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The cost of working with a Virtual Assistant ranges from as little as AUD $1 to $100 per hour. But as the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true… it probably is. 

With hundreds of happy clients under our wings, here’s our breakdown of what you should expect when you’re looking to hire a Virtual Assistant based on the job level, location, work hours and other important reliability factors.

Prices by Virtual Assistant Job Level

Many websites might tell you that there is a “sweet spot” price for Virtual Assistants, but there’s simply not a ‘one size fits all’ approach and the first thing you should take into consideration is the skill and experience required for the Virtual Assistant job. 

At Outsourcing Angel, we break these down into three levels:

Executive Virtual Assistants

Executive Virtual Assistants are trained in administrative and basic tasks such as:

  • Customer Enquiries
  • Customer Support, Live Chat & Instant Messenger
  • Database Management
  • Follow-ups and Reminders
  • Project Schedule Management
  • Project Templates Creation
  • Email Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Documents Storage & Organisation
  • Document Template Creation
  • Invoicing & Payment Reminders
  • Booking Appointments
  • Making Travel Plans
  • Spreadsheet Creation & Management
  • Data Entry
  • Creating Presentations
  • Website Content Update
  • Transcriptions
  • Report Generation & Key Metric Tracking
  • Communication & Liaison

This type of role requires the Virtual Assistant to have the ability to follow instructions and support the operations of your business. 

The cost of an Executive Virtual Assistant with Outsourcing Angel depends on the scope of work required and the package you choose:

  • Escape Package: 10 hours per week 
  • Freedom Package: 20 hours per week 
  • Paradise Package: 40 hrs per week 

The more hours the Virtual Assistant is hired for, the better value per hour. All of this is determined after your free Discovery Call with our Outsourcing Assistant so we can determine the right Virtual Assistant and package for you depending on your business requirements.

Advanced Virtual Assistants

Advanced Virtual Assistants are trained in both executive tasks with additional skills required such as: 

  • Landing Pages (Clickfunnels, Thrive)
  • Set-up and manage Social Media Ads based on briefs
  • Content Writing
  • Blog Articles and Updates
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • eBook Creation
  • Newsletter Creation & Management
  • Social Media Set-up and Management
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Social Media Reports and Research
  • Email Automations
  • Marketing Schedule Management

This type of role requires the Virtual Assistant to not only follow instructions, but also apply their skills and experience to generate new and original content, research and manage inquiries. 

The cost of an Advanced Virtual Assistant at Outsourcing Angel depends on the skills and scope of work required and the package selected.  

Technical Virtual Assistants

Technical Virtual Assistants have the qualifications to assist you in a specialised technical task such as: 

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Newsletter Design and Set Up
  • Online Form Design and Set Up
  • Site Maintenance & Trouble-shooting
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Website Sitemap Submissions
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Onpage and Offpage SEO
  • Sales Funnel and Lead Pages
  • Infusionsoft Specialist
  • Google Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Editing Audio & Video Files
  • Creating & Editing Podcasts

The cost of a Technical Virtual Assistant at Outsourcing Angel depends on the scope of work and the package you choose. 

As you can see, there are different types of Virtual Assistants  and the cost of working with one depends on their skill levels. If you’re looking at hiring a Virtual Assistant, it’s important to be wary of Virtual Assistant agencies and freelancers that claim to do it all at a very low cost. 

These agencies and freelancers may not be truthful about their qualifications and will ultimately cost you even more time and money to source a new Virtual Assistant when you’re not satisfied with the outcome. 

Instead, we encourage you to speak to our Outsourcing Specialist about your requirements including the way that you like to work. This allows us to then finalise the best cost bringing you closer to  finding the perfect Virtual Assistant for the role.

Virtual Assistant Prices by Location

The cost of working with a Virtual Assistant can also depend on their location. For example:

Virtual Assistants living in the Philippines have a lower cost of living and economic costs compared to a Virtual Assistant living in Australia. 

The majority of our Virtual Assistants live in the Philippines and neighbouring countries including Indonesia, Singapore and more. This allows us to find reliable, educated and English speaking staff for a more affordable price compared to hiring local staff. 

However, we also have local virtual employees working for our internal business in managerial roles such as our Operations Manager (Richard Phu) and Outsourcing Consultant (Heidi Doan)

We also have clients that require local Virtual Assistants to work in managerial roles for their businesses too, in which case the expected cost of this type of Virtual Assistant can start from AUD $35 per hour depending on the package chosen. 

Cost of Reliability and Security 

Beyond the hourly rate of a Virtual Assistant, there are many factors of reliability and security to take into consideration.

Many low cost Virtual Assistant providers may not implement the following: 

Replacement and Disruption Cover 

At Outsourcing Angel, if for any reason you’re unhappy with your Virtual Assistant then we will find a suitable replacement for you quickly at no extra cost. 

During unexpected disruptions where your Virtual Assistant may suddenly be unavailable, we will also quickly find replacement staff to pick up where they left off so that tasks will still be completed on time. 

We implemented this because we understand that these are the most common problems that businesses experience when hiring a Virtual Assistant or Freelancer directly.

Dedicated HR Department and strict recruitment policies

We have a dedicated HR Team and our HR Manager Charyl follows a strict and thorough recruitment process with all Virtual Assistant candidates. Your short-listed candidates must:

  • Satisfy all your job requirements and criteria 
  • Complete tests 
  • Provide work samples 

As well as meet Outsourcing Angel’s requirements for:

  • Work experience and skills
  • Communication skills
  • Availability to work in your timezone
  • Available technology 
  • Professionalism 
  • Cultural fit

Cultural fit is an extremely important one for our business because our Virtual Assistants become part of our family and participate in: 

  • Workshops 
  • Team Meetings
  • Charity work 
  • Group activities and challenges
  • Company trips

This builds a really strong bond between the Virtual Assistants which ultimately results in a long-term Dedicated Virtual Assistant for your business. 

A low cost provider usually does not take into consideration the cultural fit of the Virtual Assistant or have a strict recruitment process. This puts your business at risk of hiring unreliable Virtual Assistants that can simply disappear or put your business security at risk. 

On-boarding and Virtual Assistant set-up

One of the most time consuming tasks when working with a Virtual Assistant is the on-boarding process which involves setting up your Virtual Assistant with: 

  • Expectations, procedures and policies 
  • Payroll 
  • Project Management Tools
  • Work Report Tools
  • Access to relevant platforms and communication tools
  • Introduction to the team 

At Outsourcing Angel, we look after the on-boarding process for you so that your Virtual Assistant is set-up properly and there is little for you to do to get started. 

In fact, when we speak to our clients this is usually on top of their list of reasons why they like working with Outsourcing Angel:

Simon Shearer,
Founder & CEO of Launch Lab Media

“I really enjoyed the on-boarding process.

I’ve outsourced work before but never a full-time or part-time role. So making this sort of change was different and it was good to have Outsourcing Angel to show me how systems and processes should work. That was good learning and preparation for me to be. ready.

I also loved how much preparation went into my Virtual Assistant before they got to me.

OA sets all the expectations with the Virtual Assistant of how they should complete work, interact and submit work reports to me. It really didn’t leave too much for me to actually do which is great for a business owner.”

Quality Assurance and Support

In the initial months of working with your Virtual Assistant, Outsourcing Angel also assigns a Team Leader that oversees your Virtual Assistant to ensure that they deliver on their promises and that the process is seamless.

If any issues arise, the Team Leader will work with you and your Virtual Assistant to resolve the issue and we can also escalate it to our Operations Manager if needed.

We basically have a support team to hold your hand through this process and be available for you when you need.

On the other hand, the cost of working with a freelancer or a basic Virtual Assistant Provider may be lower, but this requires you to conduct your own on-boarding and manage inefficiencies and issues on your own.

Without the support of a Team Leader and Operations Manager on your side, this can definitely end up costing you more valuable time and money.

So, how much does a Virtual Assistant cost?

In conclusion, when you’re researching on ‘How much do Virtual Assistants cost?’ keep in mind that there are many other factors to take into consideration than just their hourly rate which ranges anywhere from AUD $1 to $100 per hour.

If your business is time-poor and you want a dedicated, reliable and skilled Virtual Assistant that can get started with you while you can still continue to work on your business, that’s what Outsourcing Angel can definitely provide for you.

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Charlotte Ramos

Charlotte is a Copywriting Virtual Assistant with over 10 years of experience in marketing content creation, search engine-optimised blog articles and website copy. She's one of our most valuable Angels with vast knowledge of the digital marketing landscape and business systemisation.