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As part of its initiative to reach out to different tribal communities all over the Philippines, Tribu ni Bro, in partnership with Outsourcing Angel, recently held an outreach feeding program for the benefit of the Abeling Tribe in the province of Tarlac.

On June 24, the volunteers set out in what would be a 10-hour journey going to Sitio Payapa, Barangay Labney, Mayantoc, Tarlac where the beneficiaries are residing. The trip began with a four-hour bus ride from Cubao, Quezon City to Mayantoc, Tarlac. From there, the group travelled via tricycle to Barangay Labney, where they had to wait for a truck—the only available means of transportation going to the site—to take them to Sitio Payapa.

A total of 160 children and parents from the Abeling Tribe joined the feeding program. Other children were unable to participate due to the heavy rains in the area. According to the locals, the rains are causing the nearby river to overflow, and the residents find it difficult to cross the waters.
view The activity began with a magic show to entertain the children, followed by a Bible storytelling session that aimed to enlighten the children about the importance of having good values.

While most of the Abeling children already have school supplies, they are in need of school uniforms, which cost Php150 per set. We believe that by starting small with projects like these, we can improve the nutritional status of children in remote tribal communities and at the same time inspire them to perform well in school.

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