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LinkedIn is not your ordinary platform where you share photos of your coffee or a selfie before a night out.

Unlike other social media apps, such as Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn has become a place to build your professional sphere. It gives you the opportunity to create a personal brand, build connections, invest in those relationships, and turn into leads into clients (or even long term friends!)

In our latest video, our CEO at Outsourcing Angel, Linh Podetti, and Owner of Focus SME, Jade Allerby, discuss why LinkedIn is important to any business and how using a Virtual Assistant

can boost your outreach and marketing on the platform. They will guide you through all the tasks you can pass off to your Virtual Assistant, giving you more time up your sleeve to focus on the more important things!

The Social Media Queen | About Jade Allerby

Jade Allerby is the founder of Focus SME, who helps B2B service-based businesses with their social media marketing. Whether it’s setting up a social media strategy, managing the day to day running of your accounts, advertising or training, Jade is your girl!

Optimise your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not just a platform to supply your resume to reach potential employers, it’s a way for you to share your personal brand, like your very own web page. By having your professional profile on the platform, people can google your name, whether that be clients or leads and you will come up in their search results.

“It’s like a search engine that comes up in search results”
Jade Allerby

Here are the essential components of creating a LinkedIn account, which your Virtual Assistant can help you highlight to successfully build connections and market your business.

Build a Profile

Creating a professional profile is highly beneficial to building your personal brand and to gain credibility. Your Virtual Assistant can help you enhance your LinkedIn profile, which will ultimately attract your target audience, potential leads and clients. When looking at starting your profile, these are just some of the things you should consider:

  • Professional Profile image – Make sure you dress the part! You don’t want to choose just any photo, ensure that you’re dressed nicely, like you’re about to go to for a job interview. Remember, you want to dress to impress!
  • Cover Image – The cover image is one of the first things someone would see as they click on your profile, so ensure that your cover photo highlights your key services and who you can help.
  • About – Talk to your target audience! Expand upon what you have already put in your headline, and discuss not only who you can help and how you can assist them, but key features in your business, such as lead magnets, upcoming trainings, how people can connect with you.
  • Feature – Use this space to include an introductory video, video testimonials, blog articles or any other significant pieces of work that you have to offer!
  • Experience – This section is where you would include your job titles and a summary of what you did in each role. Focus on key achievements and who you were serving at the time.
  • Recommendation – It is important for potential leads to learn what previous clients thought about you, before they choose you for the job. Ask your past clients or friends to write you a testimonal to share in this section to build your reputation.

Linh’s Hot Tip: By including your job title with your surname, it means that people already know what you’re doing, without having to look at your profile.

Create Content

Creating interesting and engaging content to post on your LinkedIn page is a great way to represent your personal brand and spark interactions with your LinkedIn connections. While, LinkedIn is a large social media platform with millions of users, not many people utilise it to post content. However, this is a mistake, as posting content on LinkedIn is a fantastic was to grow your connections, where you can interact on their posts and they will comment on yours.

Your Virtual Assistant can be your helping hand, by assisting you with:

  • Thinking of innovative ideas
  • Creating content on Canva
  • Organising content themes (e.g. FAQ’s, Tips or personal stories)
  • Video editing
  • Scheduling posts
  • Managing content calendar
  • Writing captions

Engagement and Outreach

In an ideal world, you would be flooded with connection requests once your profile was complete and had started to post content, but realistically, it is important to be proactive in reaching out to people and engaging with their content. This is where your Virtual Assistant will be really useful to you!

If you create the processes of who you want to connect with and what you want to say to them, your VA can do the rest of the engagement and outreach. This can involve:

  • Using Sales Navigator to create categories and lists for clients, leads and potential groups of target audiences
  • Sending out a sequence of scripts to connect to potential leads
  • Keeping you updated on responses

Jade’s Hot Tip: It’s important not to sell straightaway, but build a relationship with someone, connect with them, nurture it and then ask permission to send through content.

Let’s do it together!

The secret to LinkedIn marketing is that it’s not a quick project. It takes a time and effort to continue posting content, enhancing your profile and building connections. That is why having the help of a Virtual Assistant by your side to take care of the execution, will make this job 100x easier!

If you’re ready to take the next step to boost your LinkedIn marketing, then book a FREE Discovery Call and come chat with us today!

Charlotte Ramos

Charlotte is a Copywriting Virtual Assistant with over 10 years of experience in marketing content creation, search engine-optimised blog articles and website copy. She's one of our most valuable Angels with vast knowledge of the digital marketing landscape and business systemisation.