Common Ways to Outsource and Grow Your Business Today

As of late, there has been a growing trend in the area of business: outsourcing business processes to virtual assistants. We all know that human resource is a great investment when you want to scale your business. Often business owners and directors are overwhelmed by the amount of work that comes their way. And when we get busy, we start to neglect the activities that really matter.

That’s why people have been looking to outsourcing- so that they can focus on high-value tasks while they outsource secondary tasks to another company or professional. Other people also look to outsource because they want to be freed up time-wise so that they can focus on family, travelling, health or any aspect of life outside work.

Regardless, many people are asking the question, “how can I outsource my business processes and experience time and financial freedom?" Miss Linh Podetti, owner of Outsourcing Angel and master recruiter and outsourcer shares with us four common ways to outsource so you can focus on building your business or your life today!

Option 1. Hire a Specialised Agency

The first way you can outsource is by hiring an agency. This option is great for processes that are once off such as building a website or creating a video ad. When you hire an agency, you generally get the specialisation of a group of people. But because you are paying for the specialisation of multiple people (not to mention overhead costs of the agency itself), costs can usually be higher.

Option 2. Hire In-house Virtual Assistants Through a Recruitment Agency

The next option is to hire in-house virtual staff through a virtual assistant agency. Outsourcing Angel is one example of a recruitment agency. Our bread and butter is connecting companies and businesses with virtual assistants who will work as employees of their organisations. We take care of everything from hiring, on-boarding, paying salaries, expanding your virtual team, rewarding and evaluating staff for you.

Option 3. Work with Freelancers Directly

When you don’t want to work with a virtual assistant agency, you also have the option of working directly with a freelancer. You can go to websites such as Upwork, Onlinejobs.Ph, Freelancer or Fiverr. While you get to save money, this option is usually very time consuming and risky. But if you have the time and risk-averseness for this option, then it does prove to be beneficial to hire direct virtual assistants too.

Option 4. Work with Onshore Staff

If you have the capacity and budget to, you can also hire and work with onshore staff. In Outsourcing Angel, leadership roles are often filled with onshore staff who have more experience and a better understanding of the local context and market. While wages can be significantly higher, getting onshore staff to manage projects and virtual teams is a great investment as well.

Find Other Common Ways to Outsource

These four aren’t the only options available out there. There are other alternatives that continue to pop up as technology improves and companies innovate. But these are the four most common where companies usually start with. So if you’re just starting to outsource, these four options prove to be great alternatives for you. And with the right people and strategy, outsourcing can provide your company with the potential for greater growth.


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