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When you are facing a lot of pressure, do you know how to manage stress to ensure that you are still performing at your best? There is a strong relationship between stress and performance, and you need to know how to eliminate stress so that you never experience burnout or a breakdown. In this episode of The Kind Boss podcast, founder of Outsourcing Angel, Linh Podetti, speaks to Andrew Pearce, a Professional Stress & Performance Mentor, who provides stress coaching and stress management for entrepreneurs.

Andrew believes that eliminating stress is essential for all business owners, as the complexity of their jobs and the uncertainty of being an entrepreneur means that they are constantly dealing with stress and anxiety. With his stress management coaching, Andrew gives you simple and effective steps that will help you resolve the tension in your days through his meditation for stress release.

Watch this episode now, and find out:

  • How to avoid burnout as an entrepreneur
  • How to manage stress and achieve peak performance
  • Effective stress management tips that will help you deal with all challenges
  • Stress release techniques to renew your confidence


Andrew shares some take-aways as you listen to this episode, check below :

  • How to Identify stress
  • Recognising inherent limiting beliefs
  • The importance of taking a break and rest
  • Overworking is necessarily productive
  • Avoiding burnouts and narrowing mindsets
  • Understanding where we’re at emotionally
  • Meditation and observation
  • Perform at a different level

Here are some valuable tips about stress management and achieving peak performance

Stress management

We are all emotional beings, hence we need to have a deeper understanding of where we’re at emotionally and how to healthily process emotions. The key is to experience the stress, and we’ll feel the tension in our muscles, coming from our resistance, our inner conflicts and fight against emotions, hence we need to calm down and get through the chaos, get through the anxiety through the pace and the calm. To be able to develop our emotional mastery is a powerful skill to manage the stress we feel or that feeling of being burnt out overdoing our routines. Recognising when to give ourselves time to rest. And that overworking doesn’t necessarily mean being productive.

Achieving peak performance

When we are able to get through the feeling of being tired and stressed after our days and control and understand our emotions. Then we can work within our minds and body. Most of us have our minds conditioned growing up, into thinking what’s not okay and what’s okay, which becomes our thoughts, then our being. However, through meditation and through observation we are able to clarify our thoughts and process. Then the benefit will be throughout the day, not just believing every single thought that’s coming into our mind, not worrying about everything that we think is not just caught up to expectations, and keeping our focus where it needs to be. Hence, the benefit is in being laser-focus, peak-performance, and more energy.

About Andrew Pearce

Andrew is a Professional Stress & Performance Mentor and has been working in this space since 2014.

Andrew has a natural love and passion for understanding why we do what we do as human beings and understanding the structures of the mind, consciousness and ego. From his studies on these topics Andrew has been able to establish and approach to stress resolution and performance improvement that has proven to be simple and effective.

With a drive and desire to experience the full potential of Life, Andrew is constantly learning, growing and developing his craft to be able to serve his clients and network at the highest level.


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