have a fulfilling business and life.

Who is Leila Lanah?

Leila Janah is the Founder and CEO of Samasource and LXMI, two companies that go beyond charity to #givework to low-income people around the world using cutting-edge social enterprise models in technology and luxury skincare, respectively.

The E Myth Revisited

Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It By Michael E Gerber

Michael E Gerber, breaks down the concept to why many businesses fail. Usually people start their own business because they are good at or are passionate about the technical aspect of the business. However, not understanding or not being good at the other business aspects will result in serious management issues.

The E Myth, has helped Outsourcing Angel understand the importance of not making our company people dependent but systems dependent, where tasks should require minimum skills with high productivity. At OA, we operate with a good set of systems and processes to ensure that all tasks and jobs are managed properly and productivity levels are high.

Built to Sell:

Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You By John Warrillow

In this book, John Warrillow explores the concept of how entrepreneurs make this mistake of creating a business that is very dependant and relies heavily on them. When it comes to selling their business, although it may be profitable many buyers are afraid that the business can not operate successfully on its own.

After reading this book, it made us understand the importance of how to start the process of productising your business for sale. Though that doesn’t mean you have to sell your business, it just means you should operate and manage it in a way that even when you’re not around it will function just fine.

The 4-Hour Work Week:

Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich By Timothy Ferriss

Timothy Ferriss, explores the possibilities of reconstructing your life through the way you work. The book breaks down concepts of how outsourcing your business can really lead a positive impact on your life, allowing you to do more of what you love but still making a decent income.

At Outsourcing Angel, we truly believe that you can work less as a business owner and entrepreneur through working with the right virtual assistant or team, done correctly your business will continue to expand and make profit even when you’re putting less hours in. With the cost being significantly lower than hiring someone locally to do the role or certain tasks, the future of your business growth is here.

Atomic Habits

An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

As we try to be the best versions of ourselves, the one guiding question that we need to constantly ask ourselves is: “How can we live better?" This is the question that is the basis of James Clear’s amazing book, Atomic Habits. At Outsourcing Angel, we want our thoughts and deeds to be a reflection of who we are. We want to become the best versions of ourselves, and to achieve that, we recognise that we need to build and stick with good habits.

By building good habits, we become more productive, more efficient, more responsible, and more reliable! This book will show you how to achieve, how to become 1% better everyday, until all that is left are good habits that will help you soar in life!

Who is James Clear?

James Clear is an American author and entrepreneur. He is also the creator of The Habits Academy, his motivational course that teaches you how to build better habits and in the process, create better lives. Essentially, the one question that guides his actions everyday is: “How can we live better?" He learns from the best and utilises their strategies to teach you how to live better lives. Lives that are able to contribute positively to the world and lives that are led meaningfully and purposefully.

Million Dollar Habits

Proven Power Practices to Double & Triple Your Income

When you are practicing the right habits in your life, everything will fall into place exactly as it should. Outsourcing Angel believes that with the right habits, we will be successful in our business and we will be successful in our personal lives as well.

Brain Tracy’s Million Dollar Habits will show you how to make sure that every habit you undertake each day is a habit that will enable you to make better choices, to achieve each and every goal, to make your life a professional and personal success.

Who is Brian Tracy?

Brian Tracy is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, an American coaching company that has helped more than 1,000 businesses get on the right track and enact powerful practices to grow their profits. He is world-renowned for his talks and seminars on topics such as leadership, strategy, and success psychology.

Eat That Frog!

21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time

Eat That Frog! has sold more than 1.5 million copies worldwide and the reason for its success is because it tells us a fundamental truth – that there is never enough time and so, we shouldn’t try to do it all. Which is the very heart of Outsourcing Angel! We are here to show you how to free yourself up, how to delegate and how to reclaim your time and your life.

We love the razor sharp focus that Eat That Frog! encourages you to develop and strive to achieve that in every aspect of our lives. Stop procrastinating and start achieving with Brian’s 21 practical steps of attaining focus and clarity today.

Who is Brian Tracy?

Brian Tracy is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, an American coaching company that has helped more than 1,000 businesses get on the right track and enact powerful practices to grow their profits. He is world-renowned for his talks and seminars on topics such as leadership, strategy, and success psychology.

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