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In the past few months, we’ve been observing an increased demand for creating and setting up landing and sales pages, and the benefits that our clients get by having it done. We had seen how these pages have been helpful in capturing more leads and therefore more clients. In this video, Charley shares how to get amazing landing pages and sales pages, and of course, how to save a tonne of $$$ and time by getting the Outsourcing Angel team to do your landing page.


If you want to know how to effectively get better results on your landing pages, high conversion rates as well as lower cost while still getting it done efficiently, here’s the guide on how to work with your OA team:

How Most Get it Wrong

So this is something we’ve been observing with all tasks. Let’s review each aspect:

  • How you login tasks
  • What type of tasks you login
  • How can you make this better
  • How it can be made easy for you
  • How it can be made easy for us, and
  • How we can get all the results we are looking for?
  • Where most people get it wrong

Often, tasks that come in are quite vague with a few details, and we’re left with the task of being a miracle mind reader to get results from there. So this video is to let you know what we’re looking for so we know what you’re looking for.

The Outsourcing Angel Way.

This is the way I have developed in the past to get my own landing page done with the team, as well as for others getting their landing pages done by the team. So we’re going through my steps now – and if you follow this we can pretty much guarantee perfect results with your landing pages.

Step 1:
Branding Guidelines (Logo, Branding and Imagery)

Before you even get to the part, or create any type of task or anything like that, there are the things you need to have. This is your logo, branding and imagery.

What I mean about that is if you or your company has a logo, pass that on to us to include it in your landing page. (Of course, we can help you with logo creation, just inquire about our graphic design services).

If your company has Style/Branding Guidelines, you need to let us know. Now if you don’t have branding guidelines, a really good place to start is simply modelling your website. The reason we do this is because anyone who sees your site will associate it with your brand, so it’s best to know what kind of image you want to be projecting. That means it’s really important to have those things in mind from the start.

If you request to get a landing page done, and there’s no branding guidelines, there’s no style guide, or Logo it may not look like it’s actually coming from you.

And the last one there is Imagery. You might have certain style of imagery you want on the page, and it’s really important that you include it from the beginning. This will give you some really great shots on your website and a much more consistent design across it. A good starting point might even be to check some of our previous design work for inspiration.

Step 2:
Landing Page Goal. What Am I Trying to Achieve?

This one gets lost at times. A landing page should have one goal, and that’s what we’re ultimately striving to get from it. Your results will be the measure of success of your page.

For example, if your page is to promote an eBook, your goal is to have people download that eBook. If you have a Webinar coming up, then registrations for that webinar is the goal.

The reason to let our experience team know about the goal is that we might be able to include things to get you closer to achieving it. We have pages tailored for different needs that can be more applicable to you. We’ll have better advice and suggestions based on your information.

This is how we can start working together, to get closer to your actual landing page goal.

Step 3:
Finding an Example.

If you find someone that has something similar to what you are looking for, then this can be really the great way to take what you seen inside your head and give it something visual that the team can work off. So you might be your mind thinking I wanna really bold landing page, and put that on a description with no example. We do what we think our version of bold, which might be completely different when you have an example like before i would like a page that bold similar to this then we both can be the same page and make sure your design, look and feel all comes through really really well.

It’s important to mention that this stage that want Copy so we will not duplicate someone who is panel, and have it as your own. And I’m gonna tell you why, cos I feel like this is really important is – Someone said this to me a long time ago, that don’t copy a competition cos they have no idea what they are doing either. So part of being bad is the good chance person who made that funnel, doesn’t really have the knowledge that you may have or the team has that could get you a result. So you might fix on something that isn’t actually working that well.

Nonetheless an example can really powerful way really important include when coming up your briefing how your landing pages done.

Step 4:
Platform, Logins and Domain.

Platform. The two that I recommend at the moment are Click Funnels and Unbounce. And there’s a few reasons why would you use either depending on your situation. In most cases, for anyone with the payment gateway willing to collect payments, Click Funnels is the best option.

On the other hand, I think that Unbounce is doing a fantastic job and has really big, advanced featured that I won’t go into this video, but please check out their website as well.

Both of them have fantastic tools you can’t really go wrong with. The only big difference is that Click Funnel accepts payments really well.

Logins. If you are getting a landing page done with us using one of these platforms, we will need your own account. You’ll be signing up with them, selecting the pricing, and we don’t collect any of those details – the page is essentially yours. But with that said, to get work done, we’ll need the logins to those platforms.

Domain. Something to think about is that when the landing page is complete – where will it be hosted? How will someone get there? You will likely need a custom domain, some sort of title you’ll use for your Facebook ads, and even how you’re going to send things to your email list. It’s important to tell us that ‘Yes, I would like a custom domain name – maybe something like this.’ This way, we’ll be able to get your links and everything correct.

Step 5:

Now this is really important and a step that has a lot of value to be gained in. We do have some writers we use at Outsourcing Angel for copywriting. There are people in Australia and English-first countries. Whenever we address copywriting for your page, it will be quoted independently to your page. Meaning we get the writer and they will report about that project separately for you to approve. You don’t have to use our writers to get your landing pages done. If you would like to find your own copywriter, or you’d like to write your own copy, you can get a copy elsewhere and we can include it on your page.

So we essentially have two options here:

  1. You can use one of our copywriters – we have very skilled writers who can be called up to get your copy work done through to editing. In this case, the copy will be sent to you for approval before being applied to your page.
  2. You’re more than welcome to bring your own copy, and it can be tweaked by a writer or someone on the team. Of course, there’ll be discussion before any adjustments and in general all of these arrangements will be sorted out in the briefing process.

Step 6
Doing the brief.

Now if you’re an Outsourcing Angel client, you will be doing the brief in Basecamp, which is such a fantastic tool. You’ll basically go through the steps I’ve mentioned and put them onto Basecamp.

Put all information into Basecamp. One of the biggest tricks to effectively communicating is using This is a recording tool (the same one I’ve used to create the video). This way, you’ll be able to record yourself talking while you do things on your screen. You’ll be able to explain how you want your landing page to look, some features, where the copy is, which platform you’re using, and what work needs to be done etc.

Using Basecamp and screen-o-matic effectively makes it crystal clear what you’re expecting and all of your ideas. It then ensures that the work that gets back to you is what you would like done.

There’s less room for misinterpretation through video and verbal explanations versus writing out explanations that often miss some of your trains of thought.

Step 7
Feedback and Changes.

So there may be cases where you might get the project back and decide – ‘I’d actually like something a little bit different, or this needs to be done, or I’ve noticed this …’ It happens from time to time for my own projects and my clients’ projects too. So how do you provide feedback for changes?

What we recommend in this case, is using a screenshot tool. SnagIt is a really good one or you can use screen-o-matic here too. Simply point things out and tell us “Look this is happened to be here, can I please get this changed to X.”

Again, be really, really specific. The biggest hurdle is when a client comes back to us explaining that ‘I don’t like this, make it something else.’ It doesn’t help us get you closer to what you want. You’re our client and we want to make you happy, but we can’t see inside your head so we’ll need you to work with us. Lead the way with changes and provide specifics of the outcome you’d like. This way, you’ll get really high quality work done much better.

So if you follow this process and do it the Outsourcing Angel way, you’ll be able to get high level landing pages that can work very well and much cheaper than anywhere else on the market place.

Yes, it does require a little bit more work from you. You can seen in this process here, what you are really doing is creating a really strong upfront brief. But, you’ll be make up for it with economics down the line.

So I hope this video has been helpful for you and if anyone has any questions put your comments below or shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you. If you would like more information about all of this or how to work this way, please let us know too because we want to make this as easy as possible for you.

Charlotte Ramos

Charlotte is a Copywriting Virtual Assistant with over 10 years of experience in marketing content creation, search engine-optimised blog articles and website copy. She's one of our most valuable Angels with vast knowledge of the digital marketing landscape and business systemisation.