Meet Jossie Haines
Executive Coach & Founder of Jossie Haines Consulting

Jossie is a leadership coach, and she specialises in coaching women in the tech industry. She spent over a decade as a software engineering leader for huge companies like Apple, Tile, Zynga, and American Express!

With so many responsibilities already on her plate, she enlisted our help to organise her workflows so she can work more efficiently and coach more clients.

This is how Jossie successfully streamlined her coaching business, using a customised Systemise & Scale Up plan.

The Problem

All these challenges prevented Jossie from organising her workflow and scaling up:


No documented SOPs

Many of Jossie’s client interactions happen via email and LinkedIn, but she didn’t have standardised script templates that reflect her brand and Standard Operating Procedures to establish her email or LinkedIn management.


Manual operations slowing things down

Jossie wanted to automate some of the manual, repetitive tasks on her plate, but she simply didn’t have the time and energy to figure out the technicalities and do it effectively.


No social media management in place

Although she conducts live-streaming events, Jossie was missing an opportunity to reach more leads and expand her reach through multiple social media channels.

With the right technology and processes, your business can scale up properly

Before Jossie even came to us, she’s been experimenting with platforms like Notion and trying to figure out how to connect those with the tools she already uses, like her email and Google Calendar.

But with so many duties already taking up her energy, she didn’t have the time to set up a proper digital ecosystem. So we’re glad she asked us to help!

Our Systemise and Scale Up team is precisely dedicated to set up customised processes that can streamline Jossie’s coaching business, so she can work better and help even more women in tech.


Navigating this has been quite the journey!

While my engineering background makes me passionate about automations and processes, diving deep often feels like a day-long adventure down a rabbit hole. I’ve realized I don’t have the time or energy to set things up, so I’m genuinely thankful someone else has stepped in to handle it.

Jossie Haines
Executive Coach & Founder, Jossie Haines Consulting

Jossie’s Systemise and Scale Up Journey


The Deep Dive

The first step was to understand Jossie’s entire business process. It was important for us to understand all the nitty-gritty details and which parts Jossie loved and hated, so we could take the latter off her plate.


Design & Implementation

Once Jossie agreed to our customised Systemise & Scale Up plan, our team got to work setting up new apps, automations and streamlining her processes.


Rollout & Support

While our team worked with Jossie to implement the changes, we also filmed walkthrough tutorials that outlined all her processes, so her future staff will be caught up to speed on her systems and workflows.

The Result

After all the changes were made, Jossie can now work better and accommodate more clients, due to integrated platforms and smoother workflows.


Created templates & SOPs for follow-ups

Jossie now has a custom Operations Manual and standardised scripts to nurture her leads via email and LinkedIn, follow up when they haven’t booked appointments yet, and remind her contact lists of any upcoming live events.


Integrated Jossie’s apps to the Notion platform

We created a custom CRM board in Notion sorted by lead status and set up automations so it gets instantly updated with client payment updates and their appointment details. Our team also set up integrations to automatically send welcome messages to Jossie’s clients on Slack, and to turn her leads into newsletter subscribers with just one click.


Set up social media templates and a dedicated dashboard

Jossie’s social media dashboard (also in Notion to save time) contains branding guidelines, a master content calendar that covers LinkedIn and Facebook, and her schedule of upcoming events, optimising processes so consistent social media content production becomes a breeze.



  • Manual payment processing
  • Tedious email management and LinkedIn outreach
  • Missing SOPs and standardised templates
  • Intricate client CRM processes
  • Nonexistent app integrations
  • No social media management


  • Automated payment notification and documentation
  • Streamlined email and LinkedIn outreach with a custom Operations Manual
  • Template scripts to cultivate leads reflecting the brand voice
  • Automated and visually organised client CRM management with Reclaim booking system and notification
  • Notion integrations with Convertkit, Reclaim, and Slack
  • Streamlined social media board with templates and Google Calendar integration

You could work in a highly organised digital set-up too, just like Jossie.

A better business set-up makes life a lot easier

Any business owner can successfully accommodate more clients and scale up. All it takes is increasing productivity through systemisation!

We’re glad to assist Jossie and provide her with a springboard for success. With automated systems and streamlined workflows, she doesn’t have to spend precious time doing manual tasks. Instead, she can focus more on client work—which is why she started her coaching business in the first place.


It’s fun to learn new tools and see how they all work. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Jossie Haines
Executive Coach & Founder, Jossie Haines Consulting

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