Client Case Study

Suzanne Tapper
Creator of the Fertility Breakthrough Method™

place-of-business Christchurch, New Zealand

Suzanne Tapper

Suzanne Tapper is a Natural Medicine Practitioner and Researcher located in New Zealand. She specialises in Integrated Preconception Planning to help individuals overcome fertility challenges.

Suzanne was in the process of moving more of her consultations online while still maintaining her physical location. This meant that she was working 24/7 and wanted to delegate tasks to a Virtual Assistant to free-up her time.

Our Virtual Assistant Trisha, helps Suzanne with:

  • Blog Articles: Collating research and data based on parameters set by Suzanne to create a blog article framework.
  • Client Liaison: Liaising with clients and suppliers and processing tasks such as prescription orders, follow-ups and managing client files.
  • Graphic Design: Designing graphic, text and call-to-actions

Keep reading to learn more about how Trisha has revolutionised the way Suzanne operates her business.

Amanda Jeffrey
CEO of Fox Cosmetics

place-of-businessQueensland, Australia

Fox Cosmetics

Amanda (aka Mandy), is the owner of Fox Cosmetics– a company that creates their own products and Brow Henna training.

With Mandy’s business booming, she felt overwhelmed with work and never took a weekend off. All changed when we matched her with her VA, Ruby.

Now, Ruby helps Mandy with the following:

  • Job Templates
  • Social Media Management
  • Communication with students
  • WordPress Website Management

Read more about how Mandy finally has the help that she needs to send Fox Cosmetics to new heights while having a work life balance too.

Mei Ouw
Founder & CEO of Mei Ouw Consulting

place-of-businessMelbourne, Australia

Mei Ouw Consulting

Mei Ouw runs Mei Ouw Consulting, a business that does leadership training sressions for coaches and company executives that want to reconnect with their purpose and meaning in life.

Our Virtual Assistant Patrick assists Mei with:

  • Business Processes and Operations
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Client Support and Management

During the Cor0navirus Pandemic, Mei asked Patrick to help her switch her in-person training sessions to online sessions. Not only was it executed quickly, her sessions were still as interactive as ever!

Simon Shearer
Founder & CEO of Launch Lab Media

place-of-businessChristchurch, New Zealand

Launch Lab Media

Launch Lab Media is a boutique social media marketing agency based in Christchurch, New Zealand that works with clients on a global scale.

CEO and Founder, Simon Shearer struggled working with unreliable freelancers from sites such as UpWork which cost him more time and money and took him away from core client tasks.

Now, our Virtual Assistant Aya now helps Simon with:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Accounts Management
  • Customer Support

Read his Case Study to see how it’s completely revolutionised the way his business works.

Jade Allerby
Owner of Focus SME

place-of-businessSydney, Australia

Jade is a marketing professional and owner of Focus SME. Her company assists businesses with growing their businesses via social media marketing. Since her business is all about helping other businesses save time and grow, she found it valuable to hire a virtual assistant herself.

Our Virtual Assistant, Nadia, assists Jade with:

  • Social Media Marketing: Scheduling content and managing social media notifications, hashtag research, preparing graphics and videos, research for client strategies and preparing social media reports.
  • Client Support: Monitoring client email alerts, assisting with team training.

Jade hired Nadia to help her provide the best service to her clients by freeing up her time to focus on growing the business.

place-of-businessMelbourne, Australia

Steve Psaradellis – CEO TEBA Group

TEBA Group is an Australian based IT Company that  assist organisations in getting applications and data.

“We knew it was time to outsource when our local staff were just getting too busy and we wanted them to prioritise high value tasks instead of low value tasks. The ideal scenario was to outsource that to someone who was going to cost us a little less and was able to do those repetitive tasks well for us"

Outsourcing Angel helped Steve find the perfect Virtual Assistant to take on all his day-to-day tasks so that his staff can focus on the important tasks.

place-of-businessSydney, Australia

Aurelius Tjin - Entrepreneur and Business Coach

In this interview, Aurelius shares his experience with his Outsourcing Angel Virtual Assistant and how they have continued a successful three year relationship for his Coaching business.

“As you delegate more and more tasks, you feel like you’re getting a lot of weight off your shoulders so that motivated me to give him [the Virtual Assistant] more tasks" 

Our Virtual Assistant assists Aurelius in following his processes and systems in launching campaigns, customer support and administration. These are all tasks that previously distracted Aurelius from the more important things such as strategy, Marketing and growing his business.

place-of-businessAuckland, New Zealand

Ashley Hart – CEO of Green Chilli Design

Ashley Hart is the CEO of Green Chilli Design, an Auckland-based company specialising in website design and development.

Outsourcing Angel’s Technical Virtual Assistants assist Ashley in project management, web development and website maintenance tasks that are part of his daily operations.

“We looked at hiring local developers… but they wanted high salaries… or we would train up graduates and they would leave and we had to start all over again… I realised that a VA is definitely what I wanted in my business" 

place-of-businessManly, Australia

Brad Younger – CEO

eComnect is an Australian based Business Process Automation and eCommerce company. As CEO of the business, Brad had an overwhelming amount of tasks and decided to look for a Virtual Assistant. He chose Outsourcing Angel over other freelancers and outsourcing providers because he wanted someone to look after the ‘energy draining’ process of hiring and recruiting the right Virtual Assistant.

“In Australia, I find it hard to get Administration Staff and I’ve had 5 years of experience using people overseas so it was a no-brainer. The efficiency is amazing"

Brad now uses 2 Virtual Assistants from Outsourcing Angel to assist him with tasks including: Administration, Calendar Management, Project Management, Web Development and Website Maintenance.