Case Study: Nina Froriep, Clock Wise Productions

About Clock Wise Productions

Nina Froriep is the Owner of Clock Wise Productions, a premier video production company based in New York, USA that has been running for over 25 years!

In 2015, Nina digitised her entire business and while it was definitely a great business decision, she never really found the right Virtual Assistant. In fact, one of the Virtual Assistants she hired herself posted all of her personal information to her LinkedIn profile 😲

With the wrong remote staff, lack of proper VA systems and trying to juggle digitising an entire business on her own. Here’s how we helped Nina overcome the pitfalls of going remote by hiring a resourceful and competent Virtual Assistant.

The Challenge


Never found the right Virtual Assistant

Nina tried hiring VAs herself, which only resulted in headaches, big mistakes and growing concerns.


No help shifting her business online

She was used to doing everything herself but remote set-ups were unfamiliar territory for her.


Lack of VA culture and support

She wanted to foster a loving workplace for her VA to thrive but didn’t have systems & processes to provide the support they needed.


Operations moving too slowly

Nina is a very detail-oriented person so when it came to setting up automations and funnels, Operations moved too slowly.

Everybody thought Nina was completely nuts when she was figuring out how to do everything remotely—until the pandemic came.

But she still faced really unfortunate situations. A previous Virtual Assistant even posted their personal information on Nina’s public LinkedIn profile! 😨


I never found the right VAs, and the right set-up of a VA, until I found Outsourcing Angel.

Our Approach


Offered dedicated support

Our Outsourcing Specialist had a chat with Nina to discuss her needs and concerns, and we held her hand throughout the entire process of hiring a VA.


Outsourced tasks for maximum efficiency

Nina wanted to focus on detail work, so we took on the day-to-day tasks that kept her business running while she does more of what she loves.


Handled thorough screening

We conducted our 6-step recruitment process to make sure Nina matched with a trustworthy VA who handles accounts with discretion and sees to her specific needs.


Welcomed Nina to our Angel community

We set up Nina’s VA with ongoing benefits, incentives, and a dedicated Virtual Office Manager (VOM) so they grow along with the business.

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Virtual Assistant Recruitment

Our Recruitment Process

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Once Nina interviewed the shortlisted virtual assistants, she decided on hiring our Virtual Assistant Anika Lapasaran.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Customer Support Representative for 4 years
  • 5 years experience as a Virtual Assistant

Work Experience

  • Admin support tasks (email & calendar management, booking appointments, and more)

  • Email newsletter campaigns, marketing schedule management
  • Shopify maintenance & product listings
  • Social media management (content creation, scheduling, and more)
  • Research
  • Basic graphic design (Canva & Photoshop)

Work Samples

Outsourcing tasks to a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Anika Lapasaran now looks after the following for Nina:


  • Onboard new clients
  • Database management
  • Industry & competitor research
  • Document storage and organisation
  • Data entry and transcription
  • Project management
  • Template creation
  • Email & calendar management
  • Booking and appointment reminders
  • Making travel plans
  • Creating presentations
  • Website content updates
  • Report generation & key metric tracking

Digital Marketing & Social Media

  • Graphic design using Photoshop or Canva
  • Email newsletter campaigns

  • Set-up and management of social media accounts
  • Content creation & sourcing
  • Scheduling, engagement, reports

Lead Generation

  • Managing LinkedIn requests
  • LinkedIn Lead generation and prospecting

  • Managing LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The Result

Find out how Virtual Assistant Anika Lapasaran has transformed the way Nina operates her business.


I have a lovely person who is being supported properly and being paid a living wage, doing the work that I need her to do in a timely fashion and does it well, and I get the impression [that she] actually likes her job—[all] that peace of mind, to me, is just invaluable.

Nina Froriep
Chief Video Democratizer, Clock Wise Productions
New York, USA

What was your life like before you hired a Virtual Assistant?

I’ve always had some kind of assistance because when you’re in the film industry, that’s really important. But when I did my [digital] pivot in 2015, I had no help at all.

And the problem is, I love my detail work. So I would do an awful lot of detail work and not a lot of all the other things that I should have been doing. So, I was moving along very, very, very slowly.

I was teaching myself to do things that I should never even have touched. Like, how does an automation work? How do the email funnels work? How do CRMs work? All stuff that, in hindsight, I should have outsourced from the get-go.

On the other hand, I was curious, so why not? But at least a couple of months in, I should have seen the writing on the wall in big, fat letters.

And then, I did hire VAs really early on, in 2017, right after my pivot. But I never found the right VAs, and the right setup of a VA, until I found Outsourcing Angel.

So by the time I ended up with you guys, I was a pretty burned child when it came to VAs. And I’ve done every imaginable detour possible. So, it’s not just the VAs. It’s also finding the right company to help you with your VAs. I think that is hugely important.

What were your concerns about outsourcing?

I had outsourced already before, and my experience had been very mixed. I was very nervous about people ghosting me.

So that’s why I ended up coming to you guys because I knew enough at that point [and] had enough experience [to know] that I wanted to have a company that was responsible, that held the VA responsible on their own turf. Not all the way from America, but on their own turf.

And a lot of my colleagues were like, “Oh, I found a $5 VA!” [But] I don’t want to work with a $5 VA. I want to work with somebody who gets health insurance, gets a community, gets the support, gets the continuing education and gets the feedback that they need to thrive.

And I knew I wasn’t going to be the person to do all of that. After having worked with one VA, I just felt that I didn’t have the patience for it, [nor the] talent or the personality to really nurture the relationship the way it needs to be nurtured, when you’re one-on-one with a VA.

I was also really nervous [about] putting all my eggs into one basket [and] about the quality of work without being able to really know what’s going on in terms of what kind of equipment they have, what kind of internet service they have, what kind of lifestyle they have that can disrupt the workflow.

And some of our workflows are asynchronous, which makes it really hard. Asynchronous work is so easy to outsource, but I find synchronous work really hard to outsource because it has to happen at a certain time—and reliably so.

So all of that made me pretty nervous. Especially after I had a VA that started posting her personal information on my LinkedIn account!

What have you gained the most after hiring a Virtual Assistant with Outsourcing Angel?

I think peace of mind is probably the biggest. [The time I saved] is certainly huge, but I think the time [saved doesn’t] help [with] anything if I don’t know that it’s being done right and being supervised correctly, et cetera.

So having that peace of mind, knowing that I have a lovely person who is being supported properly and being paid a living wage, doing the work that I need her to do in a timely fashion and does it well, and I get the impression [that she] actually likes her job—[all] that peace of mind, to me, is just invaluable.

I’m also feeling like I’m not abusing anybody or I’m taking advantage of anybody. I know there [are] a lot of small business owners [who feel that] it’s also a necessity to be saving money.

But I think there [are] places where you save money, and there [are] places where you’re saving money by hurting someone else. And to me, that is not okay.

What is your advice to someone who is thinking about scaling their business with a Virtual Assistant?

If you want to scale your business with a VA, I would say the number one thing you need to [know is that] the VA is only as good as the input you’re giving him or her or them.

You need to have clarity on what you want them to do. And you need to be willing to put that initial work in, if you don’t already have airtight operating procedures, or sending operating procedures (SOPs).

A VA can create those for you as you’re going along, but again, the VA is only going to be as good as [your input]. There [are] VAs who are outstanding and think beyond what you tell them, et cetera, but they cannot read your mind. They don’t know your business yet when they’re starting with you, so you have to set them up for success.

And that means [putting in] quite a bit of time, effort and input [at] the very beginning. And right now, for what we have our VAs do, we have airtight SOPs.

With Outsourcing Angel, there was a manager who managed the [transition] process with us and made sure that [our] new VA was a really good fit for us. And because I had all these processes in place, we were very clear on what the VA needed to do. It was a really easy process.

[Consider] having an agency that also helps you with the translation of cultural differences that you want to be aware of. That, for me, was a big pitfall. I’m Swiss. My feedback is as straight as it comes. That does not sit well with everybody, right? So being aware of that myself and getting some feedback on that with an agency [is important].

And with an agency, you will also have accountability, a person who helps you navigate with your new VA and make sure that there’s sort of a translator there. I think that is invaluable.

There’s a bit of time investment upfront. But then, once it’s set up and it works, [another thing that] I loved about it [is] it showed me where my madness was of changing rules and things all the time. And I really had to learn [being] steady with how I give feedback and with what I’m asking for.

I thought that was a really great learning experience for me, personally.

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