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Like other jobs, there are a lot of responsibilities in being a business coach. In fact, the degree of responsibility can get even higher they would have to be able to manage and grow businesses and their owners while enduring a lot of their own pressures.

On top of the routinely drowning and time-consuming activities like emailing, setting appointments, managing websites, proofreading blog posts, posting lectures on social media accounts, preparing newsletters, and running financial errands, there are other things that need to be attended to. Unfortunately, unless a business coach a multitasking pro, having insufficient support can leave them stressed and this is the critical point to avoid at all costs.

Nowadays, more and more professionals are using the internet to their most advantage not just to engage with a wider network, but also to reward themselves with the most efficient and cost effective remedy for their busy careers – often in the form of hiring virtual assistants.

VAs are probably the most versatile, organised, and easily accessible assistants in the world. They are skilled in various field and they can also go out of the box and perform other duties. They can easily act as your administration coach while updating your current coaching whereabouts with your new approaches and programs.

How Virtual Assistants Can Help…

Aside from saving you the stress and hassle of preparing everything you need, hiring a VA will also give you time to learn more about your clients and their businesses. This will help you craft the best coaching support that they will need to attain success. To help you better realise the huge help VAs can offer, below are the most common tasks they can be delegated:

1. They can market your coaching business online. Since most potential business coaching clients can be found searching for their perfect coach on the internet, establishing your coaching business online through putting up your own website, updating it regularly, and posting your presence to social media can immensely help you widen your market and meet prospective clients. Amazingly, this is something a VA can carry out. They can even write an article or a blog post about your business and respond to future comments and inquiries.

2. They can manage your emails. Although there are always emails that need to be personally addressed, hiring a virtual assistant can help ease the burden by helping you respond to priority emails and cleaning your junk and spam boxes for easier data retrieval.

3. They can conduct client surveys for you. As a business coach, it is wise to keep track of how your business is running. On top of client surveys through the phone or email, they can also help you gather testimonials and reviews – a kind of security that a lot of potential clients look for. To have a professional do that for you is easier, more efficient, not to mention less awkward for your clients.

4. They can prepare, organise or support events for you. Although they can only perform their job online, your virtual support team can still help you host informative events. They can set up everything a webinar needs from scheduling to inviting attendees and manning up the registration booth online. They can even design promotional materials and flyers, and make PowerPoint presentations for your branding activity. Instead of learning how to use Photoshop on your own, your virtual assistant will do everything technical as soon as you request them to.

5. They can organise finances. Every legit business owner keeps an organised financial record. As a business coach and an owner of your own service business, you can delegate your financial management tasks to your virtual assistant. They can organise receipts, input cash flows, monitor bank records, and attend to your tax liabilities on your behalf.

6. They can manage and organise schedules. As a business coach, you would never want your appointments overlapping or arriving to a meeting late. Your iPhone’s reminders app cannot do as much as VAs can. Hiring them will help you confirm appointments while keeping you timely notified about meetings. It truly does make a huge difference as far as your business’ growth is concerned.

Nobody refuses having everything they need under one umbrella. In fact, everyone loves having things organised for them – something that virtual assistants are masters of doing. Hiring one will save you the hassle and money in the long run while leaving you feeling at ease knowing none of your efforts will go to waste.

Charlotte Ramos

Charlotte is a Copywriting Virtual Assistant with over 10 years of experience in marketing content creation, search engine-optimised blog articles and website copy. She's one of our most valuable Angels with vast knowledge of the digital marketing landscape and business systemisation.