Case Study: Sam Cardone, Plane Pal

About Plane Pal

Sam is the Founder and Director of Australia’s favourite travel pillow brand, Plane Pal.

Plane Pal has been growing rapidly and it became impossible for Sam to manage all the customer enquiries across Shopify, Gmail and social media. So she contacted us in search of a Customer Service Virtual Assistant. 

We soon found out that Sam was also packing and sending the online orders as well as manually updating distributor reports. This was eating up all her time and energy, as well as creating stress for herself.

Here’s how our Systemise & Scale Up Team helped Sam go from hands-full to hands-free within 6 weeks.

The Challenge


Wasting time fulfilling orders

Sam was spending too much time managing her inventory, packing all the online orders and booking couriers.


Drowning in Customer Service

She was constantly checking multiple platforms at a time with no way of tracking customer service enquiries.


No time for social media content

With all the time spent on fulfilling orders and customer service, social media content was an afterthought.


Keeping tabs of everything in her head

Sam needed help transferring all of her business processes out of her head and onto paper.

A big goal for Sam was to turn Plane Pal into a self-running eCommerce business that allowed her to take a step back and help with her husband’s business, spend time with their 3 kids and get back to travelling too! 

Our Systemise & Scale Up Team was determined to help this busy mum extract herself from her business. It was time to streamline Plane Pal with the right systems, processes, automations and virtual assistant.

Our Approach


Omnifulfilment supply chain solution

So that Sam’s hands could be free from packing orders and manually updating her inventory.


Multichannel customer service platform

So enquiries are centralised & converted into support tickets that are also synced to Shopify!


Project management system & SOPs

So tasks can be easily assigned to other staff and is work completed at Sam’s level of standards.


Trained a Social Media & Customer Service Virtual Assistant

We hired an experienced Virtual Assistant to take over her customer service and content.

Strategy & Execution

Systemise & Scale Up Program (S&S)

The first step of our S&S Program required our team to take time to understand all of Plane Pal’s departments and the intricacies of how they function together. This allowed us to create a map of Plane Pal and highlight the key areas that majorly held back her business growth and created stress for her mentality.

These are the targeted processes that required immediate attention: Yellow

These are the targeted processes that required immediate attention: Yellow


Social Media Content





Shopify Website




Pick and Pack

Courier Booking

Customer Support

Admin Support

Inventory Listing


Stock Management



Arrears Collection

Once Sam agreed that she would like to systemise these areas, our  Systemise & Scale Up Team was off to work! Here’s what we achieved for Plane Pal within 6 weeks:

We systemised Plane Pal with:

  • Templates for standardised replies

  • Order fulfilment and distribution solution

  • Centralised customer service platform

  • Customer service virtual assistant

  • Project management system

  • Social media content production line

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Once our Systemise & Scale Up Team completed the final assessment overview of Plane Pal’s new platforms, processes and tools, they were now fully equipped to begin outsourcing to a virtual assistant.

Unfortunately, the first virtual assistant we hired for Sam wasn’t the perfect fit, which can happen. As part of our client happiness guarantee, we wanted to make sure that Sam was 1000000% satisfied with her virtual assistant so we hired a new virtual assistant and gave her 1 week to settle in with her new VA.

Sam has since been working swimmingly with our Customer Service Virtual Assistant Jennifer.

Work Experience

  • 3 year virtual assistant experience
  • 3 years customer service representative experience for US eCommerce business

Skills & Proficiencies

  • Industry & competitor research
  • Shopify eCommerce management
  • ZenDesk email and chat support

  • Inbound and outbound calls
  • Google Suite management
  • Calendly appointment bookings
  • Managing social media content

Virtual Assistant On-boarding

Since Sam went through our Systemise & Scale Up Program, it was up to our team to train Virtual Assistant Jennifer on the new tools, systems and processes. This is how we on-boarded Jennifer:

Outsourcing tasks to Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Jennifer now looks after the following for Sam:

  • Managing customer service enquiries using Gorgias
  • Organising distributor emails and files in Google Suite
  • Organising social media content for Instagram and Facebook
  • Managing Trello project management tasks
  • Collecting User Generated Content
  • Updating Distributor and Inventory reports in Trello

2 months after the completion of Systemise & Scale Up Program our team checked in with Sam to make additional tweaks and ensure company improvements are still trucking along.

The Result

When we first spoke to Sam she said that her biggest goal was to turn Plane Pal into a self-running business. Now that she no longer needed to manually pack and send orders, respond to customer enquiries and collect social media content, Sam is able to enjoy her freedom and even enjoy a stress-free vacation to Italy with her family. 

This newfound freedom has also inspired her creativity to develop a new extension of her business which she is able to focus on now that she also has a virtual assistant by her side.

Her Virtual Assistant Jennifer has also been a great all-rounder and is helping out with her husband’s business too – which is a big plus!

We’re so happy that our Systemise & Scale Up Team has been able to redesign Plane Pal’s business logistics and improve customer service management. The business is now self-running and flying to new heights!

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    Sam Cardone
    Founder and Director, Plane Pal
    Sydney, Australia

Jen is an 11 out of 10!!!

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