Newsletters are a vital way to communicate with your existing and potential customers. Preparing them may seem overwhelming but don’t forget that everybody needs a little help, and your Virtual Assistant (VA) is ready to provide just that!

Well prepared newsletters are a useful tool to not only gain leads and let your customers know about upcoming events and promotions, but it also let’s you touch base with them to gain and maintain customer loyalty.

To help your VA design your perfect newsletter, let them know the following:


  1. Any special promotions or offers?
  2. Any upcoming events?
  3. Anything important you want to say?

Your VA can help write up the newsletter content for you to approve.


  1. If you are using Mailchimp or other email softwares, there are many free templates that your VA can use.
  2. If you would like a custom design, then provide your VA with any sample newsletter design you may like or provide them instructions about your preferences

Your VA will then combine the content with the design and provide you with the email design mockup to approve.


  1. Advise your VA which customer list you would like to send the email to
  2. Let them know what date and time you prefer
  3. Ask them to send you a test email to check for any issues
  4. Once approved, give them the green light to send it out

Assign this task to your VA today, or ask us for more information if you are unsure. Your VAs are more than happy to help create amazing newsletters for you!


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