Case Study: Fox Cosmetics


Queensland, Australia


Fox Cosmetics

Amanda (aka Mandy), is a beauty consultant with over 20 years of experience in brows, lashes and skin. She is the owner of Fox Cosmetics– a company that creates its own products and Brow Henna training.

With Mandy’s business booming, she felt overwhelmed with work and never took a weekend off.

All changed when her friend, Julia, pointed her in our direction. She got in contact with us and we matched her with her VA, Ruby.

Our Virtual Assistant Ruby, helps Mandy with the following:

  • Templates: Ruby creates templates for the jobs that come through.
  • Social Media Management: Handles social media, creates posts and schedules out content.
  • Communication with students: Managing relationships with students of the company.
  • Website Management: Managing the WordPress website for the business

Mandy now has the help that she needs to send Fox Cosmetics to new heights while having a work life balance too.

Check out our conversation with Mandy on how Ruby has changed her business and life as a whole.

Find out how VA Ruby has changed her business and life as a whole.


Favourite things about working with Outsourcing Angel?

I’ve never had a Virtual Assistant before so being walked through the whole step-by-step process of what I needed to do was exactly what I needed. I’ve been self-employed for 23 years and done most of it all myself. Not only did I have to now be able to trust somebody else to do those things, I knew I needed help but I didn’t know what a VA could do and what I needed.

Outsourcing Angel made it less daunting for me by giving me a list of things to outsource to help me figure it all out. They did all the research, suggestions, organised the candidates and the HR Manager even sat in candidate interviews with me which was great because I needed that guidance. When I interviewed Ruby, we instantly clicked and I thought ‘Yep she’s it!’

But the most valuable for me has been the communication. The team regularly checks in to ask “Is everything working out? Are we doing our job properly?” I’ve been in business for 23 years and no one’s ever done that so thank you.

What do you like about your Virtual Assistant?

My VA Ruby has been awesome with communicating what she needs from me which has been great. She puts her hand up to say “Well, I can do this, I can do that – and this is how I can make this work easier for you” has been fantastic.

In the beginning, it was a little bit of work for me to set-up things like templates, but even where I had missed some templates, Ruby still took initiative and did things completely correctly. So that has been great for me.

What tasks do you now know you can outsource?

I didn’t really know what I could outsource. I was also scared of giving anybody any free reign over my business without knowing their capabilities…. But I knew that what I was doing before wasn’t right.

I deal with independent trainers and students from our online portals which Ruby looks after now. Gradually I’ve given her more and more tasks so she now looks after:

  • Templates: She creates templates for the jobs that come in
  • Social Media: She handles my social media and I’ve just gradually increased her tasks and it takes that pressure off me.
  • Communication with students: I don’t need to be the point of contact for communication with our students and other trainers anymore.
  • Email Management: She takes care of my inbox so that I only need to complete the “starred” messages and don’t need to worry about the rest.
  • Canva and Planoly: She creates posts in Canva and schedules posts via Planoly.
  • WordPress: I had problems when I was building a new WordPress and Shopify site. Shopify is easy but I don’t know how to use WordPress but Ruby does, so she’s taken that stress away from me.

Especially at the moment when finances are a little bit tighter. If I’ve got an online store and I don’t know how to work it – then I wasn’t in control of my website. Ruby took back control of my website for me. Anytime I’ve checked Ruby’s work, it’s all been done perfectly. It’s wonderful to know I have that support system behind me and can just focus on keeping my business running.

How much extra time do you have to work on important things now that you have a Virtual Assistant?

Days. She’s given me days. It’s great! I just don’t need to worry about so much, especially social media because it’s so involved.

I recently went overseas to Canada to do an expo and some training and just knowing that things would just be taken care of while I’m in a different time zone was great. I didn’t have to contact her every day to tell her what to do. She just did the job.

She’s given me so much more time, that I can actually have a chance to relax and have a Sunday off instead of spending it on the computer working. I get the chance to have a relationship now, and even a day off work.

It’s been so long since I’ve had that ability to be able to just turn everything off and read for an hour. I don’t need to stress that I should really be answering that email or feel pressured to constantly get back to people. I know that my Virtual Assistant is going to take care of the things that I don’t need to take care of.

What made you choose Outsourcing Angel?

I was at a conference with my friend Julia. We were doing all this work stuff and I’m like, “God, I need some help!” and she suggested getting help from a VA and asked her Outsourcing Angel VA to send me the detail…and BOOM, it was done!

Julia has been with her VA Apple for a really long time. They’ve got such a good working relationship and she’s someone who’s actually in the business getting stuff done.

It made me think “Oh, I need this! This is what I want!”

Mandy's message to anyone considering our services

I would say, especially for single operators like me that get so caught up in thinking we have to do everything – that we DON’T have to do everything. We can actually trust that there is a company out there like Outsourcing Angel that walks you through the entire outsourcing process, makes you feel safe and secure in the Virtual Assistant choices that you make.

It’s a safe choice to make for even control freaks like me. And we can actually have a life and a business. Just let go of all the jobs and trust that you’re not just outsourcing work with one VA (like UpWork) but you’ve got a whole team to trust. And they can get stuff done.

Once you get through that first couple of weeks of training, then it’s a safe feeling to know that you can offload some of your business to someone and that they’re going to do the right thing. The Outsourcing Angel team is also watching them and you don’t need to check everything they’re doing everything in a roundabout way.

I can trust my Virtual Assistant Ruby and nothing is left behind because of their processes and all of that has been fantastic. Thank you!

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