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Overcome business hurdles, understand business growth and LinkedIn marketing. Have you figured out how to generate leads from LinkedIn? If you are not utilising this platform to its best advantage, then you are missing out on endless opportunities to scale your business. Meet Paul Higgins, founder of Build Live Give, as he shares with you how to generate leads from LinkedIn and grow your business.

In this episode of The Kind Boss Podcast, Linh Podetti, founder of Outsourcing Angel, speaks to Paul Higgins, director and founder of Build Live Give, a highly experienced sales conversion specialist, and a business growth mentor.

Valuable tips that you will get from this interview:

  • Business growth
  • Generating leads
  • Marketing strategies
  • Running a business
  • Being the entrepreneur you envision
  • Building relationships
Watch this full video as Paul shares the best strategy how LinkedIn marketing for B2B is the way to boost your revenue today, how to achieve that.


Strategies you will learn from this episode:

  • Effective LinkedIn marketing strategies
  • LinkedIn best practices to generate more leads
  • LinkedIn marketing strategy for B2B

Some great take-aways that Paul shares down the rabbit hole:

  • LinkedIn lead generation and marketing
  • Biggest challenges and components at LinkedIn
  • Top three components values: profile, post and content
  • Why you have to always ask simple open-ended questions
  • Key tips with making your questions intriguing and compelling
  • Why it’s important and what to do when you build business relationships
  • Being mindful of the dynamics of interactions online/virtually

Here are some valuable tips about lead generation at LinkedIn

LinkedIn Marketing

Three key components: Profile, post, and content. And then it leads to the possibilities of building relationships and/or clients. For profile, it should be about your audience, about them and not about yourself. And for posts, you need to have a great intriguing headline, and let them know who you help and how you’d help them, as most people who see your posts will categorise it whether you can help or cannot help them. Finally for content, you should make it easy for them, highlight some case studies and share your successes with your services.

Always ask a question

LinkedIn algorithm rewards comments because this implies and shows great content, hence you have to always ask simple and open-ended questions with the goal to greatly engage the audience and people to the post. Some key tips, have an intriguing statement, make it easy to read, spice it up and have a question at the bottom, you’re 80% there.

About Paul Higgins

Paul Higgins is a Sales Conversion specialist, Business Growth mentor and founder of Build Live Give. Paul has 26 years of experience in Sales & Marketing, finishing up an 18-year gig at Coca-Cola driving Marketing strategy for a $700m+ Business Unit.In 2011 he left to start his own business while managing his inherited kidney condition. He had a  successful transplant in February 2019 from his best mate. He wrote a book about his journey called Build Live Give. With his newfound energy, Paul loves to help coaches and consultants to Build Online Businesses to Fund Lifestyles. He is passionate about his family and spends time with his teenage children and playing golf.  Paul gives to the Purple House – a charity helping indigenous Australians get access to life-saving dialysis.


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