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Any business owner will know just how powerful content marketing can be no matter what industry you’re part in. You’ve tried social media marketing, blogging, and paid advertising. But one strategy that you shouldn’t be sleeping on is email marketing.

But let’s face it— not everyone has the time to maintain an email marketing strategy for their business! We get it. But did you know that you can outsource your email marketing to a Virtual Assistant? In this article, we talk about why you should outsource email marketing and what types of tasks you can outsource to an email marketing Virtual Asssistant.

What Is Email Marketing?

So what is email marketing and why does it matter? Well, simply put, email marketing is using email communications to promote your products and services to your potential customers. The world has over 4 billion people using emails regularly. Using an email marketing strategy, you can reach droves of your potential customers and turn them into leads or clients. 

Email marketing is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies today, and for good reason. Conversion rates for email marketing are around 40% better than on social media and 40% of B2B marketers say that email is one of the most important tactics in their content marketing strategy.

You can use email marketing to: 

  • Acquire hot leads

  • Increase visibility and traffic on your website
  • Convert abandoned carts
  • Increase your customers’ lifetime value
  • Reach new audiences
  • Grow a community
  • Provide stellar customer experience
  • And so much more!

As a Virtual Assistant company that mostly markets online, we at Outsourcing Angel have been using email marketing for quite a while now. And the results have been tremendous! 

But we’re not going to lie. Email marketing management is a LOT OF WORK. You need to write copies, design the emails, schedule them out, create automations, manage email lists, drive campaigns to get sign ups, and so much more. However, the good news is you don’t have to do all of this on your own. You can hire a Virtual Assistant to take care of your email marketing efforts for a cost that would readily justify the potential returns.

Why Should You Outsource Email Marketing?

Maybe you’re just about to start an email marketing strategy for your business, or you could have an existing cadence but it’s taking too much of your precious time as a marketing manager or business owner.
Whichever the case might be, outsourcing email marketing to a highly-qualified Virtual Assistant seems to be a great option for you. Here are a few reasons why you should delegate email marketing tasks as soon as you can.

Save Time and Energy

As a business owner or executive, your time is precious. Hence, you should be spending as much of it as you can on high-level tasks. Those tasks could include things like:

  • Networking with other businesses

  • Strategising
  • Vision casting
  • Coming up with new products and services
  • Developing systems that will streamline operations
  • Training your staff
  • And so much more

When you work on menial and repetitive administrative tasks like email marketing management, you steal time spent on these other high-level activities that could bring more growth to your organisation. Or maybe you’re a business owner or manager that’s working seventy-two hour work weeks and you’re close to burning out and you need to let go of some commitments. The best solution in both cases is to hire a Virtual Assistant to multiply your efforts. 

Tap Into Professional Expertise

We’ve heard executives tell us they want to start an email marketing strategy but they don’t know how. Moreover, they don’t have the time or head space to learn how to get it right. And that’s okay! You don’t have to know everything. What you can do instead is hire an expert who has done this all before and get them to do it for your business.

Experience is a great asset to have in your business, but you don’t have to have all the experience. You can bring people into your team who are more experienced than you in certain areas. And that should definitely be the case for things as complex and advanced as email marketing management.

And, of course, there’s nothing wrong with trying to do email marketing yourself. But you’ll most likely spend a lot of time, effort, and money trying to figure out email markeitng yourself and make all the brutal and painful mistakes. The other option would be to bring someone in who already knows the ropes and can stay above all the industry changes and adaptations to keep your email marketing tactics fresh and effective.

You (Will Likely) Get an ROI

There’s no question that creating an email marketing department or project in your business will cost money. You’ll have to pay for tools and wages for your Virtual Assistant. But it’s important to think about email marketing- just like any marketing effort– as an investment.

Studies show that you can get as much as $42 for every $1 invested into email marketing. So, whatever cost you do put out for email marketing could easily be made back. At the end of the day, email marketing can and will most likely bring in more sales to your business if done effectively. You’ll get a return on investment as soon as your email strategies begin converting. 

Grow Content Engagement and Following

Maybe you have a podcast, blog, or YouTube channel that you want to drive traffic to. One of the best ways to constantly get traffic to these channels is to distribute content through an email newsletter.  

Today, 9 out of 10 marketers use email marketing to distribute content organically. By driving people on your email list to your content platforms, you can increase your traffic and possibly even get other brands or businesses to pay for exposure on your channels. Or you can even market your own products and services. In the end, you’ll increase both your engagement and following through a proper email marketing strategy and still get a commercial return. 

Email Marketing Tasks You Can Outsource

Now that you know why email marketing matters for your business and why outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant is the best solution, what kinds of tasks should you outsource. 

These are the email marketing tasks that you can start outsourcing to an email marketing assistant or professional today.

1. Lead Magnet Creation

A lead magnet is a piece of free content that adds value to your prospects and convinces them to exchange their email address for access. A good example of this is a free ebook or video course that you offer to email subscribers. 

Email lead magnets are highly effective, but they’re not easy to make. You can outsource that work to a Virtual Assistant. Some lead magnet creation tasks that you can have someone do for you include:

  • Graphic design

  • Content creation (scripts, ebook content, etc)
  • Video editing
  • Posting lead magnets to social media
  • Running ads to your lead magnet

2. Marketing Funnel Creation

Another of the most common digital marketing tasks you outsource is funnel creation. A marketing funnel is a series of emails and landing pages that turn leads into customers. Most of the time, this process is fully automated, helping you automatically generate sales with very little effort. 

While a funnel is mostly automated, you’ll need someone to set up these evergreen systems for you. That’s where an email marketing Virtual Assistant can come in handy. Your email marketing assistant can create the opt-in pages, design the automations, and manage the whole process for you.

3. Copywriting

Email marketing involves a LOT of writing. You have to write really good and convincing emails and sales page copies. And the science behind good copywriting is something that you can’t do on your own. There are many great sales copywriters that you can entrust this process to, and they’ll do a great job at it. 

All you’ll need to do is provide some direction in terms of what you want to be said and they’ll find the most effective way to say it for you. That will help improve readability and conversions on your email marketing. 

4. Newsletter Maintenance

The more your customers hear from you, the more connected they’ll feel to your brand. So your business should start a regular newsletter for your leads and customers. You can easily transfer the maintenance and growth of that newsletter to a trusted Virtual Assistant. 

Some tasks involved in newsletter maintenance include the following:

  • Designing the newsletters

  • Placing the content
  • Scheduling out newsletter send-outs
  • Creating a content plan
  • Responding to email newsletter replies from customers and leads
  • Cleaning up inactive email newsletter members

5. Post-Sales Automations

Apart from sales funnel automations, there are tons of other automations that you can create for your business to drive more business and conversions. Let’s say you have an e-commerce brand, for instance. You’ll definitely need to set up email marketing automations to do things like: 

  • Provide order follow-ups

  • Convert abandoned carts
  • Send thank you messages
  • Create product upsells
  • Add email opt-in pop-ups to your stores
  • And so on

Getting an email marketing Virtual Assistant to set these up and regularly update them should help your business increase conversions, extend your customer lifetime value, drive more upsells, improve customer experience, and so much more. 

While these are some of the top tasks you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant, there are many other adjacent tasks you can delegate. To check out more email marketing tasks you can outsource, check out this page.

How to Find an Email Marketing Virtual Assistant

The most important question you should probably be asking is this: where can I find trustworthy email marketing professionals or Virtual Assistants? 

We’ll be completely honest, hiring Virtual Assistants isn’t always as easy as it seems. You have to vet your candidates, get the right applicants, interview them, check their work, onboard them into your business, pay them, evaluate performance, and so on. 

So here are your current options if you’re looking to hire an email marketing Virtual Assistant for your business. 

1. Work with an Outsourcing Agency

The most stress-free and simple path to finding the right Virtual Assistants for your business is to work with a Virtual Assistant agency. With an outsourcing company, your risk of getting the wrong person for the right job goes down to practically zero. 

Our company, Outsourcing Angel, is an outsourcing agency. When we hire Virtual Assistants for our clients, we take on all the risk. That means we hire the Virtual Assistants, train them, evaluate them, compensate them, and so on. If they’re a great fit, everyone wins. But if they’re not, we work with you to find a better solutions provider. 

That’s why we’ve been able to provide many highly-satisfied business owners and managers with top-tier Virtual Assistants for a very long time now. If you want to start your outsourcing journey, but you don’t know where to start, we’d love to help you out. Feel free to reach out to us today and schedule a discovery call.

2. Go on Job Sites

Your next option is to head over to job sites and look for Virtual Assistants on your own. There are dozens of great websites to check out if you’re looking to hire offshore staff. Here are some of the most noteworthy:

Keep in mind that when hiring through these websites, you’ll still have to do most of the work. You can find candidates through job sites, but you’ll still have to:

  • Check their CVs and portfolios

  • Do the screening
  • Interview top candidates
  • Train and onboard them into your company culture
  • Evaluate them regularly
  • Provide feedback
  • Keep them happy and engaged
  • Pay them
  • And many other HR-related administrative tasks

3. Ask Around

There’s a high chance that other business colleagues or friends in your network are working with an offshore Virtual Assistant. So, it wouldn’t hurt to get the word out that you’re looking for one. Try asking a few colleagues that you know have Virtual Assistants or let your network know that you’re looking to hire. 

Still, with this option, you’ll still have to do all the HR-related administrative tasks mentioned above. But if you’re more than able to do these things, it will still be far less work compared to managing your email marketing strategies all by yourself!

So What Now?

Hopefully, you found this article helpful if you’re looking to start and outsource your email marketing strategy. If you have any more questions or clarifications, we’re more than happy to walk you through the process in greater detail if you book a consultation call with us. 

By following the tips and principles in this blog, you’ll definitely be able to start an email strategy for your business and start getting more leads, conversions, and sales. We wish you all the best and hope that your business grows through email marketing.

Do you need help with Email Marketing?

If you need some extra hands on deck to help you with your email marketing, make sure you book a free chat with our Outsourcing Consultant and we’ll help you find an experienced and capable virtual assistant!

Charlotte Ramos

Charlotte is a Copywriting Virtual Assistant with over 10 years of experience in marketing content creation, search engine-optimised blog articles and website copy. She's one of our most valuable Angels with vast knowledge of the digital marketing landscape and business systemisation.