Case Study: Jenny Dinh, Co.Lab Space Sydney

About Co.Lab Space

Jenny Dinh is the Founder of Co.Lab Space, a Social Media Agency specialising in product photography, social media content creation and social media management. 

She contacted us because she was handling everything herself and had no time or resources to take on more clients. She had hit the ceiling of what she could earn and wanted a virtual assistant to assist with admin and social media.

However, since Jenny has been running her business on her own and has never hired a virtual assistant before, this presented more urgent challenges.

The Challenge


No structured systems or processes

Jenny often found herself following new (or re-creating) processes with different clients when she was on-the-go.


Manual client onboarding & reporting

Everything from setting up payments, invoicing & reports required manually checking & sending.


Keeping tabs of everything in her head

All client info, projects and intricacies of her business was stored in her head instead of being transferable.


No time to train a virtual assistant

She needed a virtual assistant but didn’t have the time to train a VA or set-up a content management system.

These were business challenges Jenny always knew were important and urgent, but never had the time to address because she was caught up in the busyness of business. But it was clear that she wasn’t able to bring in another person and that they’d get it.

She needed to have the structures in place for them to succeed. That’s when she stumbled across the Systemise & Scale Up Program (S&S), a process that allowed our team of Systemisation Experts to set up Co.Lab Space with the right systems, processes, automations and training before hiring a virtual assistant.


I wish I had the time to do that [create systems and processes]. I probably could, but it would take me maybe a year… whereas you guys had it done in a matter of weeks!

Our Approach


Standardised client onboarding workflow

So every client would have the same amazing experience from the get-go


Automated payment collection

So she could spend less time checking and more time making moolah!


Templated agreements & proposals

So she didn’t have to start from scratch for each client!


Set-up a social media content production line

And trained her VA so she didn’t have to rush around like a madwoman!

If Jenny was to hire a new employee or virtual assistant without fixing these problems first, they would ultimately be left to their own whims to figure things out…. leading to ultimate failure!

Strategy & Execution

Systemise & Scale Up Program (S&S)

The first step of our S&S Program required our team to take time to understand all of Co.Lab Space’s services, departments and the intricacies of how they function together. It was important to us to understand what parts she loved and hated that we could take off her plate. 

After a deep dive session, we created a map of Jenny’s business and highlighted areas that majorly held back her business growth and created stress for her mentality. 

These are the targeted processes that required immediate attention: Yellow

These are the targeted processes that required immediate attention: Yellow



Social Media Content

Email Marketing



Strategy Calls


Follow-up Sequence


Client On-boarding


Social Media Packages

Coaching Program

Admin Support

Customer Support Emails



Payment Collection

Once Jenny agreed that she would like to systemise these areas, our Systemise & Scale Up Team was off to work! Here’s what we achieved for Co.Lab space within 4 weeks of our S&S Program:

While our Systemise & Scale Up Team worked with Jenny to implement these changes, our Recruitment Team began shortlisting virtual assistant candidates that met all of Jenny’s criteria.

We systemised Co.Lab Space with:

  • Documented processes

  • Service agreements & terms

  • Templated proposals

  • Email scripts

  • Automated client payments

  • Client onboarding system

  • Project management system

  • Cloud storage

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Once our Systemise & Scale Up Team completed the final assessment overview of Co.Lab Space’s new systems, processes, tools and documents, they were now fully equipped to begin outsourcing a virtual assistant! 

Jenny interviewed the shortlisted virtual assistants before deciding on our Social Media Virtual Assistant Maria Donna. 


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), University of Rizal
  • Bachelor of Communication, University of Asia

Work Experience

  • Social Media Calendar Management
  • MailChimp Email Campaigns
  • Google Suite Management
  • Canva social media design
  • Podio Database Management
  • InfusionSoft CRM Management
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation

Work Samples