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Having a strong community is vital to start-ups, co-working spaces and other small ventures. This philosophy is fully ingrained in our latest guest, George Samuels, Managing Director of Faiā Corp. In this episode of The Kind Boss podcast, George speaks to founder of Outsourcing Angel, Linh Podetti, about how to create a community that will support, encourage and grow with you.

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey, but if you are able to succeed in online community building, you will be able to turn customers into members, and create added value for all members. With the world interacting online more than ever, building online community using digital technology is definitely a top priority for business owners. George has long recognised the importance of using digital technology for community building and is here today to show you how technology and community building can go hand in hand to help you grow your network and your business.

Watch now and learn:

  • How to build a community online
  • How digital technology can help you grow supportive communities
  • How to bridge the gap between people and technology
  • How building online community helps build your reputation

About George Samuels

George is the founder of Faiā, one of the first consultancies in the Asia Pacific to offer Bitcoinˢᵛ integration services, build productive communities & transform businesses for the future of work. He was featured in the “Top 50 Young & Extraordinary” by the Foundation for Young Australians,

With more than 7 years of experience across SEA and Australia as a community development specialist, George is a true expert at building communities for ventures and one of the great guys to learn from.


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