Case Study: Jade Allerby, Focus SME


Sydney, Australia


Focus SME

Jade is a marketing professional and owner of Focus SME. Her company assists businesses with growing their businesses via social media marketing. Since her business is all about helping other businesses save time and grow, she found it valuable to hire a virtual assistant herself.

Our Virtual Assistant Nadia assists Jade with:

  • Social Media Marketing: Scheduling content and managing social media notifications, hashtag research, preparing graphics and videos, research for client strategies and preparing social media reports.
  • Client Support: Monitoring client email alerts, and assisting with team training.

Jade hired Nadia to help her provide the best service to her clients by freeing up her time to focus on growing the business.

Find out how VA Nadia has helped Jade free up her time.


What are some of your favourite things about working with us?

The recruitment process is really easy. If I have any questions, it’s easy to reach somebody and everybody that I deal with is very nice.

The catch-up that I had with Richard (Operations Manager) recently was valuable because he has some great ideas on how to build the team and leverage them.

How has working with your Virtual Assistant Nadia helped you?

My Virtual Assistant Nadia does about 20 hours a week for me. So that’s at least 20 hours that I don’t have to work…and she is a quick learner!

She’s pretty switched on and I haven’t had to do too much training. She’s also very proactive and if she doesn’t know how to do something, when I offer to do it for her, she’ll say, “No, don’t waste your time. I’ll just Google it.”

It’s amazing because she has initiative and that frees up more time that I would have had to spend on training someone.

With your VA assisting you 20 hours per week, what has this allowed you to do?

I’m mostly focusing on creating content and building client relationships. But if I can bring on another Virtual Assistant, then that will free up my time to be able to focus on growing the business and working on strategy, which is where I really want to be focused.

What made you choose Outsourcing Angel?

There’s only so much that I can do and I wanted to be able to hand over a lot of my process-driven stuff that’s super time consuming.

I’ve never really heard about Virtual Assistants before I started my business..then through networking and research, I found Outsourcing Angel. I was already short on time and didn’t want to go through the recruitment process myself so I decided to go with an agency because they would hopefully be able to do all that for me.

Once my Virtual Assistant came on board, then I haven’t really had too much to do. If I have a problem, I can then reach out to get it resolved and everyone is really responsive.

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