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Are you tired of the same old ideas and want to add creativity and innovation in business? Is it time to figure out how ideas become profit? In this episode of The Kind Boss podcast, founder of Outsourcing Angel, Linh Podetti, speaks to Nils Vesk, Innovation Expert and founder of Ideas with Legs.

Nils shares with Linh why is innovation important is business and how innovation technique can be used to create rapid growth for your business. When you adopt design thinking and map out process goals that are innovative and refreshing, your journey will inspire your clients and help you create raving fans! So don’t ask, why innovate, ask instead, how can I innovate!

In this video, you will learn:

  • the importance of innovation in business
  • how to adopt creative thinking and lateral thinking technique to solve business problems
  • how to set and achieve smart goals for your business
  • to utilise innovation technique to create profit-generating solutions

Valuable tips that you will get from this interview:

  • Innovative techniques and principles
  • Innovation and reinvention processes
  • Commercial insights
  • Customer satisfaction and experiences
  • Innovative ideas
  • Working on creativity
  • Asking unique questions
  • Motivating teams and recognition


Nils shares some take-aways as you listen to this episode, check below:

  • Fundamentals of innovation
  • Techniques to creativity
  • Solving problems that people want solved
  • Ideas testing and validation
  • Facts and evidence-based solutions
  • Understanding return on investment
  • Utilising demonstration to assess audience and customers

Here are some valuable tips about sound business innovations and ideas

Business innovative process

Having a lot of ideas is great but picking the right ideas to work on might prove to be a challenge. There’s a couple of criterias you can use, but the main thing to think about is if the problem you’re trying to solve is something people actually want solving. Now, to go on about this, is to go on a phase called validation or testing through a survey or research and procure data, facts and evidence from clients, customers, or target market. Then, understanding the risk levels you are willing to take and the return on investment from the undertaking, financially speaking, if the prospective customers will be willing to pay for the product or service through the validation. Then, another way is by assessing risk and prospective customers if they’re willing to subscribe to the product or service through a demonstration.

About Nils Vesk

Around the globe, companies and startups turn to Nils Vesk to share his unique game-changing innovation techniques for formulating commercial insights, ideas, extraordinary customer experiences, and irresistible products.

Nils Vesk is a futurist and international authority on innovation. Nils is the inventor of the ‘Innovation Archetypes Process’ which empowers organisations to forge forward in new markets, whilst driving incredible commercial returns.

Nils unpacks the million-dollar innovation principles used to create rapid growth for the future. Equipping them to rapidly invent the products, processes and services that create raving fans and insatiable customer desire.

Nils is the author of a number of books including Innovation Archetypes and Ideas with Legs.

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