Client Case Study

Interview with Aurelius Tjin

Throughout the years of running Outsourcing Angel, a common question that keeps popping up is “how is it possible to maintain a long-term relationship with your VA?”

We decided to answer this question by having an interview with our good friend and long-term client, Aurelius Tjin.

He will reveal what it takes to build a long-term win-win relationship with a VA. As Aurelius shares with us the five secrets he has applied to his three-year relationship with his VA.

Ashley Hart – CEO of Green Chilli Design

Ashley Hart is the CEO of Green Chilli Design, an Auckland-based company specialising in website design and development. For a long time, Ashley was working as a freelancer, a quite in demand one at that. Instead of turning clients away because he couldn’t handle more projects, he decided to hire more people and finally start his own business. Ashley works with a team of 5 people, and had hired Tech VAs from Outsourcing Angel to help him with some projects and tasks, so that the daily operations of his business were not solely dependent on him and his time.

Here are some of the reasons why he decided to get started with outsourcing:

  • He wanted to expand his team
  • Hiring qualified local people who are quite established in their work is a costly feat
  • He tried working with university students and trained them but they ended up leaving he’d end up back at square one

How Ashley got started with Outsourcing Angel

Initially, Ashley was introduced by the WP Elevation group to Charley, the co-founder of Outsourcing Angel. He was introduced to the concept of hiring overseas staff, the company itself, and how the company takes out the headache hiring. When asked about his experience with Outsourcing Angel, he mentioned that the company’s outsourcing services saved him from the lengthy process of finding the right people for your team. It lessens the risks and costs involved in hiring people. Overall, the company provides an overall massive time-saving and headache-saving solution for clients who want to expand their team.

Tasks assigned to his tech VA :

Project management.

Web development.

Website maintenance

Since 2015, Ashley has been working with our Tech Web Developer VA, Chad. He appreciates the expertise and dedication that Chad puts into his work, which had been a fine example of how a VA can actually help entrepreneurs free up time for them to focus on higher level tasks for their business. His experience and success at setting up a system and procedure for work with his VA, Chad, made him decide to hire another tech VA from Outsourcing Angel in January 2018. The main benefit of this decision is that Ashley gets the additional support he needs to focus on growing his business while still having the time to pursue other interests outside of work and just enjoy life.

Dr. Peter Hobson – B.APP. SC. Chiropractic

nutrition and weight loss company

Dr. Hobson is based in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. He is a licensed Chiropractor for 25 years working with several clinics. With the growing demands of his work, he decided to get an assistant for his business. At first, he was hesitant to get a Virtual Assistant because of previous experiences with other providers. His friend recommended him to try Outsourcing Angel because of their good experience. He chose to have an Offshore VA because he felt that they are more flexible when it comes to tasks and technology. He is now happy with his current virtual assistant, Ailene. Ailene started as a part time worker. After a month, Dr. Hobson decided to have her work on a full time basis.
Tasks assigned to his virtual assistant:

Working as his personal assistant which helps him to be on top of his schedule.
Handling administrative tasks from his office.
Researching and doing marketing jobs.
Helping him in social media management and search engine optimization.

Here the awesome benefits that Dr. Hobson is getting from the services of Outsourcing Angel:

Experienced and versatile virtual assistant that could handle different kind of tasks in different fields.
Cuts down his costs significantly without compromising quality.
Better time management by providing him a skilled virtual assistant that requires minimal supervision.
Assurance that tasks are done in a timely manner.
Continuous virtual assistant up skill trainings to provide more efficiency in assigned tasks.

Dr. Hobson strongly suggests to be cautious in sourcing your own assistant. He recommends to find credible outsourcing companies that provides virtual assistants like Outsourcing Angel. He suggests to try a part time worker for a month. This will allow you to asses the skills and abilities of your assistant. Outsourcing Angel will help you in finding the right person to complete tasks which generates more income to your company.

Brad Younger – Chief Executive Officer

Business Process Automation and eCommerce Company
Brad Younger is based in New South Wales, Australia. He is the Chief Executive Officer of eComnect which is a Business Process Automation and eCommerce company. He has a very solid background in eCommerce and Information Technology. Being the head of eComnect, realising the number of tasks he has on his plate and the overwhelming work demands that he is getting every day, he decided to look for an assistant that could help him with his workload. He opted for Offshore Assistants because he believes that they are more flexible when it comes to the tasks they can cover. He believes that it is more cost effective because it’s cheaper and more efficient to hire an overseas VA.

Currently, Brad has hired 2 VAs from Outsourcing Angel. One VA is responsible for his general day to day business operations and the other is VA is a web developer.

Tasks assigned to his virtual assistant:

Handling administrative tasks from his office.
Calendar management.
Project management.
Web development.
Website maintenance

Here are some of the reasons why he chose the professional services of Outsourcing Angel:

He may have experience working with Offshore Assistants, but he believes that with the professional help from Outsourcing Angel, he was able to find the right person for the job much quicker and effortlessly.
Outsourcing Angel helped him out from writing the job description based on the tasks he needed to be accomplished daily to finding the right candidate and hiring the perfect match assistant for him.
The process is faster, more professional and much easier compared to when he is personally looking for an applicant.
Outsourcing Angel provides him business task solutions that help him move faster with his daily routine.
Outsourcing Angel stepped in to handle HR related issues like following up on the VA if they turn up to work late etc.
Brad Younger believes that if you are still hesitating about getting an Offshore Virtual Assistant, you just have to jump right in, because everything will be handled perfectly. He gets to enjoy more of his time because of the efficiency that Outsourcing Angel is producing for him.

Liliana Aguirre – Director / Founder

MultiCultural Language Centre
Liliana Aguirre is the Director and Founder of MultiCultural Language Centre (, a company based in Perth, Australia. She is a Spanish teacher and a former committee member of the Mexican Association of Western Australia (FOMEX). She actively promotes and organises multicultural events in Perth and overseas. Along with her social commitments, her business has steadily grown over the years. With that, the growing demand of her work in her business made her realise that she needs to find someone to manage the smaller tasks that usually eat up her time. She realised that to make more time to focus on the more important aspects of her growing business, she needs to hire a personal assistant. Her beau advised her to try working with a virtual assistant. At first, she was very hesitant about the idea of working with an offshore staff because she was concerned about how will the communication work. She initially hired an assistant in Australia, but that didn’t work for her. Finally, she decided to try working with a VA. She signed up with Outsourcing Angel for a trial VA service with the idea that if she’s not happy with the service, she could simply cancel it.

For the trial VA service, Liliana worked with Joanne, a VA from the Philippines. She was so glad to have found a VA who is proficient in English, and is able to work during her daily work hours, as Perth time is the same as Philippine time so time difference was not an issue. After the trial period, Liliana was surprised to discover the many things that she was able to accomplish during that week, having a dedicated VA working with her on her business admin tasks. Liliana was so impressed of Joanne’s contribution to her day-to-day business tasks that she decided to hire Joanne–for full time work! Now, with a VA on board her business, Liliana now enjoys more time to focus on her family and business.

Tasks assigned to Liliana’s virtual assistant:

Organise events and classes
Handling administrative tasks from her office.
Data encoding.
Research, marketing and advertising tasks.
Email management
And many more…

Here the awesome benefits that Liliana Aguirre is getting from her Outsourcing Angel VA service:

Outsourcing Angel helped her create a system to manage the day-to-day aspects of her business
Her VA sends in a daily report summarizing the tasks done for the day, as well as proposals for the tasks that need to be accomplished the next day, which is extremely helpful for Liliana in organising all the tasks needed to keep everything going smoothly in her business.
She felt that Outsourcing Angel provides great assistance when it comes to managing her business and helping her grow faster.
Working with a virtual assistant is a cost-effective alternative to hiring a local staff.
Her VA helps her manage her payroll, marketing and admin tasks, without the extra cost of specialised services such as bookkeeping, digital marketing, and many others.
Having a dedicated VA work on your business allows you to keep an eye on your business, especially when you need to take some time off to go on a holiday and spend quality time with family and loved ones.
More importantly, Liliana can now spend more time growing her business rather than getting tied up to doing answering countless emails, bothering with payroll, and doing other time consuming-tasks, as all those tasks are now well managed by Joanne, her VA.

Liliana encourages you to try working with a virtual assistant for you and your business’ sake. Although she was skeptical at first, the quality service and benefits that she now enjoys convinced her that working with an Outsourcing Angel VA has been a smart business decision.

Steve Psaradellis – Network Architect

IT Network Systems Design
Steve Psaradellis is an enterprise Network Architect at TEBA Group (formerly Kiss IT & Total IT) specialising in the Design and Implementation of Large and Medium enterprise IT Network Systems using Citrix and related technologies, specifically assisting companies who have multiple locations that need to get access to corporate applications and information and specialising in remote access to 3D CAD systems from any location on any device. Although he’s working with a general VA, Cherry, he also works with a team of local staff. Main tasks for his general VA are executive assistant tasks, communicates via Go-to meeting and has set-up a budget for his VA to upgrade her computer and internet connection, to ensure uninterrupted sessions over Gotomeeting. Looks like Steve is only the contact person during VA hiring as Cherry has been working with the other members of the local Teba team–VA mentioned about her feeling like a part of Steve’s local team, which is a great sign that Steve or the Teba group is investing on his VA to make her a valued part of his local team.

Tasks assigned to Teba’s VA:

Add support to our sales team. Managing the Account Managers’ calendar, following up payments and on any sales quotations made for the clients/partners
Develop and maintain standard e-mail templates for recurring transactions
Communicate and coordinate with other groups to resolve issues that arise
Escalate emails when there are sales issues that need to be addressed by a Supervisor or Account Manager
Complete tasks assigned by the manager of sales operations for sales groups as needed
Answer customer inquiries and help solve problems for the customer emailing in for query.
Review and resolve data for discrepancies in clients/partner/suppliers’ information within or between two systems such as names, addresses, abbreviations, contact details including website information etc.
Build ability to quickly key data accurately into systems
Navigates through multiple systems to build, track, and monitor sales opportunities. Interface with various levels of sales support, sales coordinator helpdesk, and other functional groups to ensure order flows appropriately.
Ensure that sales pipeline and customer data of assigned account managers is up to date
Use internal systems and the internet to find matching information on companies

And much more


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