Changing Lives

What makes Outsourcing Angel different, apart from our exceptional service, is our passion for social empowerment.

In working with amazing staff, often from less developed countries, we have been fortunate enough to tap into a way of helping our VAs help their own communities grow. Supporting the growth in these developing countries is more than just providing better pay. By empowering individuals who possess both skill and talent, we set the gears in motion for them to change lives; their own, their families, and those in their community.

We also strongly focus on Giving because we strive to leave a positive footprint behind.

We believe that by sharing and giving, we are able to provide help and hope to those who need it the most. We give back to our communities, and also to our clients and VAs because we value their continued support that makes this all possible.

“Changing the Lives of the
People We Work With”

We wouldn’t be able to change lives without our clients. We are grateful for every single client we’ve worked with over the years, because without them we would not be able to extend our global support in this way. With that said, words without actions have little meaning, find out more about the projects we’ve become involved in to make this vision a reality.

Virlanie Foundation in Manila

Our Partnership Programs

Outsourcing Angel is collaborating with the Virlanie Foundation to provide internships and workshops to underprivileged youth. Our Internship Program will be one with real and progressive tasks, to equip them with the skillset that may allow them to work part-time or full-time with us. We will not only provide the tools and software needed for such work, but also guide them through this learning process.

“Give A Man A Fish, And You Feed Him For A Day. Teach A Man To Fish,
And You Feed Him For A Lifetime”

In conjunction with the Internship Program, Outsourcing Angel also plans on conducting regular workshops with the Virlanie Foundation to provide interested youths with skills that they can apply to tasks and projects we have. These workshops will include training in Art and Design, Writing and Communication, as well as Social Media and Standard Marketing. By the end of these workshops, we aim to enhance their skills that will be of real and workable value to them.

In Davao City

SOS Children’s Village

Outsourcing Angel is working with SOS Youth Programmes by hosting mini #LoveSeminars and conducting workshops to expand the youth’s knowledge about computer skills and online work opportunities.

We are also making monthly ongoing donations to SOS Davao to support the foundation by assisting them in equipping the children with computer skills and expanding their awareness on the possibilities to having a successful career online.

To learn more about SOS Davao please visit their website.

Note: SOS is a registered non profit organisation and is always looking for more donation and support. If you are interested in supporting them, please visit their website directly.

about us

Love Seminars

To educate locals about how it’s possible to change their life through being a virtual assistant.

Outsourcing Angel also holds Love Seminars, which is a workshop event where our VAs serve as speakers to discuss topics such as what it means to be a VA, how to work online, successful VA stories and many more.

We invite locals and encourage single and full time mothers, post graduate students and those working in a business process outsourcing and call centres to attend our seminars.

Help us make a difference.

OA Love Projects

Since 2013, Outsourcing Angel has been focussing on helping rural communities in the Philippines to improve their living conditions through various livelihood projects.

We have partnered with Tribu Ni Bro (TNB) in the Philippines, a group operated by volunteers who uses Outsourcing Angel’s donations to directly help those in need.

Our projects with Tribu Ni Bro (TNB) allow us to help 250 children and their families living in rural communities every month. By providing them with food, basic necessities and resources, which will help improve their quality of life.

To find out more about our OA Love Projects visit our Facebook page or to donate click here.

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