Case Study: Suzanne Tapper,
Acupuncture & Natural Medicine


Christchurch, New Zealand


Suzanne Tapper

Suzanne Tapper is a Natural Medicine Practitioner and Researcher located in New Zealand. She specialises in Integrated Preconception Planning to help individuals overcome fertility challenges.

Suzanne was in the process of moving more of her consultations online while still maintaining her physical location. This meant that she was working 24/7 and wanted to delegate tasks to a Virtual Assistant to free-up her time.

Our Virtual Assistant Trisha helps Suzanne with:

  • Blog Articles: Collating research and data based on parameters set by Suzanne to create a blog article framework.
  • Client Liaison: Liaising with clients and suppliers and processing tasks such as prescription orders, follow-ups and managing client files.
  • Graphic Design: Designing graphic, text and call-to-actions

Keep reading to learn more about how Trisha has revolutionised the way Suzanne operates her business.

Find out how VA Trisha has revolutionised the way Suzanne operates her business.


Favourite things about working with Outsourcing Angel?

I really enjoyed the friendliness, professionalism and backup support. I could tell that the organisation wanted me to get a really good quality person and found me a good fit, very quickly. So the process was quite easy in terms of finding a good fit for a VA.

Also, the way that Linh (CEO of Outsourcing Angel) communicates with her clients even though she’s not dealing with them directly, shows that she cares and she really gets what clients are doing.

How has working with a Virtual Assistant helped you?

I was trying to move my work more online while juggling a physical premises as well. So I was working 24/7 and wanted to delegate tasks to free-up my time.

I wasn’t quite sure how I would use a VA so I started just making notes of all the things that I was doing that could be done by someone else on a virtual capacity. It made me realize that there was actually quite a lot of work.

I then started traveling a lot and working remotely full time so having a VA meant that there was good customer/client liaison with tasks like: processing prescription orders, order follow-ups, loading up data and client files etc.

This made it much easier for me to relax and just go with the flow. I can travel and still maintain a really high work quality without becoming stressed.

What does your Virtual Assistant help you with?

All of my blog articles are research-based with evidence-based medicine, so my VA Trisha collates information based on my parameters and creates a framework for me with the information that she finds for the articles – this is really helpful!

She’s a very quick worker and can turn things around really quickly. Her English is great so she’s also good at communicating with clients and suppliers. She’s really good at taking direction, but at the same time, she often comes up with ideas too which I really value. I work on my own a lot so I really appreciate her input.

She also helps me with design such as graphics, text and call-to-actions.

How would you describe your relationship with Trisha?

Trisha is very professional. She maintains professionalism at all times and has very good English so she’s able to do a lot more for me, because of her language and writing skills.

I am very grateful for having Trisha by my side and I hope to continue the working relationship. I would recommend her to anybody wanting someone who’s good with design, who’s good with English, who is an efficient worker and someone who’s really willing to learn.

She learned how to use a lot of new software and she was very open to that. She is great.

Suzanne’s message to anyone considering hiring a Virtual Assistant

If a VA can help free up their time, so that they can improve their bottom line, then I would absolutely, definitely recommend Outsourcing Angel.

Just get in touch and let them know what your needs are and start that dialogue so that you can bring them potential candidates and give them a go.

Hire a Virtual Assistant without the risk

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