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As entrepreneurs, we all want to know how to be good at sales and what are the important skills in sales in order to grow a successful business. Meet Chris Muddell, Partner at Sales IQ Global, as he chats with Linh Podetti, founder of Outsourcing Angel in this latest episode of The Kind Boss Podcast. Find out how to be good at sales, and what steps Chris took to develop the important sales skills that has helped build his career.

Becoming a great salesperson requires dedication and hard work, but with the right sales tips and sales strategies, that journey will be much easier. Watch now and find out how to become good at sales today!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to win sales and influence customers
  • How to become good at sales and grow customers
  • The most efficient sales strategies and techniques

Watch this full video as Chris shares the best strategy how to create their own opportunities, win sales at a faster rate and nurture loyal customers!


Chris shares some take-aways as you listen to this episode :

  • Sales success plan
  • Passionate about learning is not being afraid of failing
  • Discipline and commitment in sales routine will deliver goals in sales
  • Develop your activity metrics
  • Sales processes and understanding each lead eventually to closing

Here are some valuable tips about sales and metrics

Assessing activity metrics

Having the right activity metrics and benchmark number you will identify for: daily, weekly, and yearly. And being consistent with hitting daily metric activities, hence discipline with sales routine almost guarantees success with your sales activities, and that’s it; sales is no more complicated than that!

Sales success plan

The most impactful tasks towards your goal as a sales representative is doing the right discipline, routine and commitment to doing them every day. Chris has been doing these for seven years and has been getting results, an approximate of $3 million dollars in total revenue every year!

About Chris Muddell

Chris Muddell is a Partner at Sales IQ Global. Chris’s mission is to create sales certainty in small business.


Australia has one of the most complex sales landscapes in the world. Employee workplace protection, premium salary expectations, workplace and compliance requirements, and more than 80% of sales professionals simply not doing their jobs. These challenges create an impact on a company’s cash flow, growth potential, staff relationships, client relationships, and general confidence in the sales and business process.


  • Sales IQ Global was established to respond to this challenge. Sales IQ empowers sales professionals with the tools and resources to help small businesses across Australia. As a “sales enablement as a service” solution, the platform combines the benefits of on-demand content, integrated coaching, and practical accountability to help create opportunities, win sales, grow customers, and lead winning teams.
  • Chris helps by offering workshops, coaching, advice, support and documentation you need to manage the complexity of the sales landscape, particularly during COVID19, in order to protect your business against business development or cash flow concerns.


  • Complimentary Sales Success Plan
  • “Exclusive Webinar “Selling During Tough Times” – presented by Chris Muddell (content moderated by Tony Hughes)


Connect with Chris:

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