File Sharing Tools that Your Team can Use for Better Collaboration

File Sharing Tools that Your Team can Use for Better Collaboration

Technology now allows us to pass around files to individuals or groups virtually across cloud-based platforms. These file sharing tools are making team collaboration more efficient. A few decades ago, we were limited to printing files off and disseminating hard copies of memos, contracts and all sorts of important documents. Those days are history.

Sharing files around is a regular occurence in the workplace. Documents, images, videos, spreadsheets or presentations make their way around team circles. And we’re on the lookout for ways to make this process easier.

If you’re looking to upgrade the way your business gets files around, there is a wide array of online services that allow you to send and receive files in the blink of an eye. Here are just a few of the most popular that are available to the general public.


Over 500 million users approve of Dropbox’s services. The cloud-based application allows you to store files both offline and online for anyone’s quick access- whether by you, your teammates or your clients even. Dropbox is one of the most popular file sharing tools out there and has both a paid and free version, the free plan being limited to only 2 GB of storage space.

Google Drive

Being a product of the internet giant Google, you’d expect that Google Drive is one of the biggest players in the market. Every Gmail user has access to Google Drive, which allows you to create and store documents, spreadsheets, survey forms, presentations and so on. For a free Gmail account, you get 15 GB of storage to be shared with your Gmail account. Once you start off with a paid GSuite plan, the storage becomes limitless.


Box is another file-sharing service that lets you collaborate securely from any device. Over 50,000 organisations use this service including Pandora, Boston Scientific, Gap, Nationwide, and GE. Box allows you to create, edit, and review documents with other users with ease and in real time. Box is free for 2 weeks, after which you have an option to get monthly plans for as low as $5.80 per user.

Apple iCloud

Another service by another tech giant, Apple iCloud is Apple’s in-house cloud storage app for anyone who has an Apple device. While it is limited only to Apple users, the service can come in very handy especially when passing files around to other Pro-mac teammates. It also comes in as a free service up to 5 GB. You can pay for additional storage after that.


Sharefile is a service developed by Citrix and is known for being a one-stop-shop for business file transfer. The service allows it’s paid users to manage transfer their own way, sync data from a variety of applications, and leverage current investments no matter what location they’re in. Sharefile has a free trial as well that will give users 30 days of access to most of the application’s services.

Getting The Most Out of File Sharing Tools

There are a bunch of other file sharing tools that you can use as well aside from the most popular ones mentioned above. At the end of the day, there is no one perfect tool that will fit all contexts. The goal is to maximise whichever you feel is best for your company, business or team.

Find out what your needs are, what your budget is like and choose a tool based on that. Give some time to get through the learning curve. And if ever the tool you chose doesn’t work for you, know that it’s not a crime to try other services as well. File sharing applications are wonderful tools, but only if you get the most out of it, so make sure that you find the one that fits you best!

VA Writer: Patrick Mabilog
VA Position: Technical VA- Writer and Designer


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