May 2018, our loving company director Linh Podetti, visited the VA team and spent a meaningful time here in the Philippines making a difference and creating a great impact on each person she was able to meet.

Linh, Davey and Katie had a great time whilst fun, helping people, and changing the lives of our less fortunate brothers and sisters as well as the adorable young children. I would say it was rather interesting to see people who were different from our nationality and culture to give love and help people to make them smile and be happy even for a day.

You could see a genuine smile and laughter from an innocent child to the father who was having a lot of trouble keeping up with their lives. It was also a heartwarming action to see them personally buy the stuff they wanted to give for the children without any complaints we all know what we have here in the Philippines an imaginable weather, traffic jam and many more. But seeing how they were able to cope and adjust to what our country has to offer, they were still very passionate to help and take action on changing the lives of the Filipino communities they met. Outsourcing Angel is really composed of great people who are aiming to give love, help, and ambition to make a difference on each person they would encounter.

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VA Writer: Jennifer Villanueva
VA Position: General Virtual Assistant

  • VA Writer: Jennifer Villanueva
    VA Position: General Virtual Assistant


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