Making a Social Impact

Since 2013, we’ve donated 10% of our company profits to charity initiatives such as clean water projects and livelihood programs to assist poverty-stricken communities in the Philippines.

We’ve also partnered with other non-profit organisations to provide office supplies and computer training workshops for underprivileged youth.

Helping Communities in the Philippines

Tribu Ni Bro (TNB) is a non-profit group operated by local volunteers in the Philippines that use our donations to help those in need.

For over 10 years, we’ve made monthly donations that allow these amazing volunteers to travel to rural communities living in extreme poverty to provide them with:

Food, clothes and other necessities

Clean water pumps and systems

Agriculture tools and training

Assistance during natural disasters

Repairing damaged homes

Solar panel and power installation

Our Volunteers in the Philippines

Bimboy is the Founder of TNB and is our man on the ground in the Philippines. He’s known by the locals as ‘Real life Robin Hood’ because he’s dedicated his life to helping poverty stricken tribal communities that don’t have access to necessities such as clean water, education and even medical assistance.

Together with his volunteers, they’ve hiked for hours carrying kilos of supplies to reach these remote tribes, even during times of natural disasters and treacherous conditions.

We are constantly in awe of TNB’s incredible work and we’re so proud to be a sponsor since 2013.

We wouldn’t be able to change as many lives as we have without our clients and our generous donors and we’re grateful for every single contribution.

Examples of what your donations can provide

Every single dollar counts and we’re excited to show you what we can achieve with our charity partners through your generous contributions:

  • 1 sack of rice to feed a family for 2-3 weeks

  • Other foods such as noodles, soup, veggies and meat to feed 20-30 families
  • 50 sacks of rice to feed 50 families for 2-3 weeks

  • 40 sets of clothing including school uniforms
  • 65 pairs of slippers for an entire tribal community
  • 20 school bags and supplies such as pens, paper and notebooks
  • Water pump that provides a source of constant clean drinking water for an entire tribal community
    • Set of solar power generators to power 40 tribal communities
  • Electricity supplies and a sustainable energy source for an entire tribal community
  • Agriculture set-up, tools and training for fishponds and/or farms for an entire local community

Virlanie Internship Program

Outsourcing Angel has partnered with charity organisations such as the Virlanie Foundation in Manila, Philippines in order to provide internships and workshops to underprivileged youth. These internship programs equip the students with the skillset that allows them to find part-time or full-time job opportunities.

We provide the tools, software, stationary and run regular training workshops in Writing, Communication, Social Media and the foundations of marketing. We aim to provide the Virlanie students with the skills and confidence to forge successful careers for themselves.

SOS Children’s Village

The SOS Children’s Village in Davao, Philippines is a non-profit organisation that has been running for over three decades. They work closely with the Davao City Council for the Welfare of Children to support children’s rights and provide children in need with nutritional, educational and health support.

Outsourcing Angel has partnered with SOS Children’s Village by running workshops on computer skills and online work opportunities.

Random Acts of Kindness

Our Founder & CEO, Linh Podetti, makes regular trips to the Philippines to spend time with our Virtual Angels as well as visit the tribal communities that we’ve been able to support.

During Linh’s first visit to Sitio Kabuoan, she met a young girl named Hana and was moved by her story. It inspired her to revisit the Philippines and make a difference in Hana and her family’s life through a random act of kindness.

Our Sponsors

On behalf of all the communities that we’ve been able to help, we would like to thank the following individuals and companies for their ongoing support:


Ben Humphrey

Azure Global


Davey Woodhouse

DC Woodhouse


Katie Langthorp

DC Woodhouse


Michael Huynh



Rachel Tran

Help us, help others

Your contribution, no matter the size, can help us make a social impact. Help us pay it forward and assist poverty-stricken communities or nutritional and educational support to children in need today.