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Learn how to automate your business with George Kolistasi! In this episode of The Kind Boss podcast, founder of g OutsourcinAngel, Linh Podetti, speaks to the owner of NeoNetworks, George Kolistasi. George is here to share with you how to automate your business and improve efficiency to bring about the best results for your business.

Automation for small business is vital in helping you scale and being aware of the range of business process automation software that is available in the market can help you make an informed choice. Technology automation is the way to scale and free yourself up, but you need to know how to automate business process effectively.

So watch this episode, and find out more about:

  • The benefits of business automation
  • The most user-friendly business automation software
  • The most effective business process automation tools
  • Designing business automation solutions

Valuable tips that you will get from this interview:

  • Technological automation
  • Business integration
  • Perks and benefits of automation
  • Process efficiencies
  • Effective scaling and growth
  • Adaptability to technology
  • Culture and treatment of business


George shares some take-aways as you listen to this episode, check below :

  • Cloud-based systems
  • Integration of new systems
  • Advantages of business integration
  • Automation of repetitive/mundane tasks
  • Reducing dependency on archaic/outdated systems
  • Courage and vision to change processes
  • Utilisation of latest technologies
  • Business data and information processing

Some valuable tips about business automation

Culture, vision and courage

The main thing that holds business owners back, especially for small to medium businesses, is the culture of the business and how it’s worked in the past.

Generally, business relies on historical results, this has been working for years and years, why change it? It takes a little bit of courage and vision to understand that if business processes are changed then there will be some disruption for a certain period to eventually see results and reduce overheads. Reducing the dependency on certain sort of archaic systems that has been around the business for a while has been a scary notion for business owners to take on.

About George Kolistasi

Geroge is a 30 year business entrepreneur who although has had many different businesses over the years, the one underlying constant has been his technology business.

From the early days of the personal computing era, he navigated the constantly changing technology landscape and migrated from software developer to business consultant providing solutions to SME’s. Today he lead a team that has developed a highly agile cloud technology platform that provides custom connectors for software companies and individual businesses.

He believe that data automation will continue to grow to the point where individual systems that are not integrated to the larger information sources, will cease to be relevant and or effective in the future.

George is an expert in general business software operations and software automation.

His products represented:

Pepperi B2B Global platform

One of the most powerful B2B software systems capable of customed mobile device operation. This means that businesses can change the view and operation of how their reps/drivers/sales teams and customers view and operate the mobile software. No coding just system admin management.

Pipeliner CRM – the visual selling methodology

This CRM is the most connected and integrated out of any other. With full visual automation between outlook/accounts/websites, this software bring all the business data into one place.


To find out more about NeoNetworks business process automation solutions – Pepperi B2B and Pipeliner CRM, head over to

Connect with George:

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