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Today our CEO Linh Podetti openly shares her journey of growing her presence and reach on LinkedIn threefold and reaching the right leads.

What you’ll learn from this video:

In this video, Linh talks about how LinkedIn Coach and CEO of Build Live Give, Paul Higgins, has helped her:

  • How to boost presence and engagement on LinkedIn
  • The process and power of genuine engagement on LinkedIn
  • Which LinkedIn Tasks to outsource to a Virtual Assistant
  • How to unleash LinkedIn’s lead generation potential

“If Paul can get Gary Vee to comment on his posts, he must know something about Linkedin!”

Understand how people use LinkedIn differently to other platforms

Most businesses stress about their follower count on Instagram or Facebook.. but is that REALLY the number that is going to help you get more leads?

Before you allocate your social media and lead generation resources, it’s important to firstly understand how your audience uses LinkedIn differently from the other social media platforms and what numbers are important to focus on.

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  • Facebook: To engage with casual and conversational posts with friends and family outside of work hours.
  • Instagram: To consume image and video based content from creators and public figures outside of work hours.
  • LinkedIn: To connect with professionals and initiate a business relationship during work hours
  • YouTube: To consume video content from creators and educators outside of work hours
  • Twitter: To consume industry/news updates or engage with casual content outside of work hours.

So based on this information, which platform is going to contribute to your bottom line? If you’re a coach, consultant or B2B business (like we are!) then you’ll agree that LinkedIn is where you’ll have most success in reaching new clients.

People that are actively using LinkedIn are using it to connect professionally with people that share the same mindset of growing their network or their business. Which means that it’s important to build your personal brand and authority on LinkedIn.


When it came to lead generation, we soon realised that it wasn’t enough just to tick all the boxes when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation and creating Marketing Content… we had to strategically share our content regularly on LinkedIn in order to reach the right audience faster.

Paul Higgins showed us that LinkedIn Profiles are similar to a web page, in that, you’ll need to also optimise your content and profile in order to be searchable and generate traffic.

Optimising your LinkedIn for Engagement and Reach

  • Optimise your profile for search engines (your summary, specialities, job title and even personal interests should be optimised)
  • Using keywords in your headline text (the text underneath your name)
  • Creating catchy titles with the right keywords on your posts
  • Adding engaging call-to-actions
  • Creating your vanity URL
  • Learning the right time, day and frequency of posting online

LinkedIn’s algorithm will then most likely prioritise your profile and posts if you have a support community of like minded people that share and engage with your posts in an authentic way.

“If there’s less comments and less likes, then that means you just have less reach with other people.”

But even within all these optimisations in place, Paul Higgins taught us his proven way of creating catchy posts and making them engaging… because even if you have a great video, but if you don’t write it in a way that makes people want to engage, then they’re not going to engage!

If you’re reading this then we think you’ll definitely want to join Paul Higgins’ FREE online masterclass! In this 27min class, you’ll learn about Paul’s proven 3 step process used by 1% Of LinkedIn users to create more clients including:

The secret formula to 10x your views and be an authority on LinkedIn
The 7 killer elements to get 50 likes and 20 comments on every post
The scripts to get 80% response rates to your LinkedIn messages

This class took Paul over 1,700 hours to master to get 1M views and 112 new clients – a class you won’t want to miss!

How to outsource LinkedIn Lead Generation to a Virtual Assistant

Now, where a Virtual Assistant can be really helpful is when it comes to preparing content as well as LinkedIn Lead Generation using Sales Navigator. Here is how Linh outsources her LinkedIn to our Virtual Assistant:

Virtual Assistant LinkedIn Lead Generation Tasks:

  • Sourcing content: Finding snippets from longer-form videos or articles to share as bite sized and valuable information on LinkedIn
  • Writing captions: Making suggestions on engaging captions with the correct keywords and call-to-actions. You can still do the final edits on their content just to make sure that it still sounds like you!
  • Filter through connections: The more active you are on LinkedIn the more connection requests you’ll receive. Your Virtual Assistant can filter through your connections and find people that fit your target market that you should continue a 1-on-1 conversation with
  • Sales Navigator Lead Generation: You can actually choose your target audience in the Sales Navigator function of LinkedIn. This allows you to select the industry, size, location and more in order to identify users that are great potential leads. Your Virtual Assistant can use this Sales Navigator system and connect with everyone that fits the criteria.
  • LinkedIn networking: Your Virtual Assistant can work with you to create different email scripts to use when connecting with different types of leads on LinkedIn. Using these scripts, they can tailor them to strike up the right conversations with your ideal leads via InMail.
  • LinkedIn engagement: Save yourself time by allowing your Virtual Assistant to reply to your comments and return the favour by engaging or sharing your connections’ posts in order to stay active and top of mind.
  • Second and third connection requests: Your Virtual Assistant can connect with second or third connections that you might not know, that might like your post and fit within your ideal lead profile. This is easily done on LinkedIn because you can actually see who has viewed your profile and instantly connect with them (unlike other social networking sites!)
  • Follow-up messages: One of the hardest things to stay on time when it comes to LinkedIn Lead Generation is follow-up. You might have sent out connection requests and messages to so many people, that it’s hard to keep track of it all on top of your day-to-day work. This is where a Virtual Assistant can really come to good use because they’ll be looking after all of this for you.

The benefits of a LinkedIn Virtual Assistant vs. Bot

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Some of you might be wondering why we don’t utilise an automated system or a bot for our LinkedIn Lead Generation. Well, to be honest with you – we’ve tried that.. And it just resulted in wasted time and money. Here’s why:

  • Genuine conversations: When utilising automated messages or bots on LinkedIn we found that the quality of our conversations resulted in higher quality connections. An automated system or bot simply was not able to continue with genuine conversations with our LinkedIn connections. It’s just not personal and people can see right through it!
  • Feedback: Your Virtual Assistant is able to give you feedback and tips on information that they’ve gathered from potential leads on LinkedIn. This allows you to really have a personal connection with your LinkedIn Connection once you have a deeper conversation with them after a debrief from your Virtual Assistant.
  • Embarrassing Mistakes: When using a bot you might find that people you already know will receive messages such as “It’s so nice to meet you!” which can be a bit embarrassing. Whereas a LinkedIn Virtual Assistant is focused on building new connections and relationships with people you don’t already know and filtering out the existing conversations you might have in or out of the platform.
  • LinkedIn Research: The LinkedIn Algorithm is constantly changing and the Virtual Assistant looking after your account will keep themselves updated with platform changes, trends and posts that they notice are outperforming others. This will give you the upper hand when it comes to staying on top of the algorithm and building your LinkedIn presence.

What to conclude from LinkedIn Lead Generation?

As you can see, there is SO much to learn when it comes to LinkedIn and having a Virtual Assistant that is trained on LinkedIn Lead Generation is going to save you a lot of time and money.

With the help of Paul Higgins and his program, you’ll be able to outsource your LinkedIn Lead Generation by following his checklists, systems and advice in order to set ourselves up for success!

About Paul Higgins

Paul Higgins is a LinkedIn Mentor, Lead Generator, and Founder of Build Live Give.

He offers over 26 years of rich business experience with companies such as Coca-Cola and has mentored hundreds of Soloprenuers specialising in LinkedIn Marketing.

Paul is dedicated to giving his clients step-by-step proven advice and strategies to improve their LinkedIn authority and add to their company revenue.

Charlotte Ramos

Charlotte is a Copywriting Virtual Assistant with over 10 years of experience in marketing content creation, search engine-optimised blog articles and website copy. She's one of our most valuable Angels with vast knowledge of the digital marketing landscape and business systemisation.


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    You have shared an amazing article on LinkedIn lead generation. You have shared some useful points in this article. It will help users to make a creative marketing strategy.

  • Avatar MJ Smook says:

    Hello Paul, and thanks for the article. Outsourcing my LinkedIn tasks is what I need. However, please explain how to get past LinkedIns terms of service that disallows one from outsourcing their personal account. I have read that if Linkedin detects that the posts are coming from another country etc. they will close my account. I know that I can outsource the work from my company page but a company page cannot join or post to groups. Can you maybe tell me how to get around this problem that is holding up the promotion of my business?