Case Study: Tom Etherington, Connect Content

About Connect Content

Tom is the Founder of Content Marketing Agency, Connect Content and was fed up with wasting time on all the superficial things in his business that distracted him from client work. 

He thought he was ready to outsource his day-to-day to a Virtual Assistant. But he quickly realised that his internal processes and digital set-up would not allow him to work seamlessly with remote staff….yet! 

Within 3 weeks, our Systemise & Scale Up Team helped Tom transform his business with automated workflows, documented SOPs and a Virtual HQ. 

The Challenge


Client onboarding was tedious

90% of Tom’s client onboarding process was manual, leaving room for error.


Platforms not talking to eachother

He was juggling data across 3-4 systems when he could’ve been using 1.


Getting lost in hundreds of emails

Client emails and staff emails were piling up into a headache.


Processes all stored in his head

Tom knew how and when he needed things done. But none of that was documented.


I came for a VA not really knowing what was involved in that process… and it became clear to me that we couldn’t just drop a VA in my business the way it was.

There were a lot of different systems and things that were only in my head and they weren’t written down. And I was using 3 or 4 systems when I probably could have used one. I realised that was an issue.

Our Approach


Automated client onboarding & payments

Implemented integrations and set-up a payment collection system.


Integrated platforms and automated notifications

Consolidated his platforms and set-up API integrations.


Improved internal workflows and staff communication

Systemised existing workflows and implemented chat tools.


Outsourced and trained a proficient Virtual Assistant

Handed client onboarding and admin over to a Virtual Assistant.


Outsourcing Angel sat down with me from start to finish asking about what systems and processes I’ve got in place and why. The answer was often because I’ve always done it that way, but he [our S&S Expert] was able to ease me towards the solution.

Strategy & Execution

Systemise & Scale Up Program (S&S)

The first step of our S&S Program was to understand all of Connect Content’s, departments and the intricacies of how they function together. It was important to us to understand what parts Tom loved and hated that we could take off her plate. 

After a deep dive session, we identified the key areas of Tom’s business that majorly held back his business growth and created stress for his mentality. These were:

  • Client management process
  • Payment collection process
  • Task management
  • Leads and proposals follow-up
  • Social media content

Once Tom agreed that he would like to systemise these areas, our Systemise & Scale Up Team was off to work! Here’s what we achieved for Connect Content within 3 weeks of our S&S Program:

While our Systemise & Scale Up Team worked with Tom to implement these changes, our Recruitment Team began shortlisting virtual assistant candidates that met all of Tom’s criteria.

We systemised Connect Content with:

  • Documented processes

  • Automated client onboarding

  • Automated client payments

  • Set-up Virtual HQ

  • Set-up Instant Messaging Platform

  • Outsource admin and client follow-up

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Once our Systemise & Scale Up Team completed the final assessment overview of Connect Content’s new systems, processes, tools and documents, they were now fully equipped to begin outsourcing a virtual assistant! 

Tom interviewed the shortlisted virtual assistants before deciding on our Virtual Assistant Marie.


  • Working as a Virtual Assistant for 4 years
  • 6 years background in the BPO industry

Work Experience

  • Admin Support (Email management, Data management, etc)
  • Social Media Marketing (IG/FB/Linkedin)
  • Blog/Article Writing
  • Design/Illustration (Canva)
  • Customer Service
  • Research

Work Samples

Virtual Assistant On-boarding

Since Tom went through our Systemise & Scale Up Program, it was up to our team to train Virtual Assistant Maria on the new tools, systems and processes. This is how we on-boarded Maria:

Outsourcing tasks to Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Marie now looks after the following for Tom:

  • Communicates with clients
  • Manages client payments and arrears
  • Manages meeting transcriptions and summary notes
  • LinkedIn profile designs
  • Schedules calls and meetings
  • Review LinkedIn profiles
  • Sales Navigator Lead Generation
  • Competitor and industry research
  • Social media management

2 months after the completion of Systemise & Scale Up our team checked in with Tom and Virtual Assistant Marie to make any additional tweaks personalised to the way they like to work together.

The Result

Tom came looking for a Virtual Assistant but left with systemised workflows, improved team communication, better project management and transformed his business into a Virtual HQ that is now equipped for rapid online growth. 

Virtual Assistant Marie has been with Tom for 9 months now and he even trusts Marie to manage her own schedule because she’s the resourceful, proactive and organised VA he’s always wanted!

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    Tom Etherington
    Founder & Head of Content Strategy
    Sydney, Australia

I’d say this was invaluable and almost essential if you’re thinking about getting a VA. It just saves it from start to finish and to be honest, even if I hadn’t got a VA would have been valuable in itself.

Just the fact that it was someone looking at your systems and who knows what they’re doing and saying ‘I can make that better

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