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In this episode of The Kind Boss podcast, Principal Advisor at Anchor Advisors, Brad Farris, shares with you how to grow your small business smarter and in more effective ways. Listen on as Brad chats with founder of Outsourcing Angel, Linh Podetti, on how to grow your small business and get out of the daily grind.

For small business owners, knowing how to grow your business is vital. To scale your business, you need a comprehensive plan in place and an experienced business growth coach to guide you on this journey. So watch this interview, and learn from Brad as he shows you that growing your small business need not be something that you’re afraid to do. With his guidance and his business growth tips, you will understand the ins and outs on how to scale a business.

Watch and learn from this episode:

  • Small business owner tips to revolutionise your business processes
  • How to grow small business fast
  • How to formulate and execute a successful business growth plan
  • Effective business growth strategies

Other valuable tips that you will get from this interview:

  • Conduct better business
  • Time Freedom
  • Growth and scaling your business
  • Valuing businesses at certain points
  • Business perspectives
  • Listening to your people
  • Importance of cash flows to business value
  • Phases of business


Through his programs, Brad has helped business owners go from 1 million to 5 million dollars, allowing business owners to sell their business, achieve their goal and obtain time freedom.

Brad shares some take-aways as you listen to this episode, check below :

  • Free up time for family, friends and vacation
  • Instead of selling right-away, grow and scale your business
  • Experiences regarding business ceilings
  • Changing business perspective to reach goals
  • Asking and listening to your people’s solution
  • Finding your product market fit
  • Growth phase and repeatable product or service
  • Better thought process and business decisions

Here are some valuable tips about doing better business and its phases

Understanding the phases of business

Every business starts in the startup phase where you’ll find that product market fit and the market asks you for more. Some businesses never find that and then we have the growth phase, where you’ll make that product or service and its related transactions repeatable. Next is the stabilisation phase, and building the systems and measurements to support the product/service in a scalable manner. After that comes the expansion phase, where you’ll be able to pour in money and make it grow really fast.

About Brad Farris

Brad Farris, Principal Advisor at Anchor Advisors, Ltd.

As principal advisor at Anchor Advisors, Ltd., Brad Farris guides business owners through the pitfalls and joys of growing their business. Brad is a speaker, author, and Co-host of the “Breaking Down Your Business” Podcast. Brad is passionate about business and helping business owners find better ways to do things, make more money and enjoy life more.

Brad is a proud Father of 5. He loves cooking, bird-watching, and football (Go Niners!).

If you would like to know more about how to scale a business or how to grow small business, visit Anchor Advisors at

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