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Trust Pilot Review

Den Lennie

Film Maker Business Academy

Aurelius Tjin

Ray and Matt from The Razor Sharp Show

Razor Sharp Show

Ashley Hart

Green Chilli Design, New Zealand

Steve Psaradellis

Teba Case Study

Super Duper Office Jedi

Pat, our super duper Office Jedi is Amazing and we love how well she fits our culture along with her phenominal work ethic. Thank you OA

Barry Magliarditi

The Game Changers

 I am very happy with my fantastic VA …

I am very happy with my fantastic VA Ai and the wonderful team at Outsourcing Angel. Their valuable contribution have made my work more productive and efficient.

Liliana Aguirre

MultiCultural Language Centre

Kronda Adair

Karvel Digital

Dr. Peter Hobson

Universal Forces Pty Ltd

Brad Younger


Katrina Boyle

The Achieving Woman

Jocelyn Mozak

Mozak Design

Our VA, Cherry, is absolutely fantastic. Very glad Outsourcing Angels found her for us.

Brett Kinsella

Great & talented VA and support team! After researching other companies and actually interviewing VA’s from another firm, I found the other firm basically provided recent college graduates with little real experience. Outsourcing Angels, in their first attempt, found me a VA with loads of experience in everything I could ask for. She is very responsive and does fabulous work. She continually impresses me with her skills. Even though i don’t need to speak with my account manager often, when i do email her, she responds by the next day. Overall, excellent experience!

Brian D'Amico

I am really very glad I found Outsourcing Angel, an organization that truly cares. Words were not enough to explain how grateful I am to worked with OA. They had helped me a lot in terms of my career and most especially to financial aspect. Excellent Support, Great Team, On-time pay, understanding bosses- these are just some of the soooooo many good perks I’ve been enjoying with Outsourcing Angel. There was never a time that I felt I am just an employee, they always makes me feel ” I am a Family”.

A million thanks, Linh, Wendy, Charles and the rest of the OA Team.

Jen Boltiador

I used OA’s (now discontinued) pay as you go service for 2 years and it was a lifesaver for my business. I’m so glad I finally made the leap to a dedicated VA. Dylan is a hard worker, enthusiastic and really cares about the bigger picture and his role in the company. I really appreciated the mentorship and training from OA so that I could get off to the best possible start learning to release control and delegate. It takes some practice but it’s SO worth it!

If you have reservations or have heard horror stories about outsourcing, give OA a try. I love their mission and the way they invest in both their staff and their clients.

Kronda Adair

My PA is wonderful! She is highly skilled and does everything I ask with a smile. I also value the agency’s professionalism and integrity.

Narelle Fraser

Incredible company and an absolute pleasure to deal with. My VA Aya was amazing and I will definitely be back when the need arrises. Thank you OA

Melanie Langley

An amazing company, wonderful staff, great to work with and the best decision I could have made for my business!

Sommer Louise

I love it! A great business by my dear friend @linhpodetti! It has been great working with her team and my VA @Alaila.

Dai Le

“As I have several businesses and therefore need to outsource several types of tasks — from graphic design and posting in different social media channels to data entry and language experts — the Prepaid Package is a perfect option for me.
I always get the most skilled person to perform the needed task very quickly.

The TAT (Turnaround Time) is short and the quality of work is excellent!”

Elviira Krebbere

XpertOS, Tampere, Finland

I’m really grateful to Linh and Wendy for helping me find Life Puzzle . They even made my transition to working with my employer smooth and less stressful. They gave me additional work aside from Life Puzzle. Salaries are always on time. They provide tips on how to be better at work. Assistance is always there when I need it. They really take good care of their VAs. I feel like a part of a big and happy family. Thanks Linh and Wendy! Thanks fellow VAs of OA!

Ruth Atienza Cueto

THE BEST VA’s around!!

This is truly one of the most well organized VA services I’ve ever experienced.

From the onboarding process to the training (pd both YOU and your VA) is so we’ll organized and educational.

If it weren’t for the kind of company I’m dealing with that works with high security banks and requires all of my employees to be on-site, I would continue to use their services particularly HUIE who was a VERY skilled VA with excellent communication and abilities.

Naja Hayward

My business is going from concept to start up – there are so many hats to wear and deadlines to meet, things to organise with your ‘To Do List ‘ longer than the actual piece of paper. It is easy to sit in the “overwhelm isle” – thanks to OA, I no longer need to feel that way. I asked OA for branding my business in all stationary aspects, assigned Jontehl did more than my personal expectation and hit the mark first up every time. I am super impressed with the graphic design, print ready files, branded PPT slides .. the list just goes on .. all I can say: Thank you.
Additionally, OA has assisted in research for marketing for an event of mine.
I most certainly will use this service over and over again – they made me feel welcome, comfortable and assisted me in expressing my ideas across the internet that I could not do before.

Christine L Wynhorst

The team here have been unreal, so helpful and they have really assisted me in my business, it’s great to see a team that cares about my success!

Kim Barrett

Thanks for your help in finding a project manager to help me manage my client work, truly appreciate all your help, thanks again!

Dinh Tran

“I contacted Outsourcing Angel after I had learnt the benefits of hiring a VA, and I was very impressed with the high quality service standards and attention to detail, I would highly recommend speaking with Linh if you are interested in outsourcing.”

Bonnie Power

CEO / Melbourne Resumes - The Power Group

Absolutely fantastic experience

Absolutely fantastic experience. Jon from outsourcing angel has consistently delivered quality graphic design. He continues to provide stylish designs in a timely manner – a joy to work with.

Iain Campbell

Digital Canteen

My experience with Outsourcing Angel has been amazing! The convenience of having someone else manage the process of finding VA’s has turned a frustrating experience into one of my best business decisions! The interview process was extremely helpful, and I found a VA that has consistently exceeded my expectations!!

G. Scott Walker

Great business investment

My experience of working with Outsourcing Angel has been amazing. They made the process from finding the VA to match my requirements, hiring and managing VA, as seamless as possible. Really enjoyed working with Alaila. She’s been very helpful to my business. With here help, I gt to spend more time and focus on other important aspect of my business. It’s definitely a good investment for the growth of my business.

VIvian Chan

OA are the first outsourcing company we’ve worked with that are genuinely interested in the best outcome for everyone. The team are on hand to help ensure your new VE has the support they need to do the best job possible, & to help you work better with your VE to get the best possible outcome.

Michael Phipps

Director / McNish & Phipps Pty Ltd

Rock solid support!

Outsourcing Angel and my VA Ailene are fantastic and have been able to rock out any task that I have given them with only a small amount of guidance. I trust many parts of my business to their team and they always come through with the goods

Shaan Nicol

ChillyBin Web Design

“Linh is a very driven and motivated individual who knows her stuff when it comes to outsourcing. Linh has provided me with a great deal of knowledge about how to run and manage a business and I have no hesitation in recommending Linh to oversee your online business requirements.”

Shae Baxter

SEO Superhero @

I highly recommend Outsourcing Angel to anyone who is ready to scale their business. Linh chose the perfect VA for me and the whole process was seamless. Having a part time VA as part of my team has give me so much time and peace of mind. I’m very impressed with the service!

Camille Thurnherr

Founder / Ignite Mr. Right

To the OA staff I have closely worked with…

I have worked with web developers Pramod, Jeckler, Michael and Gaurav, plus web designer Jon for my website development. I have also had the pleasure to have Rebecca as my assistant for social media moderation. All of the OA staff showed their great passion and tried their best to accomplish their jobs as soon as possible. I am truly thankful for their devotion and expertise. They are lovely Angels! 🙂

Rachel Ma


Excellent customer service and love working with my VA

I came across OA after doing some due diligence in the company and its owners. I liked what I read and heard. They scoped my needs thoroughly and I felt comfortable handing over some tasks. As I got to know the ability of my designated VA, it was an easy decision to engage her on a permanent basis. OA have continued to stay in contact with myself and my VA and I am constantly impressed by their customer service even though I don’t need to have contact with the owners or account managers. But I know they care about the service they are providing. I have recommended their services to many of my clients and colleagues.

Katrina Aarsman

If you’re looking to free up your time, look no further. After discussing my requirements and criteria with the team, they were able to look for a suitable assistant for me. It’s only been about two weeks since my new assistant joined my team and I’ve already delegated 10 tasks which ate up a lot of my time prior. If you’re ready to free up your time so you can work on more important parts of your business, get Outsourcing Angel to help you and your business grow. They are experts at what they do and a pleasure to deal with.

Aurelius Tjin

Director / Unstoppable Profits Pty Ltd

Working with Outsourcing Angel has been a positive experience for me with my new startup business In the Makeup Chair for Women over 40. The staff have been very supportive in helping me find the right VE for my companies needs and guiding me as to how to best engage their breadth of skills. I will happily continue to use their services in the future and suggest you do too!

Vivienne Somers

Director / Vivienne Somers

“Linh was a panellist at a Churchill Club Open Forum in Melbourne entitled “Outsource Offshore”. The audience loved hearing about her experiences and the methodologies she has created to manage outsourcing tasks to places such as Pakistan, Russia, the Philippines and Vietnam. We all benefited from her wealth of experience. Thank you Linh.”

Brendan Lewis

Strategy & Business Development Advisor / London's Representative in Australia

It’s my pleasure to recommend Linh Podetti. Linh is a super career woman. Always professional and to the point. She is serviced focused and works hard to get her clients results. A true advocate for her clients. I have no hesitations in recommending Linh

Matthew Youn MAICD MIPA

Chief Executive Officer at SRMC LimitedChief Financial Officer / SRMC , Limited at Credit Counsellors Australia

I couldn’t be happier. I LOVE Jamie and could not live without her anymore! She makes my work life complete, she is an amazing team member. I am SOOOO lucky.

Melissa Wiringi

“Linh is a highly proactive project manager! She has always proven to be on top of things and made sure her outsourced team is performing at his best. Working with Linh gives me a piece of mind because i know she is committed to delivering nothing but the ultimate outcome!”

Roland Naddaf

SEO Manager / Indago Digital

My VA has been absolutely amazing since she commenced with us and is now integrated into the team really well. She is extremely efficient and productive with her time, always punctual and says good morning and what she will be working on, comes on to our team huddles 100% of the time, includes herself in the team meetings, comes to our meetings with valuable input and is a pleasure to deal with! She has gone above and beyond several times outside of her hours when we have needed assistance also which is so appreciated.

Kristy Smith

General Manager, Your Social Voice

“My VA has been excellent and efficient to deal with and I am very happy to have found her.

I really appreciate her putting up with me not always being clear, organized or present (we lead a busy life…) and really value her responsiveness and efficiency.

Even though we have never met in person, I know that she is a kind and hardworking person, and that is fantastic!

Indeed, there are plenty more projects to come over the coming months! “

Pierre Ulric

Working with OA is easy. They are very professional and I feel like when I have an issue or question, there are many people who can assist. OA is always trying to make working with a VA easier and mutual beneficial. I will continue to use OA in my business

Larry Silber

Billie Bob International Pty Ltd

My time with my VA over the last year has been challenging and rewarding. It challenged me to pay more attention to systems so that she can do her best work and rewarding because it has created a lot of time freedom in my business.
The problem wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to give her, the problem was that I didn’t have the systems in place so that she could do her best work. The best part about working with Isabel has been her willingness to learn and adapt and also to outsourcing Angels who have helped to find someone who is a great fit for my business. After trying countless VA’s from other businesses that just didn’t work, I’m happy to be on a winning path. Thanks for all your help and support.

Andrew Hammer

“Prepaid VA package with Outsourcing Angel, enable me customize tasks and time spent working on the most important projects. My VA tracked her time very well and in an organized manner which enabled me to always know how many hours are remaining on my prepaid plan.

Mike Morahan

Freio Music | FreioLabs , Colorado, USA

They are so helpful and while communication can be difficult via email or their basecamp due to it being in a text form they are willing to phone to make things easier. The work they produce is great and efficient.

Sarah Ritchie


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