Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions our clients like to ask

General Questions
How it works?
To learn about our process, please check our How It Works page for information. If you still require help, please do not hesitate to call and speak to one of our friendly consultant on 02 8073 5968
How do I make my payment?
You can purchase our Prepaid Package directly on our website.

For Dedicated VA Package, you can pay the deposit on our website.
For future weekly payments, we will arrange a direct debit method with you. We have 3 payment options: Paypal, Bank Deposit or Credit Card via Ezidebit.

Where do the VAs come from?
Most of our VAs are from the Philippines but not all. Some VAs may reside in countries like Indonesia and other East Asian countries. We enjoy working with VAs in these countries because of their similar timezone to Australia. At the end of the day, it is not about where they come from that we choose to hire them, but rather that they are a good fit for our clients and can fulfil our clients’ needs.
What hours do the VAs work?
Generally, VAs and Project Managers work 9am-5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10) but if you require hours outside of these normal working hours, that can be arranged. Please notify us when you fill out your questionnaire.

For businesses that operate outside of Australia that sign up for the Dedicated VA Package, we are able to arrange for your VA to work during your business hours

What about confidential business information?
All our VAs sign a confidentiality agreement, wherein they are not permitted to share or discuss work-related details to people other than their client and work team. Should you decide to share log in details, credit card information and other personal or business information, Outsourcing Angel will not be liable for any loss or issues that may arise from the misuse of such information.
Do you service clients in other countries?

Yes, we do! We currently have clients in Australia, NZ, USA and UK. The VAs can work for any client in any country. We just need to know your time zone and what are your preferred working hours for the VA so we can help you find a suitable VA.

What is basecamp and project management tools?
Project management tools are online platforms where you can centralise all task details, comments, discussions and work submissions in one place. Basecamp is Outsourcing Angel’s key project management tool, and we create Basecamp projects for all of our clients free of charge. If you have your own preferred alternative, please invite us into your project management tool.

Please note: costs associated with alternative project management tools (i.e. not Basecamp) will be the client’s responsibility, not Outsourcing Angel’s.

Does Outsourcing Angel have a Referral program?
Yes , we do! You can earn money with us monthly by referring our services to your family and friends. If you are one of our existing clients you are eligible to join our Referral Program. You can submit your referrals by completing this FORM.
If I still have more questions how can I contact you?
You can send us your enquiries by filling out our contact form detailing your questions. One of our friendly staff will be in touch with you within 1 business day. Alternatively, you can call us directly at 02 8073 5968.
Dedicated VA Package
What are the Dedicated VA packages all about?
Whether you are looking for a General VA or a Technical VA to work for you part time or full time – we’ve got you covered. We help you save time & money by providing recruitment free of charge. We are experts at finding quality and reliable VAs. We help you integrate smoothly with your VA and provide free support and free replacement should you be unsatisfied with your VA.
What benefit can I get from having a dedicated VA?
Having a dedicated VA work for your business is actually a smart business investment as it allows you to train a staff member who can be versatile at assisting you in managing every aspect of your business. Over time, your dedicated VA becomes more familiar with your business and your needs. Also, giving them training opportunities to build up their skills only adds value to the accuracy and efficiency at which they work on tasks and this has a significant impact your business.
What is a Part Time Virtual Assistant (VA)?
We have part time packages for General VA and Technical VA. You will have a dedicated VA that will work for 80 hours a month. For rates, kindly visit our Dedicated VA page.
What is a Full Time Virtual Assistant (VA)?
We have Full time packages for General VA and Technical VA. You will have a dedicated VA that will work for 160 hours a month. For rates, kindly visit our Dedicated VA page.
What work does a General VA do?
Whether you need a Social Media Marketer, Admin/Support, Telemarketer or any other General Type Roles a General VA can take care of those tasks. If you need a more technical and specialised VA then you might want to consider getting a Technical VA.
What work does a Technical VA do?
A Technical VA are those who can do tasks such as Web Development, Graphic Design, PPC and other specialised tasks.
How does the payment work?
Clients pay one week in advance as a deposit for our services. The payment gives us the go signal to start your recruitment. Your payment goes towards your VA’s first week of work.

Before the invoice for the next week’s VA service is due, we will arrange direct debit payments with you via Paypal. You can also choose other options such as credit card or bank.

Please note that we will collect your payment on the same day every week via automatic transfer. If you would like to discuss other payment arrangements please contact us.

How long does the hiring process take?

The hiring process depends on the type of skill set you require. If you require a VA with a common skillsets, generally it will take 1-2 weeks for us to provide you with a shortlist of candidates. However, if the role is more specialised it can take longer to find you a suitable candidate.

How do I interview candidates?
We connect you with best candidates for you to interview via Skype. We usually provide you with the best 1-2 candidates after we have interviewed a pool of candidates who we found in our own database or in external sources.

We prefer not to provide you more than this number initially as it defeats the purpose of saving you time with recruitment. Rest assured, if after you have interviewed them and didn’t like any of them, then we would provide you with more candidates to interview.

On skype, you can choose to interview via audio chat, video chat or type chat. Some clients like to interview the VA directly on their own, and some prefer to have us on the call to facilitate the conversation.

Does a VA go though any training before commencing to work?
All our VAs are experienced at working online with Australian clients and we ensure that the VA we pick for you possesses the skills and knowledge suitable for your requirements.

Before they commence working for you, we will help in the onboarding stages, including training them on your initial tasks to help get them started. We will set up a group Skype chat and be part of your email conversations with them for a period of time to help you monitor and manage your VA until you no longer need our help anymore. This will allow us to identify any miscommunications and help to set expectations between you and the VA.

Please note: your VA is to be considered your employee and newer skills after they begin working for you will be your responsibility. It is not Outsourcing Angel’s responsibility to train them beyond the onboarding process. We provide assistance where necessary for a smooth working relationship.

If I won't be able to use all the hours on my package will it roll over to the next month?
No, the hours included in the packages can only be consumed within the month. Dedicated VAs can be flexible in using the hours you have every month. You may contact your project manager and discuss the options.
What if I need more hours of work from my part time or full time VA, what options do I have?
Should you need your VA to work extra hours, you will need to pay for your VA’s extra work hours. Your VA’s hourly rate will be computed based on your monthly fee.

For example:

If you’re working with a full-time General VA, then hourly rate will be AU$1,497/160hrs = AU$9.36

If you’re working with a part-time General VA, then hourly rate will be AU$997/80hrs = AU$12.46

How can I monitor my dedicated VA for the tasks I assign?
All our VAs are required to send their clients a daily work report where they will submit of a list of tasks that they worked on each day as well as the time spent working on each task. This way, the client can read everything that their VA worked on, as well as a report of issues encountered while working on certain tasks (e.g. the need to install software, format issues, or any other issues that caused the VA to take more time than usual to complete a task)

Initially, we encourage our clients to place trust in our VA by measuring performance rather than micromanaging them with a time tracking tool. However, in case clients have some doubts or concerns about their VA, then we can set up their VA to work using a time tracking tool to create transparency.

What if my VA is sick or needs to take leave?
If your VA suddenly become ill, common practice is that the VA will ask your permission to take the day off to rest and continue with work the next day or when the VA has recovered. At such times, if there’s an urgent task that you need your VA to complete, we may assign a temporary VA to work on your task while your dedicated VA is sick.

For planned leave from work, your VA is instructed to send you an email notice to discuss schedules of leave at least a week before the date of leave. It is not compulsory for clients to allow their VAs a paid leave or day off. In case of unpaid leave, your VA will propose a schedule for advanced work before the date of approved leave or a schedule for make-up work to cover the missed work hours during the approved leave. The client has the final say on the matter of allowing paid or unpaid leave for the VA.

What happens on public holidays?
On Australian Public Holidays, it is up to you if you want to allow them to take the days off. Most clients do give them days off especially around Easter, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

On their own country’s Public Holidays, it is also up to you if you want to give them the days off. Most clients give them days off but they must do make up days to cover the missing days worked.

What happens if my VA is experiencing work interruptions?
In case of work interruptions or if it happens that your VA needs to log in late for work, due to power outages, internet issues or family emergencies, your VA is instructed to send a notice to the management and to you. If they are unable to post a notice for sudden work interruption, we will send you a notice as soon as we receive a message from your VA. If the VA happened to be working on an urgent task for you when the work interruption happened, you have the privilege to request for any available VA from our team to continue with your VA’s work.
What if I have trouble in communicating with the VAs?
We have local Australian project managers here to help you deal with your VAs. We have years of experience working with VAs and understand the way they communicate. We can advise you on how best to communicate with your VA and can communicate with them on your behalf until you feel comfortable to manage them on your own. Should you face any issues with your VA, we will help to resolve them by speaking to your VA on your behalf and come up with the best solution for you.
How long is the probation period for my VA?
If you are unsatisfied with the performance of your VA, you can cancel your package at anytime without needing to provide us with the standard 30 days notice. We will refund you the money owed to you based on the days that are left in the month you have already paid for. If you simply changed your mind about working with a VA or decided to cancel VA services due to the sudden changes to the needs of your business, then the 30 days notice policy applies.
What if I want to change VAs?
If you would like to change your VA due to not being satisfied with their performance, then please notify us immediately so we can help you find a replacement. While we are looking for a replacement for you, here are some options for you:

  • Work with your existing VA until we can find you a replacement.
  • Stop work with your existing VA and wait for a replacement. Note: we will pause your payment and make sure you are only charged from the day the new VA starts work.
  • Stop work with your existing VA and work with our temporary experienced VAs to cover the workload while you wait for your new replacement.
How do I cancel my package?

In the event that you decide to cancel your VA services not due to the fault of the VA, then we require 30 days notice.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.