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Simply follow the steps for each package in order to get started!
Dedicated VA
1 Job Description
Complete our VA Angel Discovery Questionnaire Form and let us know the type of Angel you’re looking for.
2 Phone Consultation
One of our helpful project managers will give you a call to discuss your questionnaire and to answer any questions you have.
3 Select a Package
Select from one of our packages based on your requirements for Part Time or Full Time VA.

We require 1 week’s payment in advance as a deposit, this gives us the green light to proceed with recruitment for you.

(Note: your payment will cover from the day the VA starts work with you for a month, you do not pay any cost for recruitment)

4We Find The Best VA For You!
Our team will work on finding the best Angel that match your requirements. We do the hard work of filtering through the large pool of candidates, interview them and make sure they are a perfect fit for you. Our promise is to provide you with only the highest quality VA.
5 Review
We will provide you with our chosen Angel for you to review. You can have an interview with them over skype and ask them any questions you like before you approve them.
6 Hiring
Once approved, we will hire your Angel for you and handle their payments.

(Note: We usually take around 1-2 weeks or less to find you suitable candidates to interview. You have 2 weeks to decide on which candidate you would like to interview and once interviewed you have 2 weeks to decide if you want to hire them or not. This helps to avoid the VAs having to wait around too long or they may find another job elsewhere)

7 VA Management
Unlike other outsourcing companies who find you a VA and leave you to manage your VA on your own from day one. We will train your VA for your initial job/task and help you get started working with your VA smoothly. We will give the VA orientation, formally introduce them to you, be part of the discussions and conversations between you and them to help identify any miscommunications that may arise. We help to set expectations between you and the VA and help you oversee the VA until you feel comfortable doing it.

For more information, read our terms here.

Get Started Questions? Talk to us. Click Here
Questions? Talk to us. Click here.
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