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Den Lennie
Film Maker Business Academy
place-of-businessNoosaville, Australia

I’ve recently hired a full-time VA from Outsourcing Angels. In the past, I’ve worked with 3 other VA’s and each time it’s been challenging. What’s been great about OA is that they handle the entire process and that allows me to focus on what I’m good at. So far I’ve loved the entire experience. The vibe is one of genuine care and love. I really feel that OA ‘have my back’

Aurelius Tjin
Aurelius Tjin Coaching
place-of-businessSydney, Australia

Throughout the years of running Outsourcing Angel, a common question that keeps popping up is “how is it possible to maintain a long-term relationship with your VA?"
We decided to answer this question by having an interview with our good friend and long-term client, Aurelius Tjin.
He will reveal what it takes to build a long-term win-win relationship with a VA. As Aurelius shares with us the five secrets he has applied to his three-year relationship with his VA.

Ashley Hart
Green Chilli Design
place-of-businessAuckland, New Zealand

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Ray and Matt from The Razor Sharp Show
Razor Sharp Show
place-of-businessMelbourne, Australia

Ray and Matt are the hosts and founders of The Razor Sharp Show, a podcast for business owners and creatives who want to “stay sharp.” The show is based on the concept “Sharpen The Saw,” the seventh habit under Stephen Covey’s renowned book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
The Razor Sharp Show tackles a variety of business, marketing and personal development topics and shares some insights into the world of podcasting with the goal of educating, motivating and inspiring its audience.
As entrepreneurs, Ray and Matt want to be always in control of every aspect of their business. But they found that having a virtual assistant who will take care of routine operational tasks can help them focus their time on more important matters. Ray and Matt’s virtual assistant Jofern has proven to be a valuable resource in providing assistance with the production and editing of The Razor Sharp Show’s podcasts and videos.

Steve Psaradellis
Teba – IT Company
place-of-businessMelbourne, Australia

Steve Psaradellis of TEBA Group (formerly Kiss IT & Total IT) shares his experiences working with Outsourcing Angel team in hiring his own VA. Just like Steve, most of our clients also had challenges streamlining their workflow so that their staff would focus more on higher value day-to-day tasks. With the help of Outsourcing Angel, Steve found the right VA for the job. Watch as Steve shares his journey to outsourcing with Outsourcing Angel.

Barry Magliarditi
The Game Changers
place-of-businessMelbourne, Australia

Barry Magliarditi is the CEO of The Game Changers, Australia’s leading business coaching firm that helps business owners and entrepreneurs to grow not just in business but ultimately, in life.
His team transitioned from a physical to a virtual office setting which made a huge change in the company’s operations. In November 2017, Barry’s previous executive assistant left to pursue a new opportunity. Fortunately, the universe led him to Outsourcing Angels and there he found an amazing VA in Pat, the Office Jedi.
The turnover of responsibilities had to be done in only a week but with the help of TGC’s Operations Manager, Anna, Pat was able to quickly learn the flow of the operations. Barry and his team, have been very thankful for the assistance she has since provided. Noting how Pat is always willing to step up and take on more responsibilities and consistently doing a fantastic job.

Facebook Reviews

Kim Jamiesonrecommends Outsourcing Angel.

My VA has changed the way I do business! She is just wonderful, efficient, intelligent, innovative, organised and reliable! She goes above and beyond and is very much a part of our team.

Wendy has been extremely helpful all through the process also! Thank you guys x

Andrew Poultonrecommends Outsourcing Angel.

Gail is our amazing VA from Outsourcing Angel. She has a great work ethic, is quick to learn new tasks and enjoys taking on new responsibilities. We love having her as a member of our team.

Katrina Aarsmanrecommends Outsourcing Angel.

I have been using OA for the past 2.5 years and Ailene has allowed my business to grow much faster than I ever expected it to. OA & in particular Ailene has been fantastic to work with. She is capable and professional with a cando attitude and I have loved working with her and OA. I have no hesitation in recommending OA and do so on many occasions. The peace of mind to know there is someone that has my back in business and ready to give their very best is such a comfort. Thank you OA for your service and Ailene for your personal attention to my work and business.

Candice Ealesrecommends Outsourcing Angel.

OA came recommended to me and I’m now recommending them too. From the beginning I’ve been guided through the process which really helped me with the unknown (thank you so much). My VA has been extremely patient and supportive as I’ve had to adapt my business for someone else to share the load. It’s been great knowing that I now have the support with day-to-day tasks plus more and has certainly taken the pressure off. I’m so grateful for this experience. ☺️

Michelle Sullivanrecommends Outsourcing Angel.

Gail has been such an amazing asset to our team. Her contribution, loyalty and passion in what she does has been so important to our business. I would not hesitate to recommend Gail and the team of Outsourcing Angels to any business.

Vivian Chanrecommends Outsourcing Angel.

My experience of working with Outsourcing Angel has been amazing. They made the process from finding the dedicated VA to match my requirements, hiring and managing VA, as seamless as possible. Really enjoyed working with Alaila. She’s been very helpful to my business. With here help, I gt to spend more time and focus on other important aspect of my business. It’s definitely a good investment for the growth of my business.


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