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Are you ready to shift to faith-based marketing growing your business with God in a caring and purposeful way? To be focused on faith based marketing is truly extraordinary! In this episode of The Kind Boss Podcast, Linh Podetti, founder of Outsourcing Angel, speaks to RC Simon, founder of LegacyxState.

As a dedicated Christian entrepreneur, RC Simon’s business motivation is to spread kindness in business and champion Christian business principles. The biblical entrepreneur is someone who is kind, dedicated to raising others up, and is driven by his purpose in life. The Legacy Community is such a faith based business, and the business tips RC Simon shares in this interview is inspiring.

Take out from this episode:

  • Why it is important to grow your business with God
  • The principles of Christian entrepreneurship
  • What it means to be a faith based entrepreneur
  • How faith based marketing is unique and purposeful

Find out how he inspires, motivates and spreads kindness within his community and beyond.


What helped RC Simon develop into the entrepreneurial mindset, personal development and businesses?

Back in 2013, in his early twenties, RC Simon started network marketing and did that for a couple of years. Then learning from a great internet marketer, Tai Lopez, on How to Captivate the Audience in the First Three to Five Seconds, and Market what Most People Really Want; show them success and luxury. This resulted in attracting a certain level of people for Tai, but did not resonate with RC Simon.

“RC Simon wants to attract the right kind of people for his personal brand, people that are real, and people that are attracted to the works of God.”

Fruits of Spirit:

  • Love
  • Joy
  • Peace

RC’s entrepreneurial journey

RC Simon is kept grounded and humbled by his pastoral experience, throughout his entrepreneurial journey. When he is not hitting certain goals, he’d be very disappointed with himself, but the underlying belief that God has a better plan, that there’s a different way, and the firm belief that God is going to grant the desires of our hearts as long as we delight in the Lord and fulfill our purpose.

Advice during these time of crisis

During these trying times, with the pandemic of the coronavirus, we’re all being tested, some of us have more time than usual, and RC Simon recommends

  • building a skill set to be more productive
  • building out free PDFs
  • a blog or some content

and you never know what value that can bring and can come out of that.

About RC Simon

RC Simon, Digital Entrepreneur, Founder of LegacyxState. RC, short for Richard Simon, worked with Tai Lopez on his sales team for almost 3 years making a six-figure salary. He left Knowledge Society in 2018 and was ultimately inspired by Tai Lopez to start his entrepreneurial journey.

He started Legacy X State Marketing, with his knowledge of building systems, sales, and marketing, and has since worked with multiple business owners to consistently generate a six-figure revenue for his agency.

RC preaches God’s word at his church in Las Vegas, Bringing Families Back Ministries while doing marketing and taking on other business ventures as a passion project in his spare time.

He focuses only on working with brands that drive to deliver a significant impact on people’s lives.

Our motto: Changing the world by promoting talented artists, innovative products & positive movements.

“18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” (Proverbs 29:18)

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